范文一:创业英语作文 投稿:许肝肞

starting a business

Nowadays there are many college students who choose to start their own business instead of finding a job after graduation.It is a common phenomenon that our government offers some policies or conveniences to college students such as lending loan and subsidy, reducing tax. These measures have a great contribution to encourage this practice.

There are many advantages for college students entrepreneurship: College Students are often full of hope for the future, they have the young blood,vigor and vitality, and "fearless" spirit, which are an entrepreneur should have quality. Students in school have learned a lot of theoretical stuff,has a higher level of technical advantages,the importance of technology is self-evident,Some capitalists often because its eyes on the hands of university students of advanced technologies,but are willing to finance its business plan.

The shaort coming of college students start undertakings,such as: Because of lack of social experience of university students, often blindly optimistic, without adequate psychological preparation. Impatient for success, lack of market awareness and business management experience shortage is affecting college students an important factor in the success of entrepreneurship.Students of entrepreneurship is also understood to remain in only one wonderful ideas and concepts.

I think advantages outweigh the disadvantages, the students should

overcome the shortcomings,

Nowadays there are many college students who choose to start their own business instead of finding a job after graduation.It is a common phenomenon that our government offers some policies or conveniences to college students such as lending loan and subsidy, reducing tax. These measures have a great contribution to encourage this practice.

There are many advantages for college students entrepreneurship:College students are often full of hope for the future, they have the young blood,vigor and vitality, and "fearless" spirit, which are an entrepreneur should have quality. Students in school have learned a lot of theoretical stuff,has a higher level of technical advantages,the importance of technology is self-evident,some capitalists often because its eyes on the hands of university students of advanced technologies,but are willing to finance its business plan.

The shortcoming of college students starts undertakings,for example: Because of lack of social experience of university students, often blindly optimistic, without adequate psychological preparation. Impatient for success, lack of market awareness and business management experience shortage is affecting college students an important factor in the success of entrepreneurship.Students of entrepreneurship are also understood to remain in only one wonderful ideas and concepts.

I hold the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.Entrepreneurial ventures usually are more prepared to accept this risk than would be the best result.

范文二:大学生创业英语作文 投稿:曹鬱鬲

College students starting their own undertakings

China, as a country with large population, in order to create new jobs, are now encouraging college students to start up their own undertakings.

Due to the government’s over encouragement, business starting is becoming a fashion in today’s college. Students no matter rich or poor, with high GPA or low ones, active minded or not are trying to start business.

The eager of being a boss is a reason as well. Because they don’t want to be controlled by others and they think that the boss is the cushiest job among all.

In my point of view, starting undertaking is a good way to avoid the employment pleasure, but it isn’t suitable for everyone. You need to be fully prepared before you start up. First, you need to have an innovative idea and making enough sure that your company can make profit. A well-organized team is also needed during the start-up stage. All the team members should be familiar with the industry so that they can do you a favor. Although you should be confident, you need to have a plan B. What if you failed?

All to all, being a boss is not as easy as you think. If you still want to start an undertaking after reading the article, do it!

范文三:大学生毕业后创业还是就业的英语作文范文 投稿:曾傖傗


Should graduate students start their own business or look for jobs? In my opinion, becoming a member of the workforce is far less desirable than owning a business. Undeniably, enterpreneurship involves risks and entails hard work and determination. However, it generates greater satisfaction and a sense of acheivement. No glory without risk-taking is conceivable. Only when one is willing to take risks can one accomplish great things. Even if the business does not work out at the end, one can learn a great lesson from their mistakes. As such, the experience of setting up an enterprise is far superior to the secured but insipid life of a white collar employee.

Nowadays there are many college students who choose to start their own undertakings instead of finding a job after graduation. The government encourages this practice, and provides many preferential policies and facilitation measures for college students. This phenomenon has aroused great concern from the whole society.

However, why do so many college students take the way of starting their own undertakings? Firstly, college students are facing severe employment situations. Many college graduates couldn’t find ideal jobs, which forces them to set up their own businesses. Moreover, some ambitious college students are not satisfied with being employed by others. They want to develop and prove their talents by running their own businesses. Besides, the government’s encouragement and the media’s reports on college students venture stars have stimulated more college students’ enthusiasm to take this way.

As for me, it is a good choice for college students to start their own undertakings. However, it is a very difficult cause, which needs firm determination, clear mind, ability to endure hardship and a feasible project. Therefore, think it over and make full preparation before you decide to start your own business.

范文四:作文自我创业 投稿:黄笒笓

  Self employment
  Self employment could bring many advantages. One of the advantages of being self-employed is that the profit the business makes belongs to the owner. If the self-employed person succeeds in business, he has the chance to earn a great deal of money. The profit earned is the reward for the owner’s effort, ability and creativity. Thus, a second advantage is that a person’s intelligence and abilities have a direct effect on the earnings. A third advantage of being self-employed is that a person can control his working hours. While not all self-employed people are completely free, most of them have more control over this area than the salaried people.
  However, being self-employed is not without problems. First, being one’s own boss places the responsibility directly on that individual shoulders. Everyone has some weaknesses in a certain aspects. These weaknesses will affect how successful a self-employed person is. Second, though the self-employed can earn considerable profits with a successful business, losses can force them out of business and sometimes, place them in debt. A third disadvantage concerns income security. Self-employed people have no guaranteed wage. Their earnings can vary greatly, depending on business conditions. Salaried people, however, can generally count on continued earnings. In addition, salaried people often enjoy fringe benefits that mean greater peace of mind. One of these benefits may be insurance paid for by the employer that continues the employee’s salary in the event of sickness or accident while many self-employed people do not have such protection①.
  [253 words]

  两段中“first, second, third”的使用,不仅使文章在句式上显得条理分明,更在内容上体现了连贯性。

  in debt 负债
  count on 指望,依靠
  fringe a.附加的,额外的;边缘的

  ①【注释】in the event of sth万一;倘若
  【临摹】In the event of his death Shelia will inherit the money.一旦他故去,希拉就会继承这笔钱。
  Something attempted, something done. 有尝试就会有收获。
  Actions speak louder than words. 行动胜于语言。

范文五:各种英语作文 投稿:叶犜犝

My Teacher(我的老师)

My English teacher is Miss Wang. She is a beautiful lady. She has a round face and bright eyes. She is always smiling.

Miss Wang is a good teacher. She works very hard. Every day she comes to the school early and is always the last one to leave. She speaks very good English and she teaches well. She also tells us what are the right things to do. She is a motherly teacher. She treats us as her own children and takes good care of us. She is so kind that everyone loves her.

This is Miss Wang, my favorite teacher. I feel so lucky to have as my teacher. I hope that someday I can be a teacher just like her.

My Mother(我的母亲):My mother is an English teacher. (开头)

My Best Friend(我最好的朋友): 1.xx is my best friend.(开头).

2.I hope that we will be best friends forever.(我希望我们永远都是最好的朋友。


(1) A Good Teacher to remember(一个难忘的好老师)

(2)My Family(我的家庭)There are 5 people in my family. My father、my mother 、my brother、my sister and I. Irespect my mother.

(3)My Classmates(我的同学)

(4)My Close Friend(我的好朋友)

(5)My Favorite Teacher(我最喜欢的老师)

(6)The one I love most(我最爱的人)

My Plan for the National Day Holiday(国庆假期计划)

The National Day Holiday is coming. It is a very important festival in China. Everybody has his or her plan for the National Day Holiday. I hope a plan, too. My plan is as follows:

First, I’ll take a good rest, as I’m always busy with my work. Second, I want to stay with my parents. I’m not usually together with them. Third, I want to meet some of my friends and relatives, as these day we don’t see each other often. Fourth, I want to give my room a good cleaning. Finally, I will study English for the coming examination.

This is my plan for the coming National Day Holiday.

(1) How I Spend Spare Time (我如何度过业余时间)

(2) My Plan for the Spring Festival(我的春节计划)

(3) My plan for Summer/Winter Vacation(我的暑假计划)

(4) My Travel plan(我的旅游计划)

(5) The Chinese New Year(中国新年)

My Travel Plan 我的旅游计划

The National Day Holiday is coming. It is a very important festival in China. Everybody has his or her plan for the National Day Holiday. I have a travel plan, too. My travel plan is as follows:

I want to go to thousands island lake. Because it is located in Hangzhou .it is a beautiful place which is well-known scenery and local food. As you know, silk is very famous all over the world. I wish I can go there to buy silk clothing. Besides, Hangzhou tea is best tea in China. I also take some souvenirs to my parents.

This is my plan for Travel.

How I Study English(我是如何学习英语的)

English is international language. It is very useful. I like English very much. And this is how I study English.

First, I remember 30 English words every day. Second, I go over the grammar points regularly. Third, I read articles

in English newspapers and I read simple novels in English. Fourth, I listen to English radio programs and watch English TV programs. Finally, I listen to English music and watch English movies.

This is how I study English. As a result, I’m more and more interested in English and my English has improved greatly. Practice makes perfect. If I keep practicing, I believe that my English will be better and better.

(1)Difficulty in studying English 英语学习中的困难

But I am not good at English. So I decide to overcome difficulties in my English.(但是我学不好,所以我决定克服我在学习中的困难)第三句后面

I overcome the difficulties in my English studies in the following ways.( 我是这样克服英语学习中的困难的。)最后一段开头

(2)How to Overcome Difficulties in My English Studies.(如何克服英语学习中的困难)

But I have many difficulties in my English studies.(但是在英语学习中也有很多困难。)

I overcome the difficulties in my English studies in the following ways.( 我是这样克服英语学习中的困难的。) 第三句后

(3)Never Give Up (永远不要放弃)

Never give up is my attitude toward to English.(永不放弃是我学习英语的态度)

(4)My Dream (我的理想)

I want to be a English teacher(我想当一名英语老师)开头

I believe that my dream will come ture.(我相信我的梦想会实现)最后

(5)My English Study(我的英语学习)

(6)My Study plan(我的学习计划)

(7)My Hobbies (我的爱好)

My Hobbies is studing English .because English is …(我喜欢学习英语,因为英语是……)开头

(8)My First Year at College (我在大学的第一年)

I am very interested in English in first year of my college. Because…(在大学的第一年我对英语感兴趣)开头

(9)Why I Like learning English (为何我喜欢英语)

(10)2008 olympic games 08 is coming

范文一:My Dream


My dream is to become a good English speaker. 我的梦想是成为一个英语说得很好的人。If I am a good English speaker, I can communicate with foreign friends easily and I can help them understand the Chinese culture better. 如果我英语说得很好的话,就可以很轻松地与外国朋友交流,也可以帮助他们更好地了解中国文化。I can also help other English learners to speak good English. 我也可以帮助其他的英语学习者把英语说好。

To realize my dream, I decide to do the following. 为了实现我的梦想,我决定做以下的事情:

First, I will memorize 30 English words every day. 首先,我将会每天背30个英文单词。Second, I will go over the grammar points regularly. 第二,我将会定期复习语法要点。Third, I will read articles in English newspapers and I will read simple novels in English. 第三,我将会阅读英文报纸的文章以及简单的英文小说。Fourth, I will listen to English radio programs and watch English TV programs. 第四,我将会听英语的广播节目,看英语的电视节目。Finally, I will listen to English music and watch English movies. 最后,我将会听英文音乐,看英文电影。

I believe in this way I’ll finally realize my dream. 我相信,用这种办法我将最终成就我的梦想。But Rome was not built in a day. 但是冰冻三尺非一日之寒。I need to keep working very hard before my dream can be fulfilled. 在我的梦想实现之前,我要不断地努力奋斗。

范文二:My Hobbies我的兴趣爱好

I have many hobbies, such as sports, singing, playing the piano and reading. 我有许多兴趣爱好,比如运动、唱歌、弹琴和读书。

I like sports very much. 我很喜欢运动。I go running at five o’clock in the morning. 我早上五点去跑步。At the weekend, I play tennis with my friends. 周末的时候我跟朋友打网球。In summer, I swim a lot. 在夏天的时候我经常游泳。These sports keep me healthy. 这些运动使我保持健康。

At home, I like to sing and play the piano. I practice singing and playing the piano every day. I feel very happy when I sing or play the piano. 在家中,我喜欢唱歌和弹钢琴。我每天都练习唱歌和弹琴。当我唱歌或者弹琴的时候,感觉非常开心。

Of all my hobbies I like reading books best. 在我所有的爱好中,我最喜欢读书。I have hundreds of books in my room and I spend a lot of time reading every day. 我房间里有上百本书,我每天都花很多时间来读书。I read novels, history books, magazines and other books. 我读小说、历史书、杂志以及其他书籍。All these books enrich my knowledge.所有这些书都丰富了我的知识。

These are some of my hobbies. 这就是我的一些兴趣爱好。I would like to make friends with anyone who has the same hobby. 我愿意跟与我具有相同爱好的人做朋友。


About Television (关于电视)

TV plays the vital role in ours life.电视在我们生活中扮演重要角色。 TV can be seen everywhere in our daily life.电视在我们生活中随处可见。 Almost each family has one TV set.每个家庭都有电视。 However, there is a good side and a bad side to everything, and TV is no exception.然而每件事都有它的两面性,电视也不例外。

TV has its advantages.电视有它的有点。 TV is very important to help me to get information and knowledge.电视能帮我获取信息 Various TV programs make me get to know the world and help me with my studies.丰富的电视节目让我不断的了解世界帮助我学习。

However, TV also has its disadvantages.然而电视也有缺点。 Watching too much TV program can waste a lot of time.看太多电视浪费时间。 Some programs are boring and useless, and they can bring us bad information.有些节目无聊没用,并且会给我们带来坏的信息。

So, every coin has tow sides, we should choose the right one.总之,一个硬币有它的两面,我们要选择好的那面。

1. Advantages and Disadvantages of the Mobile Phone(移动电话的利弊)

It can bring some ration that are harm for my health.(给我们的健康带来辐射伤害)

It is easily to communicate with my friends and relatives.(它很容易与朋友和亲人沟通)第二段信息后面

Making too many call can waste a lot of time.(打太多电话浪费很多时间)第二段最后一句话换

2. About TV Ads (电视广告的利弊)

3. Living in a Big city(住在大城市)

4. My Opinion Cell Phones(我对手机的想法)

5. On Money(钱)

6. Private Cars in China(中国私家车)

7. The Computer(电脑)

8. Television(电视)

范文:On Computer 谈计算机

Today, computers are becoming increasingly advanced and popular. 现如今,计算机正变得越来越先进,越来越普及。

Computers can help us in many ways. 计算机可以在很多方面为我们提供帮助。First, computers provide us with useful information. 首先,计算机为我们提供有用的信息。For example, we can get the most

up-to-date news. 例如,我们可以获得最新的信息。Second, computers give us a new way of communication. 其次,计算机给了我们一种新的交流方式。We can now reach each other using computers connected to the Internet. 现在我们可以使用连接在互联网上的计算机而彼此找到对方。Third, computers help us to pass the boring time. 第三,计算机帮助我们消磨无聊的时光。They make us happy all the time, with them, we do not have to be worried that we have nothing to do. 计算机让我们一直很开心,有了计算机,我们就不用担心无事可做了。

On the other hand, computers can have negative effects, too. 另一方面,计算机也有一些负面的影响。We depend so much on computers that we become lazier and lazier. 我们是如此依赖于计算机,以至于我们变得越来越懒。We play so much on computers that too much valuable time is wasted. 我们在计算机上玩得很多,以至于浪费了大量的宝贵时间。

Every coin has two sides. 事物都是一分为二的。We should make good use of computers and avoid the negative effects. 我们应该好好利用计算机,避免其不利影响。

About Doing Physical Exercise(关于体育锻炼)

Everyone hopes to live happily in the world. 每个人都想在这个世界上获得快乐。There is famous saying: ‘life lies on exercise’.俗话说生命在于运动 So exercise can help you live longer and more healthily.运动可以让你的生命延续活的更快乐。

First, exercise is good for us to build our bodies.首先,运动能够强健身体.It makes the heart beat faster and makes us stronger.让心脏跳动加快促使我们强壮.Sports can also make us eat more than usual which contributes to our bodies.运动能让我们比平时吃的更多让身体强壮.

Second, exercise can make us happy.第二,运动能让我们快乐.Sport like basketball is interesting.有些运动比如篮球很有意思So playing basketball can bring us into happiness.所以打篮球能给我们带来快乐.

Third, exercise can help us get rid of our dad habits.第三,运动可以帮我们改掉坏习惯.We will not be lazy after a period of exercise.一段时间的运动之后我们就不再懒惰.

In a world exercise is important, helpful and absolutely necessary.总之,运动很重要,很有用也绝对必要.

(1).Health and Wealth 健康和财富

(2).My Favorite TV program 我最爱的电视节目

(3).My Favorite Food 我最爱的食物

(4).My Favorite Hobby 我的爱好

(5).My Favorite Sport 我最喜爱的运动

(6).My Favorite Means of Getting Information 我最喜欢的获得信息的方式

(7).Sports 运动

(8).The Jo I Like 我喜欢的工作

(9).The Book I Like Best 我喜欢的书

(10).The Sports Activities I Like Best 我最喜爱的体育运动

(11).Ways to keep fit 保持健康的方法

范文二:My Favorite TV Programs


My favorite TV programs have always been the ones that tell people how to keep healthy. 我最喜爱的电视节目一直都是那些告诉人们该如何保持健康的节目。I like them because I’m more and more concerned about my health and I can learn a lot from them.我喜欢这些节目,因为我现在越来越关注自己的健康。我可以从这些节目中学到很多东西。

The programs have told me that there are three ways to keep healthy. 节目已经告诉我有三种方法可以保持健康。First, it is necessary to do some exercise every day. 首先,每天都必须要做一些运动。

Second, make your diet more balanced. 第二,让你的饮食更加均衡。Third, getting rid of bad habits like smoking and drinking is also an important way to keep healthy. 第三,戒除坏习惯,比如抽烟、饮酒,也是保持健康的重要方式。

I followed these three ways and now I’m much healthier. 我按照这三种方法去做,现在我更加健康了。Thanks to these programs, I live a better life now. 多亏了这些节目,我现在生活得更好了。They will always be my favorite.它们将永远是我最喜爱的电视节目。

Things are going well here. 这里一切

7. 书信格式和内容 都好。

信头 Congratulations on... 祝贺……

日期(注意写法和位置):2008年8月8日 Thank you for... 感谢……

August 8, 2008 主要意图

August 8th, 2008 I’m writing to... 我写这封信是为

Aug. 8, 2008 了……

Aug. 8th, 2008 I’d like to tell you... 我想告诉

称呼语如: 你……

Dear Tom, I’ve got some problems. 我遇到了问题。 Dear All, Could you please... 请问你可以……吗? Dear Sir, Would you like to... 请你……好吗?

Dear Mr. Smith, Do you mind... 你介意做……?

正文 May I... 我可以……吗?

寒暄部分: Could I... 我……可以吗?

I have received your letter. 来信已收结尾

到。 Looking forward to hearing from you

Haven’t seen/heard from you for a long soon. 期待早日收到回信。

time/ for ages. 很久没有见到你或很久I’d be very glad to hear from you soon. 没有收到你的来信了。 如你能尽快回信,我将非常高兴。

Long time no see. 好久不见。 祝福语

How are you? 安好? Regards. 致以问候。

How have you been? 近来可好? Best wishes. 致以最好的祝愿。

How have you been doing? 近来可好? 信尾

I’ve been doing well. 我很好。 Yours, 此致(注意位置,靠近右侧位置)

Everything’s fine with me. 一切尚好。 签名(注意位置,页面右下方)


1. 你的近况。

2. 请对方帮你购买英语语法书。

3. 邀请对方方便时来访。

May 1st, 2008


Dear Tom, 亲爱的汤姆:

Haven’t heard from you for some time! 很久没收到你的来信了。How are you doing? 你还好么?Everything ith me except that the final examination is getting nearer and nearer and I’m busy preparing for it. 我一切都挺好,只是期末考试越来越近了,我现在忙着准备复习迎考。

I’ve got some problems dy, especially in grammar. 我英语学习有些问题,尤其是语法方面。My teacher recommended me a grammar book. 我的老师向我推荐了一本语法书。The book is called Advanced English Grammar. 这本书叫做《高级英语语法》。But it is not sold here in my town. 但我这里没有卖的。Since you are in Beijing, could I trouble you to buy one for me? 既然你在北京,不知我能不能麻烦你帮我购买一

本呢?I’d be very grateful if you could help me. 如果你能帮我这个忙的话,我将不胜感激。

We haven’t seen each other since last time we met. 自从上次相逢,我们再也未曾相见。I hope that you will visit my hometown again sometime if possible. 希望你如果有可能的话找个时间再来我家乡看看。So much has changed that you could barely recognize it! 它的变化很大,你几乎都认不出来了!And it would be great to be together with you once again. 而且,如果能与你再次相聚,真是太好了。

Looking forward to hearing from you soon. 盼复。

Best wishes! 祝好!

Yours, 此致


范文六:我的英语作文 投稿:袁揁揂





Now, more and more college students choose postgraduate examinations, no doubt, to take graduate exams to become a craze. There are several reasons for this.

On the one hand, the advantage reduced employment of university students, they graduated from college. Demanding education, at the same time, they want to know more to enrich themselves, it will be easier to find the ideal job. I agree with their views, to a certain extent. With the continuous development of our country, more and more college students looking for work, the competition is very fierce. We only have to do better than others, in order to win in the competition.

On the other hand, the arrival of the economic crisis. Along with the arrival of the economic crisis, many companies declared bankrupt or closed down. Therefore, the decrease in the demand for workers in the supply, which leads to a more intense competition in the job search. They want to avoid the harsh reality, so they graduate exam.

In my opinion, we do not take the test graduate. We have many other methods. We must have faith, I think we should make ourselves stronger, develop their own capacity to learn to face, we must be ready to deal with every possible opportunity, because the opportunity for those who are ready.

范文七:英语作文可以用到的1 投稿:夏膎膏


Live and let live宽以待人,互相宽容

Live and breath sth热衷于某事

Whereas, nevertheless然而

Behind the times落伍

Advance with the times与时俱进

Ups and downs 盛衰,沉浮

A budding relations处于萌芽关系

Harbor reservations 心存疑虑

Smile forms on one’s lips嘴角露出微笑

Forced smile强颜的欢笑

Decline one’s requests拒绝某人的要求

Pulled by a magnetic force被神奇的力量指引

On the grounds that因为

Inasmuch as因为

Much less, let alone更不用说

A tremendous amount of ,a majority of, a load of, a quantity of, quantities of大量的

Stay cool, calm and collected保持镇静,泰然

On the exterior……,on the interior…….

Set your priorities优先处理的事

On one’s behalf代替某人

In a jam , in a dilemma陷入困难

Be down on one’s luck走霉运

Don’t spoil your children 不要溺爱你的孩子

Pine for ,want渴望

Slimming exercise减肥,健美运动

Be starved of缺乏

Be hooked on/by被某事所吸引

Harden oneself against对……冷酷无情

Be/fell up to doing sth有能力做某事

Lean on依靠……

Hold down full-time jobs持有工作

Material possessions物质财富

Sour the parent-child relationship破坏家长与子女的关系

Turn over a new leaf换一种生活方式

Be bound to do sth注定会做某事

Accept the occasional slips接受偶尔的失足

Her natural reserve她内向的性格

With reserve 毫无保留

For better or for worse 无论好坏,不管怎样

ill at ease不自在

attach much importance to 十分重视

attach most weight to 十分重视

confess to doing sth 承认做某事

perceive that, acknowledge that意识到……

maintain that……主张

lip services 口头承诺

burn the midnight oil在夜里辛勤工作

cling to any tiny trace of hope 不放过任何一丝希望

It goes to great lengths to prove sth竭尽全力做某事

take the fancy of ……引起…的注意

in a fashion 勉强,马马虎虎

bring down the house博得满堂喝彩

have a solid foundation有坚固的基础

Develop one’s logical reasoning ability and concentration逻辑思维能力

blossom on one’s own 自己成长

reckon with 处理

up to my ears in homework有很多作业要做

hit the books努力学习

my study habits rub off on sb 给别人树立榜样,影响别人 pull one’s weight努力

on impulse冲动,心血来潮

at the outset刚开始的时候

have a fruitful relationship富有成效的关系

furthermore, besides, what’s more,one more thing而且 fuel first fights引起打架

when it comes to……当谈到……

for one’s own sake因为某人自己的原因

as far as sb be concerned某人认为

knowledge accumulation知识积累

be supposed to 应该

to top it all更近一层的谈论

reduce the heavy burdens of ……减轻……的负担

kill time 消磨时光


a surge of satisfaction一丝满意

in the first place 首先,第一

the labor market 劳动力市场

damage the labor market 损害劳动力市场

enhance one’s ability 增强某人能力

build up one’s confidence 增强某人自信

take one’s knowledge into practical uses 把知识用到实践中 broaden one’s college lives 丰富某人的大学生活

solve one’s financial crisis 解决某人的经济困难

meet with one’s extra needs 满足某人的额外需求

acquire the communication and negotiation skills you need 获得交流和协商能力

money-oriented 以金钱为中心

make sb more sophisticated 使某人更有社会经验

it’s true that …(英语加分句型)

For my part 就我而言

There is no doubt that…

There is no denying that…

Some people are of the opinion that..一些人认为

Many people claim that...很多人认为

sharp social contradiction in this period社会矛盾尖锐

conversely 相反地

a poverty gap 贫富分化

generous salary丰厚的薪水

influence the economic development影响经济发展

adjust tax 调整税收

balance urban and rural development统筹城乡发展

enhance quality education加强素质教育

Pay the price 付出代价

Memory stimulation 促进记忆

Comply with the rules遵守规则

Abide by the rules 容忍,忍受规则

With unmatched discipline and commitment to training超强的自制力和认真训练

Make joint efforts共同努力

Because of one’s natural reserve内向,矜持

Flee the responsibility逃避责任

I won’t hold you back. 我永远支持你

So to speak 可以说,打个比喻说

Cross the line 越界

resist the temptations抵制诱惑

chase one’s goals 实现目标

play an increasingly important role in

in one’s day-to-day life

it is widely accepted that…

take certain precautions 采取有效的预防措施

during job hunting在求职过程中

Some people advocate that ....有些人坚持认为

They hold that ... 他们认为…

Sound reasons 充分的理由

To my point of view 我认为

After a thorough consideration经过深思熟虑后

They contend that …他们认为…

Hence 因此

Under no circumstances绝不

In essence 本质上来说

With some exceptions有一些例外

Hold sb 呵护某人

No more than ordinary 碌碌无为

By the minute 从现在开始

Kill joy 扫兴

What’s going down?别来无恙?

Save it 省省吧

I am nobody我是小人物

A host of problems 一大堆的问题

People from different backgrounds 不同的人

Some people are in alarm that… 人们开始担心…

With the increasingly rapid economic globalization and urbanization The issue is in the limelight 引人注目

Reach an consensus 达成协议

Examine this issue from another angle

Trapped in a working and spending consumption mode 消费模式 Equate happiness with money 把金钱和幸福等同起来

Self-worth 自我价值

Presumably 大概,可能

Learn to deal with delay in satisfaction

Parent-child relationship needs nurturing. 呵护

Leave all the other girls in the shade 逊色

Put one’s foot in it 讲错话

Get it all together 镇定

Adapt oneself to a wide variety of positions 更容易适应社会,找工作

Dampen the spirit of teamwork 抑制团队精神

Inevitably 不可避免地

A lazy youth, a lousy age. 少壮不努力,老大徒伤悲

Sth go over one’s head 某人不能理解

Well-rounded 全面发展的

The rat race of life 充满竞争的生活

Sizable pieces of time 大量的时间

Send the spirits of our own soaring upwards 自我精神升华 Friendship fall apart 友谊破裂

Relieve the strain 缓解压力

Do one’s utmost 竭尽全力

A fruitful relation

An energetic exchange 激烈讨论

Time elapses 时间消逝

Even-tempered 性情平和的,不易激动的

Be/Fell up to doing sth 有能力做某事

Differences are neither superior nor inferior to each other 不相同的地方既没有高级也没有低级的区别

Thereby 因此,从此

Delicately 小心翼翼地

Lag behind 落后

In a pinch 迫不得已,必要时

Come/get to grips with the problem 开始处理问题

Enlighten sb 启发某人,开导某人

Enlighten me on a few points

Dedicate oneself to doing sth 为…做贡献

Refashion the recycle waste 重新制作回收的垃圾

Capture one’s attention 吸引某人注意

Approve of sb doing sth 同意某人做某事

Bewilder sb 迷惑某人

Feel indignant 愤怒

Seem a comedown from one’s high expectation

Transform one’s life 改变某人的一生

With an eye to the past 关注过去

A woman with an acid tongue 尖酸刻薄的女人

Down-to earth 实际的,切实的

Ill-fated 倒霉的

Have/keep one’s feet (planted) on the ground 脚踏实地的

For the time being 在这个时候

Operate on the principle that… 坚持原则

Be destined to do 注定要做某事

Be on pins and needles 如坐针毡

Common sense 常识

Be equipped to do sth 有能力做某事

Work in three shifts 三班制工作

In another angle 从另一个角度

Spend one’s last ounce of strength 花费最后的力气

A swell of emotion 情绪上的波动

Upgrade one’s skills and knowledge to become more employable Enrich one’s life= broaden one’s life 丰富某人的生活

Get us through whatever life might present 帮助我们度过生活中的任何困难

Friendship fall apart by small provocations

Enhance our relationship 增强关系

Get something in common

The sound of success 成功

Bring down a great calamity 酿成悲剧

fell grieved 感到难过

dominating factors 主要因素

the mutual lack of trust 共同的信任缺失

Upon most occasions 在大多数情况下

In most instances 在大多数情况下

eradicate disease 根除疾病

lacking channels to safeguard patients’ legal rights and interests 缺乏渠道保障病人的利益和合法权益

bring justice for oneself 为自己主持公道

medical establishment 医疗机构

relieve tensions 缓解紧张

the hospital should be a tenet with serving people 以为人民服务为宗旨

harmonious healthcare environment 和谐的医疗环境

reestablish relationship 重建关系

tense relationship 紧张关系

medical tangle 医疗纠纷

self interest 自身利益

one’s own interest 自身利益

harness the sunshine energy to keep lighting and heating in our homes 利用太阳能产光和热

a crucial moment 关键时刻

as global warming and deforestation accelerate …

assume responsibility for承担责任

assume liability 承担责任

assume for a moment that …假定…

relieve the burdens of … 减轻负担

elect to do sth. 选择做某事

a transparent decision 清澈透明的决定

a transparent decision is difficult to come by 很难做决定 give permission to 允许做某事

in the final phase of an illness 最后的病期阶段

take/run its course 自然发展

let nature take its course 让大自然自然发展

first aid supplies 急救设施

take precautions 采取预防措施

life is now flourishing 生命旺盛

out of proportion 失去平衡,不成比例

without restraint 没有限制,失去抑制

likewise 同样地

exceed the protective ability of natural processes 超过大自然的自我保护能力

retain the ways of life 保持着生活的方式

within reach 可以实现

generate a long list of difficult puzzles 产生一系列的困惑 questions continue to mount 问题能在不断上升

differences are so minor 不同的地方很少

put load of 给…压力

put weight of 给…压力

put pressure on 给…压力

be beside oneself with joy 很高兴

the gravest concern 最值得关注

bright prospect 辉煌的前程,光明的前景

market prospect 市场前景

in prospect 在期望中,展望

violate discipline 违反纪律

dispose of rubbish 清除垃圾

on/upon reflection 经再三考虑

prenuptial agreement 婚前协议

financial asset 经济资产

address problems 解决问题

reduce his exposure to future problems 减少他未来的麻烦 real estate 房地产

shield assets 保护财产

be in line for 有可能得到

cite examples 引用例子

break out 分歧发生

has no bearing on… 对…没有影响

it sheds light on issues. 使问题易于理解

add to the family’s financial burdens 增加家庭负担 puzzle over …对…产生好奇

in the wake of this announcement 随着…而来

orderly 整齐的,井然有序的

with increasing frequency 高频率

prime factor 主要因素

make hay 利用机会去挣钱

an adequate life 令人满意的生活

plastic surgery 整形手术

A love of beauty is human nature. 爱美之心人皆有之

A strong current(电流) of public opinion 大量的群众意见 The little man in rags 穿着破衣服的人

Sport tiny moustaches 没有胡须

Rouse one’s imagination

Walk into the sunset with sb 和某人相伴到老

Launched one’s dream of… 树立…的远大理想

In earnest 认真地

Seasoned=experienced 有经验的

Opt to do… 选择做某事

Drum up business 做生意

High-profile 引人注目的

Bleed the system for a few extra dollars 榨取钱财

Yield to that temptation 向诱惑屈服

Lecture sb 训诫某人

Under the table 私下里

Deep down 在内心深处,在心底(句子开头)

Lend itself to 会造成,适宜于

Bear witness to sth 是…的见证,证明

Stingy 吝啬的,小气的

Variety is the spice of life. 做各种各样的事情给生活增添乐趣 Fly into a rage 愤怒

Professional ethics 职业道德

Spark a nationwide debate on … 引起…的争辩

Take bribes 收贿赂

Beat one’s brains out 绞尽脑汁

Give sb a break 放过某人一次

Health-conscious 有健康意识的

Establish the goals 设立目标

范文八:英语作文() 投稿:汪釯釰


An Ideal Friend

Friends can be classified into two kinds, good friends and evil friends. Evil friends lead us astray and may destroy our life, while good ones drive us towards the right and make our life successful.

Two of them exist in our daily life. However, ideal friends exist in people's mind. They should be diligent, successful and loyal. When you need help, they will stand beside you and be delighted to give you a hand. Also you can share your happiness and sorrow together.

In my opinion, friends can share something but they also should keep their own secrets. So I wish my friends wouldn't interfere in my privacy too much. On the other hand, my friends should have Something in common with me, at the same time something special. In this way we can attract each other and learn from each other.






Before you do everything, smile first.

When you need some help, you should say: "Excuse me." At the same time,if you show your unhappy face, he will be unhappy too. How can you get the help while he has no pleasure?So show your smile, and you will get his help.

In fact, smile is a difficult job. It seems very difficult for you to smile when you are sad. Don't be afraid. Make up your mind to try once, only once, and you will find that you are much better in heart.

Smile is also a kind of language which cannot be heard by anyone, but persons always know its meaning. When you meet your friends in the morning, smile means "Good morning ! "When you fail, the friend's smile means "Have another try !" So when you smile, although you don't say any word, you can understand:each other.

Remember to smile, and happy life you'll get, I think!









The Value of Reading Books

People often say that gold and silver are the most valuable things in the world.But I don't think so. In my opinion, to read books is more valuable than anything else.

The old saying "To open a book is always helpful" clearly tells us how good it is to read a book.

Books are our friends. They introduce us different kinds of knowledge. They lead us down the road to success.

Books are our teachers. They teach us troth, science, literature, and philosophy of life. Besides, they increase our knowledge, enlarge our experience,strengthen our character and do many other things which we can not do without them.

Books tell us what is good and what is evil. And only books can tell the good from the bad.

Therefore to read more books is the best policy for our young students.








How Li Ming Keeps Healthy?

It's important for us to keep healthy. Li Ming gives us a good example. He always takes exercises. He likes sports such as swimming, running and playing basketball. He goes to bed at ten in the evening and gets up at six in the morning. He takes care of himself. He takes a bath every day and washes his hands before meals.When he has meals, he eats all kinds of healthy food such as fish, eggs, vegetables and meat. He also eats a lot of fruit. So he looks strong.

Meals used to be the time when family members got together. But now fast food and quick meals are threatening such family get-together.






No Breakfast, No Good

Now a lot of students go to school in a hurry so that they have no time to have breakfast. But not having breakfast will do harm to their health and their study.

Having no breakfast will throw the normal work of our digestive system into confusion. As a result, it will do harm to our health. And at our age it is high time for us to grow up. So our bodies are in great need of energy. If we don't have breakfast,there will be not enough energy to supply. This may stunt our growth.

What's more, it is a long period between breakfast and lunch. Breakfast provides us with the energy needed for the class. Without breakfast we cannot get along well with our classes. So for the sake of our health and our study, we must have breakfast.


很多人都认为财富比健康更重要。在读到Howard Hughes的故事之前,我也是这么认为的。Howard Hughes是美国的一个亿万富翁,能得到他想得到的任何东西。但是在他生命最后的二十年中,他的身体变得糟糕,他很悲惨。他有最好的医生和护士,但仍得不到解脱。我意识到在这个世界上,好的身体抵得上所有的金钱。因为即使你有百万美元但身体糟糕,也不能做你想做的事情。因此我想说的是关心你的身体,对你所拥有的一切感到高兴,不要为挣损害你的身体,健康更重要。

The Way to Stay Healthy

Health is most important for any of us. ]n order to stay healthy, we need some common knowledge.

First]y, pay attention to the diet. We should eat lots of fruit and vegetables, because they are rich in fiber and Iow in fat. As a proverb says, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." So fruit is good for health. Don't have a lot of food that contains too much fat, such as butter. Meanwhile, sweets should be eaten in proper quantity, because too much sugar does harm to us. Don't drink too much coffee,either.

Secondly, exercise is necessary. Regular exercise can help us keep from getting fat. People who do running every day usually have stronger hearts than who don't.

Finally, form good living habits. We should sleep for about 8 hours at night,and never work too hard. Over work and little sleep will lead to illness. What's more, stay away from cigarettes.

These are the things we should pay attention to so as to stay healthy.








The Cause of fire

As we all know, fire is one of the most terrible killers in our modern society.We know that fire is mainly caused by smokers, followed by defective insulations and children playing with matches. In 2002 ,thousands of fire happened all over the country, of which 50 percent was caused by smokers who left cigarette-ends everywhere. Those who smoke should make sure that the cigarettes are stubbed out before being thrown away. Also, smoking should not be allowed in public places. 30 percent of fire was caused by defective insulation. Workers should know the importance of good insulation for people's lives. At homes we must pay special attention to electric wires and make sure that they are safe. 20 percent of fire are caused by children playing with matches. We should warn children of the danger of playing with matches.

No matter what type of the reason it was, there was one thing in common:carelessness. So if everyone in the country is careful enough, more fire could be avoided.





范文九:英语作文1 投稿:吴枋枌



  2.圾分垃类 ;




  考参汇词低:碳lo cwraob n纸巾istse


注 :词数意01以0内(不含头开和结所尾给出的字数;可适当增)加细节,以了行文使连;贯头开已为你写,好不计入总词数。

  Dea Jrack,

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  B setw sihse,



,随着互网的发联展普和及网,购络物中在也国变越来越普得了遍,至已甚成经我了日常生们活一的分部了;相同信们身边一定学不有同学已少通过经网络进行物购了,比如*****网京,商城等东;是但网购物究竟有络利弊呢?何 请一写短篇文谈,网上购物谈的好与处坏。处


许学多生习活中烦的都会使人产恼生压力,了为更地好发现解及决学们中存在同心的理力压问,你题们班特意展了开次一"L以es srPessreu,Be tte Lifre"主题为英语的讲演赛比请你,备准发言稿谈谈你,的些缓解压力的一好法,办同与学分,享内容包括:




●我是 如成功何缓我解的力压。

 注 :文中不意出得真实现的名姓和名校。



 。 LessPre suser B,etetr iLf e


elHo,l oys abdng rli!


P rseusr es ai esioursp rboem inltoday’ sorwld S.udtens ti nor culas asr undeer ot oucmhpr seures.___ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


T hta’ all. shTan koyu!




: 1.词数不 于少09短,文头开过渡已为你写好,计不入词总数



 文 示提:

  防火全f安ir saeeft y电electricit y燃 烟花放爆竹 et sof firfewokrs

 爬 craw行lon on’eskn es 消防栓et eh ire fyhradnt


Usally uirf eccadeitsn rea c

ausedb ecusa oe facelrssnees.sF or xemalp, e_____________________________________________________________________________

 __ ___________________________________________________________________________

  hWtacan e wd oo tprotect oruseles whev nhere tisa fire ?____________________________

,五021年初,我1南方大国分部地区受冻遭雨fre(eingz rina,特)别贵州、湖是南四川和灾,情失分重。严路、铁路、公场机都迫关闭,被网瘫痪电。灾冻使致州贵4万0人水饮难四,两川电厂运停。分部山人民区生活异常困,在难级各政府的领下带,民人众群、解军战放英勇抗击冰士,涌现灾大出批歌可可的英泣雄事。迹作为一中学生名你有,感何?想有打算何能?不能变改这种状态


 __ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


,据六报,道从210年开始韩1除了向国所小学和有初高中生发放学质纸语的文英语、数学、教科书之,同外时还发放光将盘形式的电教子科书这。表,在明韩国,子电图即书将走进寻百常姓。某家英论文发坛起了一主次为题E“-Boks, Gooo od raBd?的”讨论,请你一写篇8词0左的短文右表达你对这件,事的看情。 法

  __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _

范文十:英语作文8 投稿:莫毎每





4.参考词汇:偏食be particular about food 零食 snack

Dear friends,

As we all know, we are what we eat. Therefore, it’s very important for us to form healthy eating habits._________________________________________________________.

That’s all. Thank you!