范文一:初二上作文大全 投稿:邵衊衋

1. 新学期伊始,为了鼓励大家学好英语,我校准备出一期英语学习经验交流专

刊。请根据以下问题及你的实际情况,以”my English learning”为题写一篇英


(1) when did you start learning English?

(2) What problems do you have in learning English?

(3) What helpful ways do you know to learn English well?


English is one of my best subjects and I started learning English when I was 10

years old. But at the very beginning, listening seemed a little difficult for me. So I have been doing a lot of listening practice, such as listening to tapes, watching English TV programs. And I found it really helped a lot. I enjoy singing English songs and I want to join an English club or find a pen pal from English-speaking countries.

I believe that nothing is impossible if you put your heart into it.

2、 假如你是王艳,以下是你同学李文的一些个人信息,请你根据她的情况给希

M4 Dear Sir,

I’m very sad to write this letter to you!

My classmate Li Wen really needs your help. We are from a poor village in

Gansu Province. She is 15 years old. In her family, she has tow sick parents and three brothers and sisters. All the children must help the family a lot. But her elder brother and sister are still in the university. His family hasn’t had enough money to pay for her education yet. Last month, she dropped out of school unluckily. However, her dream to go back to school is still kept in her heart. All of us hope that Project Hope can give her a hand and make her dream come true.

I really hope for your letter!

Best wishes

Wang Yan


1、互联网(The Internet)会给你提供来自全世界的工作机会;

2、如果你需要在网上找工作,你可以点击job search 或employment;




The Internet can show you lots of jobs all over the world. If you want to find a job

on the Internet, use the words “job search” or “ employment”, type the job and a list of jobs will appear on the screen. Many websites can list full-time and summer jobs.

The internet can also show you how to write a good resume and how to get ready

for an interview. A good website can be a big help in your job search.

Why not try it?

4、根据中文提示,以“Saving the Earth”为题写一篇80词左右的短文。注意语句通顺,意思连贯。






提示词:pollute, harm, throw, rubbish, pour, try one’s best

Saving the Earth

How to protect the environment becomes one of the biggest problems in the world. We can find the rubbish not only pollutes our environment but also harms people’s health. So we should not throw rubbish onto the ground. Some factories are pouring waste water into rivers, lakes and fields. It may pollute plants, sometimes it may kill lots of fish. We must keep our environment clean and tidy. We have only one

earth. We must try our best to protect her and make our home more beautiful.


I’m a middle school student. I study many subjects at school. After class, my classmates and I take part in different activities. I’m interested in music. I often go to our school music room to play the piano. I practice singing and dancing very hard. I took part in many of my school’s evening programs. The teachers always speak highly of me. I am glad my show can bring pleasure to my classroom. I want to be a music teacher when I grow up.


Every day, I enjoy listening to different kinds of English songs after class. Pop

music is my favourite. Some have a slow pace and I can hear the lyrics clearly, but others are not. If I have difficulties in understanding the lyrics, I will surf the Internet and look up in the dictionary. Step by step, my English is improved greatly.

In addition, every time I finish listening, I feel relaxed and pleased. After a long

time, I realize that I can sing so many English songs and I find it not hard for me to learn a new one any more. I am really looking forward to listening to more new English songs.


My favourtie famous story is the adventures of Tom Sawyer. Tom Sawyer is a clever boy, but he doesn’t like going to school. His dream is to be a pirate. In the story, Tom Sawyer and his friends go on a great adventure. The friendship between Tom and his friends is moving. Maybe you can find your own dream has come true in it. The story is very funny. I’m sue you will like this story and the lovely Tom Sawyer.


My mother is very ordinary. She looks very beautiful. She is tall and slim. She has

a round face with big eyes. My classmates all like her because she’s friendly to everyone.

I can’t forget the friendship between us forever. When I get bad marks, she’ll help

me find out the reason, when I have trouble in getting on well with others, she’ll tell me how to solve the problem, when I make mistakes, she’ll show me how to correct them at once.

I love my mother, my friend! It’s you that can be with me to share sadness and happiness.


Dear peter,

I’m very glad to hear that you will visit China next week. Now I’ll tell you something about the greatest places of interest in our country.

First, you can visit Beijing, our capital. There are so many amazing places you

can’t miss. You can go to the Great Wall. It’s a famous sight in the world. The summer palace is a beautiful place as well. It’s a world-famous imperial garden.

Second, you’d better go to Xi’an of Shanxi Province for the Terra Cotta Warriors

that lies there. It can show you the wonderful Chinese history.

Finally, I hope you’ll pay a visit to Hunan. By the way, have you ever heard of

Mao Zedong? He was one of the greatest leaders in Chinese history. He was born in Shaoshan, Hunan Province.

I am looking forward to you coming.

Good luck


As time goes by, man has fewer and fewer forests. People cut down too many trees, so the environment is becoming worse and worse. Many animals have less and less land to live on. And some hunters often kill animals for its fur, so some animals become rare. What shall we do to protect them? Animals are our friends! I think we must keep some rare animals like pandas and tigers in nature reserves. For the common animals, we can show signs to people “Don’t kill animals!” at the foot of the hills or in the trees. If animals don’t have enough food, we should put some to keep them full.


Dear Mr. Brown,

It’s good to hear that you show great interest in Chinese traditional culture. Next week, I’ll take you around Lao She Teahouse. There you can enjoy Beijing Opera, folk music and so on.

We lan to start a t nine oclock. My parents have offered to drive us therer. Although it is almost impossible to understand Beijing O pera for us, I stil hope that youll see it in person, because it is the symbol of Chinese music. And then, I decide to take you to enjoy the performances of acrobatics and magic shows. Oh, don’t forget! We sill drink Chinese tea there as well. I am sure Lao She Teahouse will give us a wonderful welcome!

Best wishes!



Welcome to Dalian

Dalian is a comfortable city to enjoy ourselves and to live in. Every year it attracts a great number of tourists to visit. When is the best time to visit Dalian?

The best plan is to arrive in Dalian in September. The weather isn’t too hot or too rainy. It’s pleasant to live here for a long time during summer. Dalian is famous for its

beautiful seside. You have many chances to take part in different kinds of activities in th sea. It’s a good idea to bring you camera, because you may want to take photos of yourself in the sea. In addition, Dalian, the whole city has a good environment. When you go for a walk in the street, you may feel that you are in a special garden. The pleasant weather, the friendly people … only once, you can never forget it. When you come here, we will give the most wonderful welcome to everyone from China and from all over the world!

Unit1. 介绍你的一个朋友,表达他的兴趣爱好,同时写清他的习惯,他怎么样才能保持健康(不少于60词)

He thinks he isn't pretty healthy. He doesn't like exercise, so he does exercise

once a week. He is very fat. He doesn't like vegetables, so he hardly ever eats

vegetables. He likes eating junk food. He thinks it is very nice. He eats them about

four or five times a week. He loves milk, but he doesn't drink it every day. He only

drinks them two or three times a week. He eats fruit once or twice a week. But he

sleeps nine hours every night. His lifestyle is not very well. But he knows healthy

lifestyle helps him get good grades. He tries to eats some vegetables and eats lots of

fruit. And he wants his parents to play sports with him. He wants to be the healthiest.


Dear LiPing,

I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling well.I think you should see a doctor,then

you should take some medicines,and drink a lot of water. You said you are stressed out and tired.Why not listen to music and go to bed early?

You should also try to exercise.Eating less junk food.Eating more healthy food,like apple,orange and milk .I think they are good for your health.

I hope you feel better soon!



Dear Marry:

I'm XXX(你的名字). Tomorrow is my birthday, I want to invite you to take part in

my birthday, can you come tomorrow? The party will begin at half past six in the

evening. My parents, friends and classmates will come, you can see them in the party. If you come to my birthday party, please make a phone call to me, I will be pleased

that you can come.

Yours, XXX


Hi Henry,

Thanks for your invitation.I’m sorry I can’t come to your party this week. I am really busy This evening I’m going to my cousin’s birthday party. And tomorrow, I have to

go to the dentist. (Yuck!) On Wednesday, I have tennis training with the school

team. And I have to study for my chemistry test on Thursday. On Friday evening, I’m going to the movies with some friends. Can you come to the movies with us on


Write soon,



go to school in different ways. Fifteen students take buses because they live far from the school. Ten students walk. They think walking is good for their health and they live near the school. Twenty-five students ride their bikes to school because they like riding bikes very much and their homes are not very far from the school. No one goes to school by car


Good evening! Ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to our class and welcome to our English Evening.

First of all, let me say a few words about our class. There are 60 students in our class. 32 of us are boys and the others are girls. Most of us like English and study hard at it. In our free time we often read English books, newspapers and magazines. Sometimes we learn English on the radio and sometimes on TV.

This evening you'll enjoy some short plays, songs, dances and so on by our classmates.

I hope you'll like these programs and have a good time.

Thank you!

根据中文提示写一60字以上的E_mail.(开头已给出)提示:Tom邀请LiPing参加他生日的聚会,但是LiPing的父母出差(be out on business)要到下个月才回来(come back home),奶奶又生病在床,需要人照顾,而且他得为了即将到来的英语考试而学习.因此无法来参加这一生日聚会.他感到很抱歉.

Thank you very much for inviting me to your birthday party.I’d love togo,but I can’t. My parents are both out on business. They are coming back next month. And now I have to look after my grandma because she is ill in bed. And I also need to study for my coming English exam. I am very sorry,but I can’t go to your party. Thank you for asking me.I hope you will have a good time.

My Last Day Off

On my last day off, I went to Shanghai with my whole family.Shanhhai is a

beautiful and modern city with many tall buildings.First,I went to Shanghai Sea World to see some big fish and some big octopus and so on.Then we took a walk along the

wide and busy street.When we passed a restaurant,I felt hungry,so we ate some delicious Shanghai food.After lunch,we took some photos of Shanghai Beach,and saw some beautiful boats.Finally,tired but happy,we took the subway back to the hotel.

What a great vacation I had!

Unit9.My good friend Mike

I have a good friend. His name is Mike. He was born in September, 1988 in a small town near London. He is a middle school student. He came to China with his parents two years ago. His parents are teaching English in China now. He and his parents like China and Chinese food very much.


Name: Yao Ming Date of Birth:09/12/1980 1988:starts to play basketball

1996: joins Shanghai basketball team 1997: joins the national basketball team

2002: joins NBA

My favorite basketball player is Yao Ming. He was born on September 12, 1980. He started playing basketball at the age of 8. He joined Shanghai basketball team in 1996.

A year later, he joined the national basketball team. He joined NBA in 2002 and is becoming more and more famous now.

介绍自己I’m very glad to introduce myself to all of you. My name is Li Wei. I’m 14 years old. I live in Nanjing, a very beautiful city. My favourite subjects are English and biology. In my free time, I often go camping, draw pictures of plants and enjoy the birds in nature. I want to be a biologist when I grow up.

I feel lucky to join you. I hope that we can be good friends. That’s all. Thank you.

Grandpa Li is over seventy years old, and he has no sons or daughters. He wanted to invite some old men to his house for supper. However, he needed some help. After Mingming knew it, he asked his classmates to Grandpa Li's house. And then they helped him to make his bed, do the dishes, sweep the floor, take out the trash and so on. In a word, they helped him with chores. Grandpa Li was very thankful and asked them to have supper with them. They didn't agree with him, but thanked him. Then they left.


Dear Bill,

How are you? Today I want to tell you about my English study. I'm interested in English because it's my favorite subject. I'm working hard at it now. You know, I practise listening, speaking, reading and writing everyday. But my spoken English is not so good. So I keep on practising all the time. I remembered over 1,000 English words. In the evening, I watch English videos. I try to talk in English with my classmates or my English teacher. I still have some problems. I can't make sentences with new words. Would you please give me some help?

Best wishes!


新年计划 要求:根据提示内容写一段60词左右的短文,可适当发挥.

Do you have any plan for your next year? Can you say something about your New Year’s resolutions? How many resolutions do you have? Why are you going to do them? How are you going to do them?

I have three resolutions for my next year:

First, I am going to spend more time studying English, because I want to improve it to get good grades. I will practice to read English every morning and do some English writing every evening. Next, I am going to take more exercise. I want to keep fit by doing it. I will take walks with my mother after supper. Finally, I am going to make more friends. So I can be happier and learn more strong points from them. I will take part in some activities to meet more people and make friends with some of them.


My Dream Job

Everybody both has a dream job. Do you want to know what I want to be in the

future? Well, I want to be a singer. Because I love singing very much. And I think

that I can sing on the stage(舞台). I will move to New York and be a singer there.And I will sing my favorite English songs there. Although it is a tired job, I love it .

Because when I sad, I can sing songs to be happy and I will become very popular.

That’s so interesting and exciting. For my dream job , I will sing every day and sing

well. I hope that day come quickly, I can’t wait! How about you? What’s your dream job?


When I grow up , I’m going to do what I want to do. I’m going to move somewhere interesting. Pairs sounds like a city that I could enjoy. They have lots of fashion shows there. I want to be a reporter for a fashion magazine. So how am I going to do it? First, I’m going to find a part-time job for a year or two and save some money. Then I’m going to be a students at art school in Paris. And I’m going to study French at the same time. Next, I’m going to hold art exhibitions because I want to buy a big house with the money and I’m going to travel all over the world . Finally, I’m going to retire somewhere quiet and beautiful.


Subject: Cat From: Dave

Tony, I am going to Australia with my parents for my winter vacation. We plan to stay there for a month. Could you help me take care of the cat ? Take her for a walk after supper. Give her water and feed her twice a day. Don’t forger to clean her bed every day and you’d better give her a bath twice a week. She is a lovely cat and I’m sure

you will like her. Write to me soon. Thanks,


My Weekend Chores

On Saturday morning I got up at about seven o’clock. After breakfast, I went to the store and bought some food for the family. I like doing the shopping. I think it’s fun. Then I swept the floor. I didn’t do the laundry and the dishes. I don’t like do any washing. In the afternoon I cleaned out the yard. After that I folded my clothes and made my bed.


My friend's name is Wang Hua. She is a schoolgirl. She was born in April, 1988. There are three people in her family. Her father is a doctor and her mother is an English teacher. She studies Chinese, math, English, music, history and some other subjects at school. She likes computer very much and she is good at it. In her free time, she enjoys swimming, collecting stamps and listening to popular songs.

范文二:初二语文作文题目大全 投稿:黎糭糮


1 好奇心

2 大爱无声

3 没有一种冰不被阳光融化

4 弯道超越

5 晨风中的身影

6 品味时尚

7 难忘的第一次

8 希望

9 乘着音乐的翅膀

10 话说千古风流人物

11 雨的诉说

12 脚踏一方土

13 美好的回忆

14 我们是初升的太阳

15 我的视线

16 生命只有一次

17 我们面对的是一个问题的世界,问题无所不在。它是那样的神秘而又复杂:宇宙、自然、生命;战争、饥饿、疾病。它是那样的贴近:学习的问题、生活的问题、交往的问题、情感的问题\前途的问题……


18 倾听,就是集中精力,开动脑筋,认真听取。一个谦虚好学的人,一个懂得善待他人的人,一个善于反思、自强不息的人,永远懂得倾听。




19 接受与付出

20 美国作家克里腾登写过一篇题为《母亲的价格》的文章,指出如果母亲的日常工作可获薪水,合理的年薪约为六万美元。母亲们做这些工作,做得细腻,做得纯粹,乐此不疲,头发做白了,腰做弯曲了,眼睛做昏花了,她们也毫无怨言。子女们在、受母爱的同时,不知不觉之间,已经欠下了母亲那么巨大的一笔薪水。



21 作为中学生,我们生活在一个幸福的时代,我们拥有知道,拥有青春,拥有激情,然而有时我们又会埋怨命运不公,感叹生活太累。其实,丰富多彩的生活值得我们珍惜的有许多许多……


范文三:初二英语作文范文大全 投稿:覃鰻鰼


1、关于导盲犬的英语作文 The Seeing Eye Dog

今天,我看到一则鼓舞人心的消息,据说导盲犬就会被允许上火车。人们很关注这个消息,大部分人很欢迎这项政策,他们觉得导盲犬上火车是合理的,这意味着给 予盲人特别的关照。有少部分人担忧导盲犬会咬乘客,或者乘客会挤压到狗。我看到了很多关于导盲犬的故事,它们是如此的忠诚,这些故事也很感动我。如今大众 很高兴看到这个新闻,他们愿意给盲人和他们的狗狗让路。


Today, I saw the inspiring news that the seeing eye dogs would be allowed to get on the train. People paid a lot of attention to this news, most people were embracing this policy, they thought that it was reasonable for the seeing eye dog to get on the train, it means giving the special care of the blind people. Few people worried about the dog would bite the passengers, or the passengers will squeeze the dog. I have seen many stories about the seeing eye dogs, they are so loyal and the stories move me. Now the public is pleased with the news, they are willing to give their ways to the blinded and their dogs.

2、杜绝浪费Never Wasting the Food

在我小的时候,我喜欢吃很多东西,但是我有一个习惯,我不会把东西吃完,我喜欢浪费食物。当我的妈妈看到这些,她对我感觉不好,她告诉我所有的食物都是农 民辛勤劳作的,我不应该浪费食物。想到这些,我对自己的坏习惯感到惭愧,我决定吃完所有的食物。浪费食物应该受到谴责,特别是在大城市,人们喜欢浪费食 物,他们想要保持苗条,只吃小部分。现在,政府提倡人们光盘,这个做法得到了大众的肯定,越来越多的人意识到不浪费食物。

When I was small, I like to eat a lot of food, but I have a habit, I will not eat up all the food, I just like to taste all of it. When my mother saw this, she felt bad for me, she told me that all the food was the farmers’ hard work, I should not waste it. Thinking about this, I felt

so shameful about my bad behavior, I decided to eat up the food. Wasting the food should be condemned, especially in the cities, people like to waste the food, they want to keep thin and only eat small portion. Now, the government advocates people clean the plate, this movement is welcomed by the public, more and more people have the idea not to waste the food.

Forgiveness is an important character of people. In our whole long life, we are impossible to make no mistakes or do nothing wrong. Therefore, it’s essential for us to be tolerant. Everyone deserves a second chance when he or she makes a mistake. Forging others

sometimes is forgiving ourselves. Keeping something unpleasant in mind does no good to us. Letting the unhappy matters go brings happiness and pleasure back to our life. 学会宽恕别人是每个人最重要的表现。在我们的整个生命中,我们不可能不犯错误,或没做错事情。因此,学会宽容是我们必不可少的技能。每个人在犯错之后都应该有第二次机会。有时是宽容别人也是帮助自己。我们知道保持心中的不愉快的事情没有好处。让不愉快的问题远离我们,让我们过上幸福和快乐的生活。

4、爸爸的生日英语作文 My Father’s Birthday 温馨提示:这是一篇关于爸爸的生日的初中英语作文范文,今天是作者的爸爸的生日,看一下这一篇初二英语作文,他是怎么给他爸爸庆祝生日的吧

Today is my father’s birthday, but he doesn’t celebrate it. It’s because he must work today. I say happy birthday to him in the morning. And I prepare a birthday card for him, which I draw it by myself. I wrote “Happy birthday to you, my dear daddy. Best wishes from your dear daughter. I love you.” When I gave it to him, he was so happy and smiled to me. At night, we have a delicious dinner which is my father’s favorite dishes cooked by my mother. She says it’s her birthday gift to my father. I think it’s enough because we all enjoy the dinner. My father says that my mother and I give him a happy and beloved birthday.

今天是我爸爸的生日,但是他没有特别地庆祝,因为 他今天还要工作。早上,我对他说生日快乐,并把自己准备的生日贺卡给他。我在贺卡上写:“祝亲爱的爸爸生日快乐,您亲爱的女儿给您送上最美的祝福,我爱 您。”我把贺卡送给他时,他开心地对我笑了。晚上,我们吃了一顿美味的晚餐,都是爸爸喜欢的菜色。妈妈说这是她为爸爸准备的生日礼物。我认为这足够了,因 为我们都吃得很尽兴。爸爸说我和妈妈给了他一个快乐、情意浓浓的生日。

范文四:【初二写景作文大全】初二写景作文 投稿:杜刲刳
































范文五:初二作文辅导大全 投稿:郝浔浕





















范文六:初二600字作文大全 投稿:于鬺鬻















司马迁狱中写《史记》;吴承恩在科举中屡遭挫折,但他并没有放弃,写出了《西游记》;一生不得志,生活贫困的蒲松龄创作出了中国著名的文言短篇小说集《聊斋志异》;鲁迅在黑暗势力的迫害下,仍能写出众所周知的《彷徨》、《呐喊》……还有全身瘫痪的奥斯特洛夫斯基和他的《钢铁是怎样炼成的》;因患小儿麻痹症而终身残疾的小提琴王子帕尔曼…… 献祝福,祝福网




范文七:初二英语作文大全 投稿:徐益盋

篇一:My Favourite Animal

   If you ask me what my favourite animal.I can tell you pandas are my favourite.I like the pandas not only because they are one of the China's treasures,but also because they looks cute.

   Pandas are very fat and hairy. They have two colours:white and black.The panda'sd face,back and stomach are all white, their eyes nose legs and arms are all black.

   The pandas like eating bamboo. Using the paws,he chew the bamboo very slowly with his mouth.

   There are two pandas called tuantuan and yuanyuan will send to Taiwan.

篇二:My Family

   Look at the photo of my family,the girl is me.I'm fourteen years old.I'm in Dongzhou Middle School.I like reading, listening to music and drawing pictures. I'm a happy girl. On the left is my mother. She is a teacher. She wears a pair of glasses.

   Her hair is short.She looks young.On the right is my father.He is a teacher,too.He loves his students very much.But he likes smoking.My grandmother is behind my mother. She is a housewife.She washes clothes and cooks every day.My grandfather is behind my father. He is a chef.But now he has retired.I have a big family.I like my father, mother,grandfather, grandmother and they like me,too.

篇三:Past,Now And Future

  Long long ago, many families had three or four children. They couldn't look after everyone well, so the children must do everything by themselves. They were too poor to go to school. Some of them liked learning, but they had to go to find jobs to make money. Since they were children, they could do lots of difficult things like their parents. Sometimes they even did better than them!

  But now, many families have only one child and they regard their child as a pearl. They did everything for the children. Every day, when the child gets up, their parents help him to make the room clean. They also get breakfast ready for their child. When the child is free, they can sleep or do other things, but they needn't do any housework. So many children can't cook; wash their clothes, some don't even know how to clean the floor. That’s too bad. In the future, many families will have computers. We can work on the computer instead of going out to do everything. The children also can learn on the computers, so they don't need to move! After a long time, we'll become fatter and fatter. We won't be able to do anything by ourselves!

  So, which way is good for us? We must think more.

范文八:初二作文大全600字 投稿:石裶裷







































范文九:初二暑假作文大全 投稿:何胹胺



    暑假的第一天开始了,我早上起来,首先做完我该做的事情,就开始玩电脑了,还没上去,妈妈就大喊 ;“玩什么玩,作业是做起了,玩呢,做起了就不能看看书,整天就是玩电脑,玩电脑就能帮助你考个好成绩,别玩了,看会书吧,”绝望,这是什么道理啊,什么暑假生活啊,还比我在学校严,真是的,哎,只好看书了,


    第三天、第四天、、、、、、、、 和伙伴玩去了,她说去那玩,他有说去那玩,和伙伴们开开心心去玩了,就这样,天天都是,她没权利管了。
















范文十:初二英语作文大全 投稿:石啦啧


Talking about hobbies

Everyone has his hobbies, such as listening to music, doing sports, reading and looking after animals. However, reading is my favourite. When I was a little girl, I was interested in reading books. From then on, books have taught me a lot. In my opinion, books not only give me 1.What’

Dear Jack,

’t get ready for your English exam. Second, ’’m sure you’ll pass the English exam next time. And your Best wishes Agony aunt

Write a review (评论) of a book, a film, a play, a CD, etc.(写作提示:①What’s the name of it? ②Who wrote it?③What’s the story about? ④Where does it take place? ⑤What’s the best part? ⑥ What do you think of it?)

I have seen a movie called《Titanic》. It is about a sad love story happened in a very famous ship called Titanic. The main characters are Rose and Jack. Jack is very handsome and intelligent but poor. Rose is very rich but kind and she won't judge people by money. They met on the Titanic. And soon they fell in love with each other. Unluckily, the ship got crashed. In the end, Jack saved Rose but he died. I cried after watching the movie. It made me understand to love is to give.


【Now students like copying others’ homework. What’s your opinion about it?】 Why do some students copy others' homework? First, they have a lot of homework to do, and sometimes they can't finish it on time. On the other hand, a few students are very lazy. I think it's wrong to copy others' homework. As the saying goes,

Last summer, I went to Guilin with my good friends. We went by train on August 1st. Guilin ’s famous for journey made me feel unforgettable, and I hope I can go there again.

假定由你负责接待一个外国旅游团。 南京位于中国东南部,是江苏省省会,人口约10个朝代在此建都。3. 代化的工厂和高大的楼房。词数:100

Ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to our city.

I’ It also has I’ Thank you.

请按下 面提供的要点写一篇100个词 街道狭窄;人们劳作生活清贫; 环境恶化;树木减少鱼儿消失;

.The river,running through the town,had clean water in which fish could be seen swimming in groups. The house, however, were small and simple, and the street wasn’t wide enough to run cars. People here worked hard all year round yet lived a life of no more than poverty.

Now great changes have taken place here. You can see tall buildings, department stores and factories everywhere. Cars and buses are running in broad streets. But with the development of industry,pollution is becoming more and more serious. A lot of trees are gone, and fish have disappeared because of the dirty water. To our joy, people have been doing their best to stop pollution and make the town even more beautiful.