范文一:马云韩国英语演讲稿 投稿:蔡桭桮

the next bill gates

bill gates said, “ the next bill gates is mayun.” forbes in america valued him as a person who has a short and thin figure as napoleon,

but also great aspirations the same as napoleon. today i want to share with you something about how mayun succeeded and i hope

his example not only benefits but all of you! another important thing is just do it. and stick on it whatever others say! if

you have a good idea, just do it! never found yourself going along the original route ,

despite how many good ideas you had proposed last night. don’t follow others. i think is also a very important lesson myun has given me.

he didn’t

followed google to be a instrument, nor did he does like tengxun or sina, to amuse

the youth. he determined to help something really practical to his netizen. the last but not the least, i like this truth mayun said, “ we can not expect

our inspiration as our path to success. because it’s just like the liumaishenjian

of duanyu’s.” that is, i think we should try to do a thing a job step by step, don’

t be opportunistic. always keep in mind that god only gives chance to those who


thank you!篇二:马云哥伦比亚大学演讲稿(英文) 篇三:马云演讲英文稿 hello, im jack ma, founder and chairman of alibaba group. at alibaba, we fight for the little guy,the small businessmen and women and their

customers. our role is simple, through our (转载于:马云韩国英语演讲稿)ecosystem, we

help merchants and customers find each other and conduct business on their terms and

in ways that best serve their unique needs. we help merchants to grow, creat jobs

and open new markets, in ways that were never before possible. you will hear details from our business later. but first let me take you on a

journey around china, to see some of the real people, real stories that alibaba has

impact on them. im proud to share with you these stories that show the heart and spirit of alibaba.

im proud that we ignite innovation, create jobs, benefit customers and help

entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams. 以下为马云在斯坦福大学演讲全文: 马云:大家好。我今天感到非常荣幸能来到这里和大家见面。大约几个月前,斯坦福邀



有任何问题要问我,我都会一一回答。 the following is the ma at stanford university speech: ma : hello everyone . today i feel very honored to be here to meet you . about

a few months ago , stanford invited me to lecture . i did not expect . many people

say that because of all about yahoo , alibaba, and many other news, this time to speak

here is very sensitive . but since i made a promise that i came. today, if you have

any questions to ask me, i will be to answer every qestions.






年建立了阿里巴巴。 i came to the united states today is the first 15 days , and i was too tired . in 1994 i created my career, discovered the internet, and crazy,

and then gave up my teaching job . at that time i felt like a mongolian eyes like

riding on the back of the tiger blind , all the way to throw beat fight, but still

struggle, survive . work for the government for 16 months after the 1999 establishment of ali baba . 我们还幸运地拥有着淘宝网,支付宝,阿里云和集团下其他的公司。所以, 建立阿里巴






肯定会比今年更辛苦。 我想要花多一点时间好好准备,迎接明年更艰苦更困难的挑战。我需


阿里巴巴或阿 里云的首席执行官。但是三年后,如果事情出了错,那就是我的错。所以我准备在美国


美国的目的真的不像是大家揣测的这么复杂。 particular, this years challenge is too difficult , and this is what i did not

expect to . chinese people say that every 12 years is an animal year . alibaba in

china this year happens to be the first 12 years, have encountered many difficult

issues , such as suppliers of fraud earlier this year because of events leading to

the resignation of

fault. so im going to spend some time in the united states ponder and relax. two

days ago, i started practicing again from golf to wealthy father , nor very powerful uncles , do not want to have the chance of success. i remember in 1999 came to silicon valley looking for funding ,

with many venture capitalists approached , growth will occur in china . then i founded alibaba, 12 years have passed , and

today made a lot of achievements. but before that , no one believes b2b able

development in china . at that time the 马云ipo上市英语演讲稿 hello! everyone, i’m ma yun . the virgo who change the world. today is september

19th.this evening alibaba wlii land the new york stock exchange after the delisting. we’ve got the integration of listed for $68 per share total $218 billion.what

a sign of that? we are the third global financing scale. dear,$1748 billion. how much

time we need to spend that money ? when i was in trouble i went to usa and eager finance 2 million dollars. however,i

was rejected by 300 vc. that day, i felt i’m really a short poor ugly guy. but today what i want is 2 hurndred billion . as a result, the participants of

the investors lined upon the same floor where i live in the 90th floor like thousands

of people waiting for ipone 6 in front of an apple store. behind my valiant record there is also a time when i make a mistake. that was

yahoo! only spent 10 billion bought our 40% shares. bartz later refused to cooperate

wihe me. i really want marry her and dumped her. so our equity situation is 34.4% share hold by softbank. 22.6% share hold by yahoo.

as chairman of board. i only hold 8.9%. luzhaoxi holds 1%. others hold 29.6% share.

bright spot is the other, as this roadshow process. i repeated the ecological energy of aligroup. now we

have a very awesome alipay, taobao, tmall business group and those about to enter

the ktv, the pharmacy and usury industry. the next step, we will bet on logistics

and intelligent hardware field. last year we set up food logistics. this year we will enter the domestic mobile phone industry. when

zte-huawei-coopad-lenovo association is dying. i think that meizu, oppo still have

sense of b. even translation



融资规模是全球第三大的。 亲爱的,1748亿,这些钱我们要花多久啊? 我知道,也许你很崇拜我。但是十年之前人们经常会说我是个骗子。当我想为国家体育


我记录下这个场景。现在我想说今天你对我爱答不理,明天我让你高攀不起。 当我处于困境,我去美国融资2百万美金,然而被300位风投拒绝。那时,我真的觉得


长队,就像上千人在苹果专卖店门前等iphone6. 在我英雄记录的背后也犯过一些错误.那就是雅虎只花了10亿就买下了我们40%的股权。



握29.6%,两点是其他。 我真的不知道再说些什么,我知道今晚过后阿里巴巴将被外国人


们打赢官司,否则今天“阿里巴巴”将成为香油的品牌。 在这次路演中我反复强调阿里巴巴的生态力量。现在我们有非常伟大的支付宝,淘宝,




phone . 我还能做什么?所以阿里巴巴马上收购了魅族形成了下一个增长点。中国有一句老

话,富不过三代。 我们的愿景是让阿里巴巴变成一家可持续发展超过3代的企业。我相信阿里巴巴退市再


范文二:马云演讲稿 投稿:董悠悡



















范文三:马云演讲稿2 投稿:郝螀螁


网易科技讯 9月10日消息,阿里巴巴今天举行10周年庆典晚会,阿里巴巴董事会主席马云出席并发表演讲。他在演讲中回顾了阿里巴巴的10年历程,并对未来10年的蓝图进行了展望。









你说难过,当然,你们有抱怨,我抱怨也不少,后期也挺大对不对,有时候看到同事难过,看到自己难过,看到莫名其妙的压力,一直在盼望,我小时候说我最喜欢做的事,有理想我学外语的,我最大的理想是早上在伦敦吃早饭,中午在巴黎吃午饭,这多好,你突然发现这些都不是你要的,你根本哪有心思哪有力气吃饭,哪有感受,每一天都在飞每一天都在做,所以你要什么你想清楚,我要的是什么,到底我要的是不是我要坚持,我坚持的东西是不是我要的,想清楚这一些,拟人生会慢慢慢慢的,像这几位伟大女性讲的一样,知道自己想什么,知道自己想什么,知道什么是自己这一辈子得体言,人生不是说你得到了什么,而是你经历了什么,你体验了什么。 最后呢,我必须丢掉一些什么,你什么都想有,什么都想抢是不可能的,我们对世界的看法,也必须很客观,讲黄光裕,也跟我们的女性朋友你们是妈妈,你们是太太,你们是将来很多未来的希望的孩子,所有伟大的男人都是女人造出来的,无论是生理上,心理上,各种行为上,女性对一个男人的影响,对成功男人和不成功男人的影响是最大的。







我们坚持专注,我们专注电子商务,前十年我们专注电子商务,后十年还是专注电子商务,我们前十年专注中小企业,未来十年我们还是专注中小企业,因为只有专注中小企业,专注电子商务,才能让我们长久,因为中小企业需要我们,因为中国电子商务和全球电子商务需要我们。今天阿里巴巴十周年,看到大家的激情,我从来没有那么担忧过,因为今天是一个前十年的一个阶段的结束,我们后面92年刚刚开始。从昨天晚上到今天早上,我们收到了18个阿里创始人的辞职信,我们所有的18个人辞去了自己创始人的职位,因为我们知道,从9月11日开始,阿里巴巴将进入一个新的时代,进入合伙人的时代,我们18个人不希望背着自己的荣誉去奋斗,我们今天晚上将是睡得最香的一个晚上,因为今天晚上我们不需要说因为我是创始人,我必须更努力,因为今天我们辞去了创始人,明天早上我们将继续去应聘、求职阿里巴巴,我们希望阿里巴巴再度接受我们,跟任何一个普通的员工一样,我们的过去一切归零,未来十年我们从零开始。 说实在的,收到这18个创始人的辞职信,看到他们讲着真诚的话,我非常的感动,我会在公司内网上分享公开每一封辞职信。十周年阿里巴巴和大家一样,关注着世界在发生巨大的变化,互联网的发展,全球化的发展,金融危机,世界经济已经发生了很大的变化,我们在刚才三分钟的录像里看到,毒奶粉、大气变暖,所有的问题,世界在发生剧烈的变化。我认为这世界在呼唤一个新的商业文明,旧的商业文明的时代就是企业以自己为中心,以利润为中心,创造最有价值,希望能够获取更多的利润,以自己而不是以社会为中心,社会需要的是,21世纪我们需要的企业是在新的商业文明下在新的环境下面,如何对社会的关系,对环境的关系,对人文的关系,对客户的关系,重新的思考。最近一两年来,纠结阿里巴巴管理层的是,未来十年我们阿里巴巴怎么走,我们需要变成一个什么样的公司。我想不是我们想变成一个什么样的公司,而是世界需要什么样的公司,在21世纪我们需要有21世纪理念的公司,我们希望更懂得开放,更懂得分享,更懂得全球化的公司,我相信互联网之所以发展那么快,是因为互联网懂得开放、懂得
















以前我们认为穿西装是对人的尊敬,最早我们发现穿中山装是对人的尊敬,现在发现其实穿的越舒服,别人感觉的好就很好,商业形式真正的发生了变化,最后我想说,我们淘宝的卖家,阿里巴巴的企业们,今天的电子商务不是五年以前的电子商务,五年前有人问我,阿里巴巴到底会变成什么样子,我说 2009年会有一个感觉,我们有了消费者的淘宝,有了企业的阿里巴巴,有了中间支付的体系,开始为明天打造阿里软件,我们为未来服务业的电子商务,开餐饮、做洗脚店和搞旅馆的电子商务在三至五年会起来,我们建立了这个体系,但是真正的电子商务的成型是在未来五年,我相信在2014年会看到完全不同的电子商务渠道,希望大家抓住这五年的时间,如果今天还停留在游戏和网吧里面,今天还在笑话别人做电子商务,五年后你会更加的后悔,我们必须要创造未来,我们可以商业计划书,每一个人今天到这里来,每天来这里的目的是对未来的希望,对明天的信心,一切为明天而做,我们不要为昨天而失望,更不能因为恢复昨天而感到兴奋,世界变化刚刚开始,阿里巴巴在这里跟大家一起承诺,以前是几个人的使命,今天已经变成了1.3万阿里人的使命,我们将会全力以赴支持网商、网货、网规的建设,未来的十年阿里巴巴的使命是打造新的商业文明,我们要让那些诚信、开放、分享责任感和全球化的商人取得成功。


范文四:马云的演讲稿 投稿:朱潡潢














我自己的,假如2002年我没有和阿里巴巴 公司一起度过那次的互联网泡沫的危机,那次我的口号是“成为最后一个倒下的人”。即使






范文五:马云演讲稿 投稿:江揧揨


阿里巴巴上市后马云首次公开演讲稿的励志演讲稿,其实最大的决心并不是我对互联网有很大的信心,而是我觉得做一件事,无论失败与成功,经历就是一种成功,你去闯一闯,不行你还可以掉头 35岁你还穷,活该你穷!













证,怎么也都进去 了?”门卫用一种鄙视的目光上上下下打量了她一番,冷冷地一摆手,那意思就是说:“走远点,别烦我!”。她感到了莫大的羞辱,自尊心仿佛被门卫狠狠的踩在脚下,跺个稀巴烂!她看看自己寒酸的衣着,和手中推着脏兮兮的平板车,再看看那些衣着华丽、她的心被深深的刺痛了,骤然品尝到被人歧视的酸楚,她的心 发跳、脸发烫,浑身颤抖。


从此以后,她开始利用一切机会来充实自己。每一天,她第一个来公司,最后一个离开。她分秒必争,将别人随随便便丢掉的时间都花在了学习和工作上。很快, 她就脱颖而出了。在同一批骋用者中,她第一个做了业务代表。接着她又依靠超人的努力,成为这家跨国公司中国区总经理!她学历并不高,只有自考专科文凭,在中国的经理中被尊为“打工皇后”,后来,她又任微软公司中国公司的总经理。她,就是商界女杰吴士宏!



范文六:关于马云马云-演讲稿 投稿:邹碖碗

Jack Ma

Jack Ma is The learder of Alibaba Group. He is probably the most successful business man in China.

“Forbes”once introduces him like this in 2000: “Tiny figure with sunken cheekbones, tussled hair and a

mischievous grin. But he is as fast as a rabbit, as patient as a turtle”.

He was born in Hanzhou, Zhejiang, in 1964. He has a great goal to be admitted to Peking University, But his socre is not quite well, he took part in Gaokao 3 times, in the firt time, he only got 1 point in math. He made a

progress in the second time ,but only got 19 points. Until the 3 time ,he passed the Gaokao, and he was admitted to Hangzhou Normal College.

After graduating from college, Jack Ma has become a teacher for 6 years, he also worked as a translator. As a translator, he got a chance to go to Seattle in 1995. It is the first time he has been in touch with the Internet. And he was going to make a big business on the Internet.

He quited his job soon after that journey. And then, he set up a company with his wife and a partner which is China’s first Internet Business company. On month later, the Yellow Page website went live successfully. At that time,

China still can not use the Internet. Many people don’t know what is Internet, they laughted at Jack Ma, Called him a big liar. But he has alway insited on his minds.

In the same year, the Internet bagan to spread. And Jack Ma’s business bagan to grow. 4 years later, he started a new company called Alibaba, and the company soon bacame the largest e-commerce company in China. Until today, our lives have been changed a lot by

Alibaba. And Jack Ma has no doubt become a successful business man.

范文七:马云卸任演讲稿2013 投稿:江稫稬


本文是阿里巴巴董事局主席马云在 “淘宝十周年” 晚会上发表的演讲,发表完演讲后过了今晚马云将正式卸任集团CEO一职,以下是演讲稿正文:




  但我真没想到,十年以后,我们变成了今天这个样子。这十年无数的人为此付出了巨大的代价,为了一个理想,为了一个坚持,走了十年。我一直在想, 即使把今年阿里巴巴集团99%的东西拿掉,我们还是值得的,今生无悔,更何况我们今天有了那么多的朋友,那么多相信的人,那么多坚持的人。

  其实自己在想是什么东西让我们有了今天,是什么让马云有了今天,我是没有理由成功的,阿里也没有理由成功,淘宝更没有理由成功,但我们今天居然 走了这么多年,依旧对未来充满理想。其实我在想是一种信任,在所有人不相信这个世界,所有人不相信未来,所有人不相信别人的时候,我们选择了相信,我们选 择了信任,我们选择十年以后的中国会更好,我们选择相信我的同事会做得比我更好,我相信中国的年轻人会做得比我们更好。

  二十年以前也好,十年以前也好,我从没想过,我连自己都不一定相信自己,我特别感谢我的同事信任了我,当CEO很难,但是当CEO的员工更难。 我从没想过在中国,大家都认为这是一个缺乏信任的时代,它居然你会从一个你都没有听见过的名字,闻香识女人这样人的身上,付钱给他,买一个你可能从来没见 过的东西,经过上千上百公里,通过一个你不认识的人,到了你手上,今天的中国,拥有信任,拥有相信,每天2400万笔淘宝的交易,意味着在中国有2400 万个信任在流转着。

  在座所有的阿里人,淘宝,小微金融的人,我特别为大家骄傲,今生跟大家做同事,下辈子我们还是同事!因为是你们,让这个时代看到了希望,在座的 你们就像中国所有的80后、90后那


  今天的世界,是一个变化的世界,30年以前,我们谁都没想到今天会这样,谁都没想到中国会成为制造业大国,谁都没想到,电脑会深入人心,谁都没 想到互联网在中国会发展得那么好。谁都没有想到,淘宝会起来,谁都没想到雅虎会有今天。这是一个变化的世界,我们谁都没想到,我们今天可以聚在这里,继续 畅想未来。


  十年以前当我们看到无数的伟大的公司,我们也曾经迷惘过,我们还有机会吗?但是十年坚持、执着,我们走到了今天,假如不是一个变化的时代,在座 所有的年轻人轮不到你们,工业时代是论资排辈,永远需要有一个富爸爸,但是今天我们没有,我们拥有的是就是坚持和理想。很多人讨厌变化,但是正因为我们把握住了所有的变化,我们才看到了未来,未来30年,这个 世界,这个中国,将会有更多的变化,这种变化对每一个人是一个机会,抓住这次机会,我们很多人埋怨昨天,30年以前的问题,中国发展到今天,谁都没有经 验,世界发展到今天,谁都没有经验,我们没有办法改变昨天,但是30年以后的今天,是我们今天这帮人决定的,改变自己,从点滴做起。坚持十年,这是每一个 人的梦想。


  参与阿里巴巴的建设14年,我荣幸我是一个商人,今天人类已经进入了商业社会,但是很遗憾,这个世界商人没有得到他们应该得到的尊重,商人在这 个时代已经不是唯利是图的时代,我想我们跟任何一个职业,任何一个艺术家、教育家、政治家一样,我们在尽自己最大的努力,去完善这个社会。14年的从商, 让我懂得了人生,让我懂得了什么是艰苦,什么是坚持,什么是责任,什么是别人成功了,才是自己的成功。我们最期待的是员工的微笑。

  从今天晚上12点以后,我将不是CEO。(掌声) 从明天开始,商业就是我的票友,我为自己从商14年深感骄傲!


去的中年。励志演讲 www.51Flash.com 这世界谁也没把握你能红五年,谁也没有可能说你会不败,你会不老,你会不糊涂。解决你不败,不老,不糊涂的唯一办法,相信年轻人!因为相信他们,就是相信未来。所以我再我将不会回到阿里巴巴做CEO。


  做公司,到这个规模,小小的自尊,我很骄傲,但是对社会的贡献,我们这个公司才刚刚开始,所有的阿里人,我们都很兴奋,很勤奋,很努力,但我们 很平凡,认真生活,快乐工作。我们今天得到的远远超过了我们的付出,这个社会在这个世纪希望这家公司走远走久,那就是去解决社会的问题,今天社会上有那么 多问题,这些问题就是在座的机会。如果没有问题,就不需要在座的各位。

  阿里人坚持为小企业服务,因为小企业是中国梦想最多的地方。这里,14年前,我们提出了“让天下没有难做的生意,帮助小企业成长。”今天这个使 命落到了你们身上,我还想再为小企业讲,人们说电子商务、互联网制造了不公平,但是我的理解,互联网制造了真正的公平。请问,全国各省、各市、各地区,有 哪个地方为小企业、初创企业提供税收优惠,互联网给了小企业这个机会。有些企业三五年内享受了五六个亿用户,他们呼唤跟小企业共同追求平等,小企业需要的 就是500块钱的税收优惠,请所有阿里人支持他们,他们一定会成为中国将来最大的纳税者。

  感谢各位,我将会从事一些自己感兴趣的事儿,教育、环保,刚才那首歌"Heal the world" (MJ公益性歌曲三部曲之一),这世界很多事,我们做不了,这世界奥巴马就一个,但是太多的人把自己当奥巴马看。这世界每个人做好自己那份工作,做好自己感兴趣的那份工 作,已经很了不起,我们一起努力除了工作以外,完善中国的环境,让水清澈,让天空湛蓝,让粮食安全,我拜托大家!(马云单膝下跪)


范文八:马云卸任演讲稿 投稿:曾幂幃











  十年以前当我们看到无数的伟大的公司,我们也曾经迷惘过,我们还有机会吗?但是十年坚持、执着,我们走到了今天,假如不是一个变化的时代,在座所有的年轻人轮不到你们,工业时代是论资排辈,永远需要有一个rich father,但是今天我们没有,我们拥有的是就是坚持和理想。很多人讨厌变化,但是正因为我们把握住了所有的变化,我们才看到了未来,未来30年,这个世界,这个中国,将会有更多的变化,这种变化对每一个人是一个机会,抓住这次机会,我们很多人埋怨昨天,30年以前的问题,中国发展到今天,谁都没有经验,世界发展到今天,谁都没有经验,我们没有办法改变昨天,但是30年以后的今天,是我们今天这帮人决定的,改变自己,从点滴做起。坚持十年,这是每一个人的梦想。









  感谢各位,我将会从事一些自己感兴趣的事儿,教育、环保,刚才那首歌“Heal the world”,这世界很多事,我们做不了,这世界奥巴马就一个,但是太多的人把自己当奥巴马看。这世界每个人做好自己那份工作,做好自己感兴趣的那份工作,已经很了不起,我们一起努力除了工作以外,完善中国的环境,让水清澈,让天空湛蓝,让粮食安全,我拜托大家!(马云单膝下跪)



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I’m so honored. I never expect there are so many people coming here to listen to my talk. And when I sitting there I feel so important. Thank you, thank you very much. Before my talk I would like to ask how many people here have used Alibaba services. Good, not many. [Laughs]. And how many of you here have never been to China? Never been, never been to China. Good, thank you very much.

Well, 20 years ago I came to America. My first trip to America, to Seattle. Before that I learned so much about America, from my books, from my teachers, from my school, and my parents. And I think I know enough about America. But when I came to America I thought totally wrong. America is not what I learned from the books. And in Seattle I found the Internet, and then I came back and tell my friends that I’m going to open a company called Internet. I invited 24 of my friends, had a two-hour discussion. And finally [unintelligible 00:01:19] we had a vote. 23 of them against me. “Forget about it. There’s no such kind of network called Internet. Don’t do it.” There’s only one person who said “Jack, I trust you. I don’t know what that is, but if you want to try it, go ahead, try it. Because you’re still young.” At that time I was 30 years old. So I started my business, without knowing anything about computer, without knowing anything about business. I started my first company, my wife and I and a school mate. We borrowed [start] from US $1,000 we start the business. It was so difficult. I called myself like a blind man riding on the back of blind tigers. Jumping around for the past 20 years I survive today. For the first three years life was really bad. I remember I tried to borrow US $3,000 from the banks. It took me three months asking any friends I know to borrow the money [unintelligible 00:02:22].Still failed, coz verybody said “Jack is telling a lie, because there’s no such network called Internet in 1996.”

So one day, later 1996, China was connected to the Internet. I invited ten media friends to my apartment. I want to tell them I’m not telling a lie. There is a network called Internet. We waited three hours and a half to see the first – to download the first picture. And people said “Is that thing going to work?” And I say “Yeah, it’ll work, but not today. In ten years it’ll work.” But at least it proved that I was not telling a lie. I remember when we tried to help our small business to sell online. Nobody want to sell because nobody come to buy. So first week we have seven employees, we buy and sell ourselves. The second week somebody start to sell on a website. We buy everything they sell. We have two rooms full of things we bought for New Year’s,

[all garbage] for the first two weeks. In order to tell people that it works. It was not easy. Since 1995 to 1999 we failed. We go nowhere, our business, because nothing was ready. In 1999 I invited 18 friends of mine who came to my apartment. We decided to do it again. We call the name alibaba.com. And people say why Alibaba? We believe Internet is a treasure island which opens sesame for small business. And we used Alibaba because it’s easy to spell, easy to remember. And we want to focus on helping small business.

Because at that time we see [unintelligible 00:04:26] commerce [with the] American e-commerce they focus on helping on big companies, they’re focusing on helping big companies to save the cost. We believed China we don’t have a lot of big companies, we have so many small business, and small business it’s so difficult for

them to survive. If we can using Internet as a technology to help small business it’ll be fantastic. So we start to say if America is good at helping big companies, just like America is good at making basketball we should play pingpong in China, we should help the small guys. And we should not helping small guys to save cost, because small business know how to save the cost, but small business should learn how to make money. So our business is focusing helping small business to make money online.

And we want to make the company last for 102 years. And people are curious – why 102 years? Because Alibaba was born in 1999, last year we had – last century we had one year, this century 100 years, next century one year. 102 across three centuries. We give a clear goal to any employees. Don’t say we are successful, no matter how much money we raised, no matter how much money we make, no matter how much we have achieved. Don’t forget we want to live 102 years. Now, 16 years passed, we have another 86 years to go. Because in next 86 years, if any time we die we’re never successful. When I heard this club is 108 years old I was surprised and shocked. There’s so much we can learn from that.

Well, today nobody believed that Alibaba could survive, because people say “You are [free], you’re tiny” and, you know, and especially when we talk about – when we IPO’d people say “Ah, you are Alibaba, you are e-commerce. You’re like Amazon.” Because in American point of view Amazon probably is the only business model for e-commerce. But no, we are different. The difference between us and Amazon is that we do not buy and sell, but we help small business to buy and sell. We have 10 million small business on our site buy and sell every day. And we do not deliver our packages, although – ourselves, though we have more than 2 million people help us to deliver over 30 million packages per day.

We do not own warehouses, but we manage tens and thousands of warehouses for other small, medium sized delivery companies. And we do not own inventories, but we do have more than 350 million buyers. We have more than 120 million buyers coming to shop every day on our site. And also, we sell – our revenue last – our sales last year were US$ 390 billion. And this year, possibly, we are going to be bigger than Walmart globally. And Walmart manage – that size of business have more than 2.3 million people; we grow from 18 people to today 34,000 people.

And the difference between Amazon and us the other is Amazon is a shopping center. Because here e-commerce is commerce, in China e-commerce is a lifestyle. Young people [unintelligible 00:08:08], they using e-commerce to exchange ideas, they communicate, they build up the trust, they build up a record. It’s just like Starbucks – you never go to Starbucks to test how wonderful coffee is. It’s a lifestyle. And this is how Internet e-commerce is changing China.

And what we felt proud of is not how much things we sell. I said this year we’ll be bigger than Walmart – yes, we are proud. We know in five years we will sell US$ 1 trillion. This is my goal, which we think possibly we will make it. We are proud of that but we are more proud because we create direct [and indirect] job, 14 million jobs for China. And we’ve created jobs in the countryside. We created a lot of jobs for women. Over 51 percent of the power sellers on the Internet are women.

So we feel so proud of that. And people say okay, now Alibaba did that. What's your next? What's your future cause you are everywhere. We, 80 percent of the buy and the sell online are created by our company. Our future is that we have to focus on globalizing our business. It's not only sell more things. We want to make, to globalize the infrastructure of eCommerce. Why Internet eCommerce grow so fast in China than in the USA? Because the infrastructure of commerce in China was too bad. Not like here. You have [Click] Motors. You have all the shops offline, Walmart, Kmart, everything everywhere. But in China we have nothing nowhere.

So eCommerce in the US is a dessert. It's complementary to the main business. But in China it becomes the main course. We created the infrastructure. So we think if we globalize our infrastructure — the payment, the logistics center, the transparent platform all around the world. Helping the small business around the world to sell everywhere. Help the global consumers to buy everywhere. Our vision is in ten years we will help two billion consumers in the world to shop online anywhere in the world. You're shopping online with 72 hours you'll receive the product. And anywhere in China you shop online, you will receive the products within 24 hours. And we think our globalization is still focused on helping small business. And helping them to do business in the most efficient ways. And we think that we will help another ten million business on our eCommerce platform.

We will empower them. We'll give them the traffic. We'll give them the payment system. We'll give them the logistics system so they can do business anywhere easily and quickly. And we will help. We will have 40 percent of our business outside China. Today we only have two percent of our business outside China. So people keep on asking, now you are big. You raised that much money. What's your play in America? People say well are you going to come? When are you going to come to invade America? When I going to compete with Amazon? When I going to compete with eBay? Well I would say we show great respect for eBay and Amazon. But I think the opportunity and the, the strategy for us is helping small business in America go to China, sell their products to China.

Today in China, the middle class for China is almost the same as the American population. And we think in ten years it will be more than half a billion Chinese people will be middle class. The demanding for middle class, the demanding for good products, good service was so powerful, so strong. And I think China today cannot afford the good products, good service to them. And then next is that China has been focused on exporting in the past 20 years. And I think next ten, ten-twenty years China we should be focusing on importing. Chinese should learn to buy. Chinese should spend the money. Chinese should buy a lot of things from globally. And I think that American small business, American branded products you should use the Internet, go to China.

Past 20 years big companies of America is already all over China. But it's the great opportunity for using the eCommerce for small business to go to America. In the past years we have helped a lot of American farmers selling things to China. For example the Seattle cherries, you will never believe that the ambassador, the American ambassador to China, he came to us say, Jack can you help us to sell the

cherries in Seattle. I say how can we sell cherries? The cherries still on the trees. And we started place order, 80,000 families booked the order. And when we got the order we ship, we pick up the cherries and ship to China within 24 hours 80,000 families, 160 tons of cherries were sold. And last year we sold over 300 tons of cherries. And I don't know what's this year about.

We also helped Alaska seafood. We helped Canada to sell the lobsters. The lobster we sold probably ten years they cannot sell. And we also have a lot of American branded companies using our site to sell. Costco the company, they sold 600 tons of nuts on our site for the first month. And for the first month they're using Alibaba 6.5 million US dollars. So I think if we can help to sell lobsters, if we can help sell the cherries, why we cannot help these small, medium size companies to China using our system? So this is what I want, and also I want to take one day for example November, November 11th, the [Singles'] Day. We make that a shopping day. Last year for that day we sold 9.7 billion US dollars. And for the first minute shopping we have 24 million people rushed in for the first minute. And this year we guess the number was scary, so my purpose coming here that we need more American products to China.

We have a hungry 100 million people coming to buy every day. So this is why we come here. We not come here to compete. We come here to bring the small business. My vision is that in ten, twenty years anywhere you buy anywhere, sell anywhere. Philippine people can buy salmon on Norway. Norway people can sell things to Argentina. Argentina can buy and sell to China. This is how the Internet is going to change. And lastly I want to say we have changed the China. We feel proud of that, and we think that the change, the power of change is so powerful. The first revolution of technology we have the, the organization of business called a factory. And had our first World War because of the strength of the arms and muscles. The second revolution energy, we have the organization called companies, and have the second World War.

This time Internet. The data, and I think we have a new business called platform. And the third World War is going to happen. And this war is not between nations, this war we work together against the disease, the poverty, the climate change. And I believe this is our future. The human being, the nations shall unite together. Rely on the young people using not the guns, using computers, using the data to solve the human problem, solve the society problems. And this is what I'm passionate about. It's not about the money, it's about dreams. It's not only the technology change the world, it's the dreams you believe that change the world. And we know the way, the way is not easy. As I was told in the past 20 years doing Internet business in China, today is difficult, and tomorrow is much more difficult. But the day after tomorrow is beautiful. Most people die tomorrow evening, if you don't work hard. Thank you very much.

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