范文一:书虫英语读后感 投稿:蔡靍靎

书虫英语读后感Have some kind of love, become blind but hypocritical in this abnormal society: Be unbearable Catherine vanity thin and weak, bumptious betraying; Have some kind of regret, be in so cruel society unexpected turn of events’ ferocious but frightful: Be frenzied continuous Heath cliff revenge, apprehensive helpless giving up all hopes.  So-called human nature, so-called truth, good and beauty are borrowing evil ugly in front of appearing like that lowly, like that easy to break to pieces. Like that intense love , sinuous violent regret intertexture, love accommodates oneself to the extreme frenzied, regret accommodates oneself to the extreme demented , regretful to hurt , leave blood with sobbing , remaining endless scab is left ultimately.But disregarding this world be how force and hold back our pure but fine copy of the first edition human nature, anyway dogleg and confine, how the misleading sum restrains , we essential points is more soberly comparing with others checks self doctrine: "Love needs to being apt such that concealing one's real feelings , Aide are sincere , being apt such that Ling Ran is apt such that being duty-bound and will not turn back firmly, can not love to the anesthesia , love to the life regret , love but to agony. Continue being perplexed among indifferent enmity till destroying others also not destroying yourself , need to make great efforts to shake off the net vanishing into thin air , finish spending every day , conscientious cherishing flat and plain everyone, who loves you and you love. That distinctive and heavyhearted as well ruthless quality grabs Wuthering-Heights my heart deeply, that the times love tragedy leaves drapery behind, perform but ceaselessly by us, when ability is end? Or, this paradox is to redeem have no way to save forever.

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范文二:书虫系列英语读后感 投稿:钟伝伞


  In this happy winter holidays, I feel very happy.Look!This is a book.Its name’s .I read this book immediately when I came back home.

  I like reading .I t is easy to read.And it’s a good story. leading lady is a bave and kind woman. Can't remember what occasions heard that song .I might as a imprint is engraved on my heart. Once thought that English book is very difficult, then I can feel easy. The plot, characterization and clear up in my eyes. A novel a pleasure to behold, a beautiful and moving story. Reading this novel, I have benefited greatly. Everyone is equal, there is no distinction or distinction.

  If you read a good book. You must be thought.I am very good!


  Today, I was excited mood end the Robinson Crusoe reading.

  The characters and story let me intoxicated. I like the characters in the story and his strong spirit. Robinson is one has the wisdom and courage people. I admire his courage and wisdom.

  Robinson is on the island to live, he overcame all the difficulties with wisdom! Twenty-eight years,  what an amazing number!This is the story, in a seaway of Robinson, meet with a storm, he alone wandering to the island, living for twenty-eight years. We can see , how brave he is !At first, Robinson came to the island, he said: 'I'm desperate sad that I this sad situation. I have  no food, no houses, no weapons, no clothes.’ But, after this he was more and more brave.  He began to plan for his life.He created many needs things.He try various devices to create things for his island life.

  At last , He saw a ship through the island, Also experienced a lot of difficulty. In the end , he return to the country.

  This story tells me, when I meet the difficulties, we must Strive , Get the final victory!

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范文三:英语书虫一级上读后感 投稿:万轓轔



I read this book, feel very sad, as their mother and sad. So many children brought up, but it was such a

2 、《象人》 We can't laugh at people with disabilities, they need to respect, they also like us, also is a person, is a member of the society. The book of people doing very well, give it a lot of respect, we should learn from them


Reading this book, I deeply realize the importance of environmental protection, our earth is in a disastrous state, but we also don't protect it, is, we want to like the book. Go to the moon? Act now, people, for our planet and action!

4 、《世界上最冷的地方》

This book tells the story of looking for the pole, I also learn a similar text, I feel they are great, but we can not only see the winner, we also see the slumbers of Scott, whoever arrives first, is our hero


Many people think of reaping, but they have to pay a price as the protagonist in the book, listen, eventually lost son. This is a sad story. So we don't like them, to support oneself, not fantasy sky.


范文四:书虫英文读后感 投稿:薛槅槆


  The Spring Festival holiday, I read books in the " Robinson Crusoe ". I was deeply attracted to this book, it lets me realize Robinson's amazing perseverance and never yield in spite of reverses the spirit.

  Robinson is the hero of this book. In a navigation, Robinson riding in a boat ran aground near the island, the ship seaman and passengers were all drowned, only one Robinson was lucky to survive. His perseverance, struggle with nature. He relies on his own hands and wisdom, the use of guns and simple tools, rely through one's own efforts, support oneself to had played a desolate island life.

  After reading this book, I was deeply moved by the. A person caught in an impasse, could such a life full of confidence, the courage to face life, create life, it is praiseworthy for one's excellent conduct. I understand that, regardless of when and where, no matter how difficult, not to be intimidated by the difficulties, we should bravely face the difficulties, overcome difficulties, and always maintain a positive, calm and optimistic attitude, to face challenges and bad luck. Only in this way can we, like Robinson, is always a winner.


  This book tells a story : Ralph Crewe lives in India with his little daughter    Sara . He is a rich man , and he to make his daughter study better with her come to London to Miss Minchin school . For a start , Sara has many books , dolls and beautiful clothes , her life is like a princess.But the death of her father changed all that.Sara became a little teacher,a little maid , often on the street.But she has not lost princess temperament and courage . Sara still optimistic in life.Finally one day , his father’s friends to help Sara , so she became a princess again . This story is very touching.In the book the hero Sara persistent quality worthy of our study . When you feel the boundless future , don’t get disheartened . To smile in the face of all . Not because of others’ evaluation and shake my faith . But to overcome the difficulties step forward , you will succeed . So , if you want to give up , must be important trismus go . C limb over the mountain , you will face the sea ! Read the《A Little Princess》this book, I harvest many others . These truths are so important , will accompany me all my life !

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范文五:书虫读后感英文 投稿:魏獨獩


  In the winter holiday.I read a book.It is very wonderful.It's name is "The monkey's paw".The book tells about the Whites and a  paw's story.Mr.White's friend gave him a small and dirty paw.He said "It can makes your dreams come true.But you'll feel unhappy."Mr.White wanted ?3000.And after some days,he got  ?3000,but his son deid.The end is Mr.White and his wife were very sad.

  I think “The monkey's paw” is very useful.Because it tells us some important things.Such as "get something for nothing." is impossible.We must do every things by ourselves.And we must know learn by doing.

  When I was 10 years old.I was not good at math.And I had tried to find many escape solutions.But no one is  good for me.My mother tolds me,"learn by doing",and I did some test questions.Now,my math is ok.I think my story likes "The monkey's paw".And in the new future,I will do every things by my self and do not rely on my father and mother.I know I am the best.

  What a nice story!“The monkey's paw”is perfect,and I will learn more and more in it.


  This winter vacation,I read agreat book《Bookworm》。In gread 1,I appreciate the beauty of the moon,and,I know Mary,queen of Socts's story……In a word,Ibenefited a lot of in it.I really like this book.

  Among them,my favourite book is《Love or money》。It tells a rich women death without.Everyone is suspect,and they greeted her moneys mouth water.Her little daughter threatens her,to obtain money;on the surface seems to love her big daughter to reasons but hater mother;her son to a piece of land and mother fell out……

  Results a murderer is her big daughter!Reason have

  To her the person I love !

  I was very sad.A girl,actually killed her mother,is really too not filial piety.I know people for a variety of reasons will kill your most close.So,we should control oneself,avoid incentive,not reckless things……

  The《Book worm》 has taught me a lot.

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范文六:书虫读后感 投稿:袁鏍鏎


An Analysis of Jane Eyre

The novel is rich in poetry, symbolism and metaphor. It does not fit easily into a definite pattern, being neither a novel of

The novel is written in the first person, and thus magnifies the central character - the reader enters the world of Jane Eyre and is transported through her experiences at first hand. This at once makes the work subjective, especially since we know that Charlottes Brontes own life and experiences were so closely interwoven with the heroine's. As well as this we learn only at the end of the novel that the events are being related to us ten years after the reconciliation with Rochester - thus the narrative is RETROSPECTIVE (looking back). CB is clever in blending the narrative so that at times Jane seems to be speaking as an adult with adult hindsight , while at others she she is

This intensifies the readers dilemma as to what is

The romantic element is present in two forms in Jane Eyre; the

There is also a strong element of realism in the novel, which, married to the romantic aspect, enhances the novel's strength.The sense of place is very strong; we are able to experience both exterior and interior settings with startling clarity throughout the story, in a series of vivid deive passages. The central characters are also realistic and their

confrontations and sufferings change them in a believable way.

Even the unlikely is made plausible, with a unique blend of high drama and perceptive low comedy (the attack on Mason, for instance)

The more fantastic romantic aspects; the coincidences; the secrets; the supernatural occurrences, are balanced by the realism, and this is of course a major strength.

The Gothic influence cannot be ignored, although CB has refined the technique considerably from the

There was little freedom for middle class women during the period of the Gothic novel, and this was still the case in the time of CB. Marriage especially was often a bargain, whereby fortunes were secured by using the female as a pawn. A woman's value largely depended therefore on her sexual purity and she was guarded and secured as a result. Men, on the contrary, were potent and free; lovers and mistresses were common. Ironically the women who provided their services were social outcasts as a result.

In Jane Eyre we see elements of the Gothic romance, in that Thornfield Hall and Rochester are described very much in the brigand/castle style BUT Jane Eyre is not abducted by R. On the contrary she chooses to go there of her own free will. AND she is clear in her determination to have Rochester as a husband. Neither is there a gentleman rescuer; St John Rivers may look like a Greek God, but he is neither kind nor benevolent; driving Jane back to Ferndean, not rescuing her from it.

The trials which the hero is supposed to undergo in a Gothic romance are in fact undergone by the heroine in Jane Eyre. The bandit Rochester is only skin-deep. Underneath the brooding exterior is a sensitive soul, which a WOMAN frees. In this way we see that CB created rather a daring departure from conventional fiction, although there are still many aspects of the novel which remain true to Victorian convention.! 你可以自己再修改下哦!!!

范文七:昆虫记英语读后感 投稿:孔拓拔


  "Insects" the book that I was fascinated by the insect world, there are so many mysteries, I know: how is the shell, cicadas, Shit how lang shell rolled dung ball, The ant is how to eat aphids secretions. Also the son of MingLing: "wrong," is not as nutritional bee caught his own son, but for their offspring arrangement of food.

  First read "insects" somehow it attracts me. This is a family, work, insects and hunting, plain text science books, pure and fresh and natural, Humor, provoking laugh… Note the humanized bugs, how singular, interesting story! The method of Boolean "insects", let I didn't dream, the concrete and detailed text, sometimes I feel a magnifying glass, damp, stars, and the existence of odour, if worm immersed in the field. I ignored for a long time, the insects and their rowdy, suddenly gather up, I hold your breath, then, with them through the darkness in my mind. Is the method of Boolean, let me see insects with our human life and death, in labor and looted many problems are similar. I lift up the head, at this moment, I very want to lift my head, like the sky, to treat the mystery of existing insects. It makes me first entered a vivid world of insects. Hence, I then downwards see "insects".

  Then look down, "insects" is a fun story: "mantis is one kind of extremely cruel animal, but it just might have life, and also the early in the GeTouEr minimum expense of ants under the talons." Spider webs, "which USES the compasses, ruler of tools, nor a designer can draw a more than the standard, the nets" rich story made me to extrapolate. Looking at these bugs are gradually clear, I thought: if we protect environment, no pollution, the worm is also in? Now the deterioration of the environment, and is in there?

  As I continue to read the insects ", I saw the method of Boolean meticulous observations of caterpillar travel, I saw him regardless of the danger, I saw him capture the hornets bold hypothesis, careful experiment, the experimental process and data weigh, step by step, that the effect of high nose needle with bee light.a effect, the process, catch flies bee processing method, the peacock prey of distance contact… Once, he failed in the test data collection, analysis and design, turned to the next. The experimental method, bold rigorous, diligent spirit of questioning attitude. This time, I felt the "scientific spirit" and its profound connotation.

  Entomology gates with humanity care Boolean hardships, write a masterpiece "insects", to leave a rich knowledge, gout, aesthetic feeling and thoughts of prose treasure. It captures lively, relaxed tone, full of abundant appeal. In the author's works like a miser, podul longicorn, wearing a seems to lack "short" body shape fabric dress, The little beetle "for its offspring to unselfish dedication for the children, broken heart," fuck By poisonous spider bites sparrow, would "happily eating, if we feed the slow, he will even crying like a baby. How cute little creatures! No wonder the "insects" lu xun "as a model of life" insects.

  I gasp for exploring nature of Boolean method of spirit, let me feel the insects and environment, and let me feel the originality and subtle observation. "Insects" let my eyes open, treat problems in a different Angle, the depth of understanding problems will surpass past. I think "insects" life reading books is worth, I think anyone carefully read "insects", read, read, can know more.

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