范文一:特殊句式及其他 投稿:毛矟矠




1.(2013·南昌一模)It is comforting to see that ________, we are doing our part for the environment.

A.as small may be we

C.small as may be we B.as we may be small D.small as we may be

2.(2013·东北三校一模)I am certain by no means ________ his word since he has promised an amount of money to the poor.

A.he will break

C.broke B.will he break D.did he break

3.(2013·辽宁五校协作体第一次联考)________ about the man wearing sunglasses during night that he was determined to follow him.

A.So curious the detective was

B.So curious was the detective

C.How curious was the detective

D.How curious the detective was

4.(2013·青岛一模)Scientists are still wondering ________ the Egyptians built the pyramids so long ago.

A.how it is that

C.it is how that B.how is it that D.that how it is

5.(2013·安徽合肥三校一模)—Was it at 11 o'clock ________ your father came back last night?

—Yes, he is always coming back so late.


C.when B.while D.until

6.(2013·山东济宁一模)How close parents are to their children ________ a strong influence on the development of the children's characters.


C.has B.had D.have

7.(2013·安徽省芜湖三校一模)A recent study has found that the number of smokers

________ sharply over the past five years.

A.is increasing

B.are increasing

C.has been increasing

D.have been increasing

8.(2013·皖南八校第一次联考)He is only too ready to help others, seldom, ________, refusing them when they turn to him.

A.if never

C.if not B.if ever D.if anything

9.(2013·郑州一模)—Did you tell her the bad news?

—Yes, but I'd rather ________.


C.not have B.not D.hadn't

10.(2013·甘肃河西五市一模)Look! The ground is wet. It must have rained last night, ________?

A.hasn't it

C.mustn't it B.hadn't it D.didn't it

11.(2013·宝鸡一模)There is so much rain on the island that its annual rainfall reaches ________.

A.sixty inches as much as

B.as sixty inches much as

C.as much as sixty inches

D.as much sixty inches as

12.(2013·石家庄高三一模)—Have you seen the film Lost on Journey?

—Yeah, amazing! It's ________ than the films I have ever seen.

A.any less interesting

C.no more interesting B.much less interesting D.far more interesting

13.(2013·皖南八校第一次联考)A recent survey shows the number of people who shop in stores ________, while far more are shopping online.


C.is decreasing B.decreases D.are decreasing

14.(2013·咸阳一模)When we entered, we found lying on the ground ________ along with her parents.

A.was a girl

C.a girl was B.were a girl D.a girl were

15.(2013·安徽重点中学一模)Not only ________ to turn off the lights in the kitchen, but we also failed to lock the front door.

A.we forgot

C.did we forget B.forgot we D.we did forget


1.(2013·陕西重点中学高三二模)We pursue happiness, thinking one day we will find it. But ________ it by seeking it.

A.rarely will we find

C.rarely will find we B.rarely we will find D.rarely find we will

2.(2013·天津12区二模)No sooner ________ down on bed ________ the telephone rang.

A.had he lain; than

C.did he lie; than B.had he lied; when D.had he laid; before

3.(2013·安徽蚌埠二检)Could it be in the restaurant ________ you had dinner with me yesterday ________ you lost your handbag?

A.where; when

C.that; which B.which; where D.where; that

4.(2013·河北石家庄二模)—________ has brought worldwide attention to China?

—Rapid and steady economic growth, of course.

A.What do you think it is

B.What do you think is it

C.What do you think it is that

D.What do you think is it that

5.(2013·湖南长沙二模)Either the judge or the lawyers ________ wrong on the case at that moment.


C.were B.are D.was

6.(2013·大连二模)We each ________ strong points, but each of us on the other hand ________ weak points.

A.have; have

C.have; has B.has; have D.has; has

7.(2013·咸阳二模)The murderer, together with his two brothers, ________ sentenced to death just now.


C.is B.were D.are

8.(2013·银川一中二模)—Are you pleased with what he has done?

—Not a bit. It couldn't be________.

A.so bad B.much better

C.any worse D.best

9.(2013·济南二模)It was during the Ming Dynasty ________ the Great Wall was repaired and extended to take on the appearance it has today.


C.what B.which D.that

10.(2013·陕西宝鸡二检)Not until he went abroad for further study ________ how attached he was to his parents.

A.that the realized

C.did he realize B.had he realized D.that he had realized

11.(2013·江西抚州五校二模)So absorbed ________ in our talk that my brother took a wrong turn on the way to the airport.

A.he was

C.is he B.was he D.he is

12.(2013·甘肃河西五市二模)In the middle of the forest ________, in which we often went fishing when I was a little child.

A.lies a deep lake

C.a deep lake lies B.a deep lake does lie D.does a deep lake lie

13.(2013·芜湖三校二模)I really can't think of ________ told me you were not coming back till tomorrow.

A.it was who that

C.that who was it B.who was it that D.who it was that

14.(2013·石家庄第二次质量检测)I don't believe you can do today's job with yesterday's methods and be in tomorrow's business, ________?

A.do I

C.can you B.don't I D.can't you

15.(2013·洛阳二模)This computer is worse than that one you bought last year, but it costs twice ________.

A.as many

C.so much B.as much D.so many


1.—Amazingly, Zhuo Jun got first place for the “China's Got Talent”(中国达人秀) last night.

—So wonderfully ________ in the show that he deserved it.

A.did he perform

C.he performed B.had he performed D.he had performed

2.She realized that it was not the words but the way she spoke to Bruce ________ hurt him.


C.which B.whom D.that

3.The number of historic buildings which ________ has reached a surprising figure that we must be aware of.

A.has been pulled down

C.is being pulled down B.had been pulled down D.have been pulled down

4.—Jeremy rather than his friends ________ for the accident.

—Absolutely. He shouldn't have driven after being drunk.

A.are to be blamed

C.is to blame B.are to blame D.is to be blamed

5.In view of the global financial crisis, every possible means ________ to stimulate the economic development in China.

A.have tried

C.has tried B.have been tried D.has been tried

6.It was President Xi Jinping ________ visited the navy troops and urged to strengthen naval force on April 9,2013.


C.that B.which D.he

7.________ who had arrested him three times for carrying drugs.

A.Before George stood the policeman

B.Before George the policeman stood

C.Before the policeman stood George

D.Before George did the policeman stand

8.Kate had a terrible time this summer. Not a day ________ without having some .

unpleasantness with her sister at home.

A.she spent

C.did she spend B.she had spent D.had she spent

9.The Chinese government promised that under no circumstances ________ the efforts to provide universal and low-cost health care.

A.it would stop

C.would it stop B.it might stop D.might it stop

10.So quickly ________ is a possibility today may be a reality tomorrow.

A.are science and technology advancing that

B.science and technology advancing are that

C.science and technology are advancing what that

D.are science and technology advancing that what

解析:选D 考查特殊句式。句意:科学技术进步得如此之快以至于今天的可能性在明天也许就变成了现实。本句“so+adj./adv.”位于句首,句子要部分倒装,故助动词are应提到主语的前面。so ... that 引导一个结果状语从句,在这个从句中含有一个主语从句,主语从句缺主语,故用what引导。

11.When the millionaire was young, he was very poor. Only by doing part-time jobs during the summer holiday ________ afford to pay his college fees.

A.he could

C.can he B.could he D.he can

解析:选B 考查倒装和时态。句意:当这位百万富翁年轻的时候,他非常穷。只有在暑假做兼职工作他才能付得起大学的学费。“only+状语”置于句首时,句子应用部分倒装,此处说的是过去的事情,故选B。

12.—How unhappy your roommate looks!

—Yes, but he's not willing to tell me what it is ________ is troubling him.


C.as B.which D.that

解析:选D 考查强调句型。分析句子结构可知,此处为特殊疑问句的强调句式,其结构为“特殊疑问词+is+it+that+从句”,又因强调句在句中作tell的宾语,应用陈述句语序。故选D。

13.The smoggy weather has made us realize ________ terrible problems we are faced with.


C.that B.what D.which

解析:选B 考查感叹句。句意:雾霾天气让我们认识到我们面临的是多么严重的问题。terrible修饰句子的中心词problems,故用what。

14.Nothing that you say can change his mind, ________?

A.do you

C.can it B.don't you D.can't it

解析:选C 考查反意疑问句。句意:你说什么都不可能改变他的主意,难道不是吗?当陈述部分的主语是不定代词something, nothing等时,反意疑问部分的主语要用it。句中的nothing是表示否定含义的词,疑问部分用肯定形式,再根据谓语can可知反意疑问部分应用can it。

15.—Which one of these two dictionaries do you advise me to buy, Oxford or Longman? —Well, take Oxford. I think it is the ________ of the two.


C.good B.better D.well

解析:选B 考查形容词的比较级。句意:“牛津词典和朗文词典,你建议我买哪一本呢?”“哦,买牛津词典吧。这两本里我觉得牛津词典更好。”两者作比较,用比较级,因此选B。

范文二:4.特殊句式 投稿:邓刢刣



1. Not until he left his home _____ to know how important the family was for him. [2010-江西]

A. did he begin C. he began

B. had he begun D. he had begun

2. I have been living in the United States for twenty years, but seldom ____ so lonely as now.

[2007-辽宁] A. have I felt B. I had felt C. I have felt D. had I felt

3. I’ve tried very hard to improve my English. But by no means ____with my progress. [2006-重


A. the teacher is not satisfied

B. is the teacher not satisfied

C. the teacher is satisfied D. is the teacher satisfied

4. _____ you eat the correct foods ______ be able to keep fit and stay healthy. [2008-江苏] A. Only if; will you B. Only if; you will C. Unless; will you D. Unless; you will 5. Only then______ how much damage had been caused. [2006-陕西]

A. she realized B. she had realized C. had she realized D. did she realize

6. is the power of TV that it can make a person suddenly famous. [2009-辽宁]

A. Such

B. This

C. That D. So

7. So sudden ______ that the enemy had no time to escape. [2009-山东]

A. did the attack C. was the attack

B. the attack did D. the attack was

8. Unsatisfied 重庆] A. though was he B. though he was C. he was though D. was he though

9. _____, his idea was accepted by all the people at the meeting. [2007-重庆] A. Strange as might it sound B. As it might sound strange C. As strange it might sound D. Strange as it might sound 10. _____, he talks a lot about his favorite singers after class. [2005-重庆]

A. A quiet student as he may be B. Quiet student as he may be

C. Be a quiet student as he may D. Quiet as he may be a student

11. ______ fired, your health care and other benefits will not be immediately cut off. [2006-湖北]

A. Would you be


1. At the meeting place of the Yangtze River and the Jialing River______, one of the ten largest

cities in China.(2010-重庆)

A. lies Chongqing C. does lie Chongqing

B. Chongqing lies D. does Chongqing lie

B. Should you be D. Might you be

C. Could you be

2. John opened the door. There _____ he had never seen before.(2010-陕西)

A. a girl did stand B. a girl stood C. did a girl stand D. stood a girl

4. ______ a certain doubt among the people as to the practical value of the project. (2009-安徽)

A. It has

B. They have D. There remains

C. It remains

3. ---- Is everyone here?

---- Not yet. Look, there _____ the rest of our guests! (2010-江苏) A. come B. comes C. is coming D. are coming 5. Hearing the dog barking fiercely, away ______.(2009-上海)

A. fleeing the thief

B. was fleeing the thief

C. the thief was fleeing D. fled the thief

6. For a moment nothing happened. Then all shouting together.(2009-福建) A. voices had come B. came voices C. voices would come D. did voices come

7. Bill wasn’t happy about the delay of the report by Jason, and ______.(2008-辽宁) A. I was neither B. neither was I C. I was either D. either was I 8. — My room gets very cold at night. (2007-江苏)

— ___________.

A. So is mine B. So mine is C. So does mine D. So mine does 9. — It was careless of you to have left your clothes outside all night.

— My God! _______. (1999-上海)

A. So did I C. So were you


1. John's success has nothing to do with good luck. It is years of hard work _____ has made him

what he is today.(2010-湖南)

A. why

B. when

C. which D. that

2. It was ____ he came back from Africa that year ____ he met the girl he would like to marry.


A. when; then

B. not; until

C. not until; that D. only; when 3. It was _____ back home after the experiment. (2004-湖北) A. not until midnight did he go B. until midnight that he didn’t go

C. not until midnight that he went

D. until midnight when he didn’t go

4. ---- ______ that he managed to get the information?

---- Oh, a friend of his helped him. (2005-山东)

A. Where was it C. How was it

B. What was it D. Why was it

B. So I did D. So did you


1. Sally’s never seen a play in the Shanghai Grand Theatre, ______?(2009-上海)

A. hasn’t she B. has she C. isn’t she D. is she

2. Sarah had her washing machine repaired the day before yesterday, she?(2006-广东)

A. had

B. did

C. hadn't D. didn't

3. He must be helping the old man to water the flowers, _______?(2009-陕西)

A. is he

B. isn’t he

C. must he D. mustn’t he

4. There is no light in the dormitory. They must have gone to the lecture, _____?(2005-上海春)

A. didn't they

C. mustn't they

B. don't they D. haven't they

5. There was a loud scream from the backstage immediately after the concert ended, ______ ?

(2005-上海) A. wasn’t there B. was there C. didn’t it D. did it

6. I’m sure she went to school by bus, _______?(2006-福建)

A. hadn’t you

B. wouldn’t you

C. aren’t I D. didn’t she

7. When you’ve finished with that book, don’t forget to put it back on the shelf, _____? (2007-


A. do you C. will you


1. — What’s the matter with Della?

— Well, her parents wouldn't allow her to go to the party, but she still ______. (2009-江苏)

A. hopes to

B. hopes so

C. hopes not D. hopes for

2. One of the side of the board should be painted yellow, and ______. (2000-北京春)

A. the other is white C. the other white

B. another white D. another is white

B. don’t you D. won’t you

3. The experiment shows that proper amounts of exercise, if regularly, can improve our


A. being carried out C. carried out


1. The computer was used in teaching. As a result, not only_______, but students became more

interested in the lessons. (2009-全国I)

A. saved was teachers’ energy C. teachers’ energy was saved

B. was teachers’ energy saved D. was saved teachers’ energy

B. carrying out D. to carry out

2. Not until I came home last night ________ to bed. (2009-四川)

A. Mum did go B. did Mum go C. went Mum D. Mum went

3. Little _______ about her own safety, though she was in great danger herself. (2009-陕西)

A. did Rose care C. Rose does care

B. Rose did care D. does Rose care

4. It was announced that only when the fire was under control ___ to return to their homes.


A. the residents would be permitted B. had the residents been permitted C. would the residents be permitted D. the residents had been permitted

5. how much I loved them.(2008-重庆)

A. I realized

B. I had realized

C. had I realized D. did I realize

6. how much I loved them.(2008-重庆) A. I realized B. I had realized C. had I realized D. did I realize

7. If Joe' s wife won' t go to the party, _______.(2007-全国卷II)

A. he will either B. neither will he C. he neither will D. either he will

8. that Maric was able to set up new branches elsewhere.(2007-陕西)

A. So successful her business was

B. So successful was her business

C. So her business was successful D. So was her successful business 9. —How was the televised debate last night?

—Super! Rarely ______ so much media attention.(2007-上海) A. a debate attracted

B. did a debate attract

C. a debate did attract D. attracted a debate

10. Little _______ that we were watching his every move, so he seemed to be going his own way

in this business.(2007-安徽) A. he realized

C. didn't he realize

B. he didn't realize D. did he realize

11. —Did you see who the driver was ?

—No, so quickly _____ that I couldn’t get a good look at his face. (2007-上海春季)

A. did the car speed by B. the car speed by C. does the car speed by D. the car speeds by

12. Never in my wildest dreams ___ these people are living in such poor conditions.(2006-安徽)

A. I could imagine

B. could I imagine

C.I couldn’t imagine D. couldn’t I imagine 13. -Did Linda see the traffic accident? (2006-天津)

-No, no sooner impossible now does seem possible.

A. had she gone

B. she had gone

C. has she gone D. she has gone 14. — I reminded you not to forget the appointment. (2006-江西)

— ________.

A. So you did

B. So I do not

C. So did you D. So do I

15. _______homework did we have to do that we had no time to take a rest. (2006-福建) A. So much C. Too little 16. —It’s burning hot today, isn’t it?

—Yes. _____ yesterday.(2006-福建)

A. So was it

B. Too much D. So little

B. So it was

C. So it is D. So is it

17. So difficult it to work out the problem that I decided to ask Tom for advice.(2006-广东)

A. I did find

B. did I find

C. I have found D. have I found 18. At the foot of the mountain____(2006-四川)

A. a village lie C. does a village lie

B. lies a village D. lying a village

19. _______ by keeping down costs will Power Data hold its advantage over other companies.

(2006-浙江) A. Only B. Just C. Still D. Yet

20. Just in front of our house _____ with a history of 1,000 years.(2006-上海春)

A. does a tall tree stand

B. stands a tall tree

C. a tall tree is standing D. a tall tree stands

21. Never before _______ in greater need of modern public transport than it is today.(2005-上海) A. has this city been B. this city has been C. was this city D. this city was

22. So little ____ with each other that the neighboring countries could not settle their difference.


A. they agreed

B. agreed they

C. did they agree D. they did agree 23. -Maggie had a wonderful time at the party.

- ______, and so did I. (2005-安徽)

A. So she had B. So had she C. So she did D. So did she 24. Only after my friend came . (2005-福建)

A. did the computer repair B. he repaired the computer C. was the computer repaired D. the computer was repaired 25. —Father, you promised!

—Well, . But it was you who didn’t keep your word first. (2005-湖北)

A. so was I C. so I was

B. so did I D. so I did

26. ______ about wild plants that they decided to make a trip to Madagascar for further research

(2005-江苏) A. so curious the couple was B. So curious were the couple C. How curious the couple were D. The couple was such curious

27. They have a good knowledge of English but little ___they know about German. (2005-天津)

A. have B. did

C. had D. do

28. Mary never does any reading in the evening, _________.(2005-陕西)

A. so does John B. John does too C. John doesn’t too D. nor does John

29. —Well. I do think the rabbit is a beautiful, gentle animal which can run very fast.

—__________.(2005-辽宁) A. So it is B. So is it C. So does it D. So it does

30. In the dark forests ________, some large enough to hold several English towns. (2005-辽宁)

A. stand many lakes B. lie many lakes C. many lakes lie D. many lakes stand

31. Of the making of good books there is no end; neither_______ any end to their influence man’s

lives.(2004-广东) A. there is B. there are C. is there D. are there

32. Maybe you have been to many countries, but nowhere else ______ such a beautiful palace.


A. can you find

B. you could find

C. you can find D. could you find

33. — I would never ever come to this restaurant again. The food is terrible!

— _____.(2004-全国III)

A. Nor am I C. Same with me

B. Neither would I D. So do I

34. ____ snacks and drinks, but they also brought cards for entertainment when they had a picnic

in the forest. (2004-上海) A. Not only they brought B. Not only did they bring C. Not only brought they D. Not only they did bring 35. Only when your identity has been checked, _____. (2003-上海)

A. you are allowed in B. you will be allowed in

C. will you allow in D. will you be allowed in

36. Only in this way ____ to make improvement in the operating system. (2003-上海春季)

A. you can hope

B. you did hope

C. can you hope D. did you hope

37. The old couple have been married for 40 years and never once _____with each other. (2003全


A. they had quarreled

B. they have quarreled

C. have they quarreled D. had they quarreled 38. ---- You forgot your purse when you went out.

---- Good heavens, ______. (2002上海)

A. so did I B. so I did C. I did so D. I so did

39. Not only __ interested in football but __ beginning to show an interest in it. (2002-上海春季)

A. the teacher himself is; all his student are C. is the teacher himself; are all his student

B. the teacher himself is; are all his student D. is the teacher himself; all his student are

40. ____, I have never seen anyone who’s as capable as John. (2001-上海)

A. As long as I have traveled B. Now that I have traveled so much C. Much as I have traveled D. As I have traveled so much

41. So difficult ______ it to live in an English-speaking country that I determined to learn English

well. (2001-上海)

A. I have felt

B. have I felt

C. I did feel D. did I feel

42. Only when the car was over ____ to his hometown. (2001-上海春季)

A. did the young soldier return B. the young soldier returned C. returned the young soldier D. the young soldier did return 43. Not a single song ____ at yesterday’s party. (2000-上海)

A. she sang

B. sang she

C. did she sing D. she did sing

44. I finally got a job I dreamed about. Never in my life _____ so happy. (2001-上海春季) A. did I feel B. I felt C. I had felt D. had I felt 45. _____ can you expect to get a pay rise. (2001-全国春季)

A. With hard work B. Although work hard

C. Only with hard work D. Now that he works hard

46. The old couples have been married for 40 years and never once ____ with each other. (2000-全国) A. they had quarreled B. they have quarreled C. have they quarreled D. had they quarreled 47. —David has made great progress recently.

—_____, and ______. (1997-上海) A. So he has; so you have B. So he has; so have you C. So has he; so have you D. So has he; so you have

48. Mother will wait for him to have dinner together, (1997-全国) A. However late is he B. However he is late C. However is he late D. However late he is

49. Not until all the dish died in the river _____ how serious the pollution was. (1995-全国)

A. did the villagers realized B. villagers realized

C. the villagers did realize D. didn’t the villagers realize 50. Little ____ about his own safety, though he was in great danger himself. (1994-上海)

A. does he care C. he cares

B. did he care D. he cared

51. It was from only a few supplies that she had bought in the village the hostess cooked

such a nice dinner.(2010-安徽) A. where B. that C. when D. which

52. It was not until midnight they reached the camp site. (2008-重庆) A. that B. when C. while D. as

53. It was in New Zealand ___ Elizabeth first met Mr. Smith.(2008-全国Ⅱ)

A. that B. how

C. which D. when

54. It was along the Mississippi River _____ Mark Twain spent much of his childhood. (2008-天津)

A. how

B. which

C. that D. where

55. It is what you do rather than what you say _______ matters. (2005-天津) A. that B. what C. which D. this

56. It was only with the help of the local guide ________.(2005-上海春)

A. was the mountain climber rescued B. that the mountain climber was rescued C. when the mountain climber was rescued D. then the mountain climber was rescued 57. he received the news that his lost daughter had been found.


A. because C. since

B. which D. that

58. It was only when I reread his poems recently_______ I began to appreciate their beauty.


A. until C. then

B. that D. so

59. It was about 600 years ago the first clock with a face and an hour hand was made.

(1997-全国) A. that B. until C. before D. when

60. It was not until 1920 regular radio broadcasts began. (1995-全国)

A. while C. that

B. which D. since

61. It was after he got what he had desired he realized it was not so important.


A. that

B. when

C. since D. as

62. It was not until she got home Jennifer realized she had lost her keys.(2006-全国2)

A. when

C. where

B. that D. before

63. .David said that it was because of his strong interest in literature _______ he chose the course.


A. that

B. what

C. why D. how

64. It’s the first time that he has been to Australia, ? (2009-辽宁)

A. isn’t he

B. hasn’t he

C. isn’t it D. hasn’t it

65. You and I could hardly work together, ______?(2009-湖南)

A. could you C. couldn’t we

B. couldn’t I D. could we

66. (2006-全国2) A. do you B. can we C. will you D. shall we

67. He never said that he was good at mathematics, (2005-北京春)

A. was he

B. wasn't he

C. did he D. didn't he

68. Bill’s aim is to inform the viewers that cigarette advertising on TV is illegal, ____?(2004-上


A. isn’t it

B. is it

C. isn’t be D. is he

69. ---- Alice, you feed the bird today, _______? (1999-全国)

--But I fed it yesterday.

A. do you B. will you C. didn't you D. don't you

70. Though _____ to see us, the professor gave us a warm welcome.(2010-全国2)

A. surprising

B. was surprised

C. surprised D. being surprised 71. —Have you got any particular plans for the coming holiday?

—Yes, _____, I’m going to visit some homes for the old in the city. (2008-安徽)

A. If ever

B. If busy

C. If anything D. If possible 72. —Who should be responsible for the accident? (2008-福建) —The boss, not the workers. They just carried out the order . A. as told B. as are told C. as telling D. as they told

73. Sugar, when ____ with water, dissolves quickly.(2005-上海春季)

A. mixed

B. mixing

C. mix D. is mixed

74. Lucy’s new job paid twice as much as she had made _____ in the restaurant.(2008-山东)

A. working

B. work

C. to work D. worked

75. The research is so designed that once _____ nothing can be done to change it. (2002-全国) A. begins B. having begun C. beginning D. begun

76. ____ with the size of the whole earth, the biggest ocean does not seem big at all. (2004-湖北)

A. Compare

B. When comparing

C. Comparing D. When compared

77. It shares me to say it, but I told a lie when _____ at the meeting by my boss. (2004-全国Ⅳ)

A. questioning B. having questioned C. questioned D. to be questioned

78. The boy wanted to ride his bicycle in the street, but his mother told him ______. (1995-全国)

A. not to C. not do it

B. not to do D. do not to

范文三:特殊句式[1] 投稿:李哅哆


一、 被动句

至激于义理者不然 盖文王拘而演《周易》 屈原放逐,乃赋《离骚》 韩非囚秦,《说难》、《孤愤》 不拘于时

盖当蓼洲周公之被逮 不能容于远近 而君幸于赵王

臣诚恐见欺于王而负赵 虽万被戮,岂有悔哉 秦城恐不可得,徒见欺

永元中,举孝廉不行,连辟公府不就 吾属今为之虏矣 若属皆且为所虏


古之人不余欺也 句读之不知惑之不解 谁为哀者

钩党之捕遍于天下 大王来何操

沛公北向坐,张良西向侍 客何为者

不然,籍何以至此 如或知尔,则何以哉 居则曰,“不吾知也” 自书典所记,未之有也 何以知之

技经肯綮之未尝 今日之事何如 沛公安在

三、 定语后置

蚓无爪牙之利,筋骨之强 石之铿然有声者 持白璧一双

冠者五六人,童子六七人 求人可使报秦者


木直中绳,( )以为轮 藏之名山,传之其人 今以钟磬置水中

断头置头上,颜色不少变 激昂大义,蹈死不顾 亚父受玉斗,置之地 后数日驿至,果地震陇西 传以示美人及左右 竖子不足与谋

樊哙覆其盾于地,加彘肩上 将军战河北,臣战河南 遂于秦王会渑池 为击破沛公军 欲呼张良与俱去 今其智乃反不能及

军中无以为乐,请以剑舞 公视廉将军孰与秦王




非能水也 微风鼓浪 吾师道也 不耻相师

去今之墓而葬焉 其疾病而死

买五人之( )而函之

是时以大中丞抚吴者为魏私人 沛公欲王关中 沛公军霸上 籍吏民封府库 范增数目项王 刑人如恐不胜 如会同,端章甫 鼓瑟希

浴乎沂,风乎舞雩 三子者出,曾皙后

相如视秦王无意偿赵城,乃前曰 宦官惧其毁己,皆共目之 乃使其从者衣褐 左右欲刃相如


君子博学而日参省乎己 余自齐安舟行适临汝

事不目见耳闻,而臆断其有无 士大夫终不肯以小舟夜泊绝壁之下人皆得以隶使之 项伯乃夜驰之沛公军 吾得兄事之 常以身翼蔽沛公 头发上指,目眦尽裂 道芷阳间行

上食埃土,下饮黄泉 故令人持璧归,间至赵矣 而相如廷叱之 良庖岁更刀,割也


虽大风浪不能鸣也 众不能堪,( )而扑之 安能屈豪杰之流 项伯杀人臣活之

沛公旦日从百余骑来见项王 拔剑撞而破之 比及三年可使足民 宁许以负秦曲 毕礼而归之 臣请完璧归赵


吾从而师之 而耻学于师

与其身也则耻师焉 不耻相师

孔子师郯子、长弘、师襄、老聃大将军邓骘奇其才 先破秦入咸阳者王之 吾羞不忍为之下 且庸人尚羞之


是故圣益圣愚益愚 此其志不在小 君安与项伯有故


亦以明死生之大 素善留侯张良 秋毫不敢有所近 假舆马者,非利足也 不知将军宽之至此也

范文四:特殊句式1 投稿:熊伯估






一、 判断句









在古汉语中,某个词属于哪一类词通常是比较固定的。但是,在一定的语言环境中,按照一定的语言习惯,某些词会失去它原来所属词类的意义和功能,而临时充当另一类词,这种现象就叫词类活用。 (一)名词作状语
































( )

























范文五:特殊句式烛之武退秦师荆轲刺秦王廉颇蔺相如列传 投稿:邹賦賧


(1)是寡人之过也(……也) ——《烛之武退秦师》

(2)今日往而不反者,竖子也(……者,……也) ——《荆轲刺秦王》

(3)此臣日夜切齿拊心也(“也”表判断) ——《荆轲刺秦王》

(4)吾令人望其气,皆为龙虎,成五采,此天子气也(……也) ——《鸿门宴》

(5)夺项王天下者必沛公也(……也) ——《鸿门宴》

(6)楚左尹项伯者,项羽季父也(……者,……也) ——《鸿门宴》

(7)亚父者,范增也(……者,……也) ——《鸿门宴》

(8)此沛公左司马曹无伤言之(……) ——《鸿门宴》

(9)此亡秦之续耳(……) ——《鸿门宴》

(10)沛公之参乘樊哙者也。(……者也) ——《鸿门宴》

(11)人方为刀俎,我为鱼肉(“为”表判断) ——《鸿门宴》



①以其无礼于晋,且贰于楚(应“于晋无礼”;应“于楚贰”) ——《烛之武退秦师》 ②佚之狐言于郑伯曰(应“于郑伯言”) ——《烛之武退秦师》

③若亡郑有益于君(应“于君有益”) ——《烛之武退秦师》

④见燕使者(于)咸阳宫(应“(于)咸阳宫”见燕使者) ——《荆轲刺秦王》

⑤秦王购之(以)金千斤,邑万家(应“(以)金千斤,邑万家购之”) ——《荆轲刺秦王》 ⑥给贡职如郡县(即“如郡县给贡职”) ——《荆轲刺秦王》

⑦常痛于骨髓(应“于骨髓常痛”) ——《荆轲刺秦王》

⑧嘉为(之)先言于秦王(应“于秦王先言”) ——《荆轲刺秦王》

⑨燕王拜送于庭(应“于庭拜送”) ——《荆轲刺秦王》

⑩贪于财货(应“于财货贪”) ——《鸿门宴》

⑾具告以事(应“以事具告”) ——《鸿门宴》

⑿具以沛公言报项王(应“以沛公言具”) ——《鸿门宴》

⒀长于臣(应“于臣长”) ——《鸿门宴》

⒁得复见将军于此(应“于此得复见将军”) ——《鸿门宴》


①夫晋,何厌之有(应“有何厌”。之,宾语前置的标志) ——《烛之武退秦师》 ②而报将军之仇者,何如(应“如何”) ——《荆轲刺秦王》

③籍何以至此(应“以何”) ——《鸿门宴》

④大王来何操(应“操何”) ——《鸿门宴》

⑤沛公安在(应“在安”) ——《鸿门宴》

⑥客何为者(应“为何”) ——《鸿门宴》


①秦王购之金千斤,邑万家(应“千斤金”和“万家邑”) ——《荆轲刺秦王》

②太子及宾客知其事者(应“知其事”宾客) ——《荆轲刺秦王》

③群臣侍殿上者,不得持尺兵(应“侍(于)殿上群臣”) ——《荆轲刺秦王》


①而燕国见陵之耻除矣(“见”表被动) ——《荆轲刺秦王》

②父母宗族,皆为戮没(“为”表被动) ——《荆轲刺秦王》

③若属皆且为所虏(“为所”表示) ——《鸿门宴》

④吾属今为之虏矣(“为”表示) ——《鸿门宴》


①晋军(于)函陵,秦军(于)氾南 ——《烛之武退秦师》

②(烛之武)辞曰:“臣之壮也,犹不如人…… ——《烛之武退秦师》

③(烛之武)许之 ——《烛之武退秦师》

④夜缒而出,见秦伯,(烛之武)曰:…… ——《烛之武退秦师》

⑤敢以(之)烦执事 ——《烛之武退秦师》

⑥若舍郑以(之)为东道主 ——《烛之武退秦师》

⑦(秦伯)与郑人盟 ——《烛之武退秦师》

⑧方急时,(秦王)不及召下兵,以故荆轲逐秦王 ——《荆轲刺秦王》

⑨皆(穿)白衣冠以送之(省略谓语) ——《荆轲刺秦王》

⑩秦王购之(以)金千斤(省略介词) ——《荆轲刺秦王》

⑾人不敢与(之)忤视(省略宾语) ——《荆轲刺秦王》

⑿今闻(秦)购将军之首(省略宾语) ——《荆轲刺秦王》

⒀每念(之)常痛于骨髓(省略宾语“父母宗族,皆为戮没”一事)——《荆轲刺秦王》 ⒁取之(以)百金(省略介词) ——《荆轲刺秦王》

⒂荆轲有所待,欲与(之)俱(往)(介词宾语和谓语) ——《荆轲刺秦王》

⒃待吾客与(之)俱(往)(省略介词宾语和谓语) ——《荆轲刺秦王》

⒄皆陈(于)殿下 ——《荆轲刺秦王》

⒅嘉为(之)先言于秦王曰(省略宾语) ——《荆轲刺秦王》

⒆其人居远未来,而为(之)留待 ——《荆轲刺秦王》

⒇群臣侍(于)殿上者,不得持尺兵 ——《荆轲刺秦王》

21比(于)诸侯之列 ——《荆轲刺秦王》

22为(吾)击破沛公军 ——《鸿门宴》

23欲呼张良与(之)俱去。 ——《鸿门宴》

24毋从(之)俱死也 ——《鸿门宴》

25项王即日因留沛公与(之)饮 ——《鸿门宴》

26则与(之)一生彘肩 ——《鸿门宴》

27竖子不足与(之)谋! ——《鸿门宴》

28交戟之卫士欲止(之)不内 ——《鸿门宴》

29加彘肩(于盾)上 ——《鸿门宴》

30沛公军(于)霸上 ——《鸿门宴》

31将军战(于)河北,臣战(于)河南 ——《鸿门宴》

32卫士仆(于)地 ——《鸿门宴》

33项王则受璧,置之(于)坐上 ——《鸿门宴》

34毋从(其)俱死也 ——《鸿门宴》

35项王即日因留沛公与(其)饮 ——《鸿门宴》

36杀人如(恐)不能举,刑人如恐不胜 ——《鸿门宴》


(1)失其所与(结交的同盟者)“所“字结构形式:所+动词 ——《烛之武退秦师》

(2)将奈何(“奈何”,可译为“怎么办”) ——《荆轲刺秦王》

(3)岂可得哉(“岂……哉”,表反问,“怎么……呢”) ——《荆轲刺秦王》

(4)臣乃得有以报太子(有以:有……用来) ——《荆轲刺秦王》

(5)而卒惶急无以击轲(无以:没有……用来) ——《荆轲刺秦王》

(6)孰与君少长(“……孰与……”, “……比较……哪一个……”) ——《鸿门宴》

(7)何辞为(“何……为”,反问句,可译作“为什么……呢”,“为”是语气词。) ——《鸿门宴》

(8) 军中无以为乐(无以:没有用来……的) ——《鸿门宴》

范文六:C特殊句式 投稿:洪惜惝




①甚矣,\汝之不惠(慧)!(《愚公移山》) 译文:“你太不聪明了”




格式:主十否定词【不、未、无、莫、毋、弗】十宾【余、吾、尔、自、之、是】十动 ①三岁贯汝,莫我肯顾(《硕鼠》) 译文:“莫我肯顾”应理解成“莫肯顾我”。

②时人莫之许(《隆中对》) 译文:“可当时的人并不赞许他(这么看)”

③秦人不暇自哀(《过秦论》) 译文:“秦人来不及哀叹自己”。

④忌不自信(《邹忌讽齐王纳谏》) 译文:“邹忌不相信自己”


还有如: 毋吾以也,莫己若也(译:“不能因为我,(他)还不如自己”)

成语有:我无尔诈,尔无我虞 (译:“我不欺骗你,你不欺骗我”)





①良问曰:“大王来何操?”《鸿门宴》 译文:“张良问公道:„大王来的时候拿了什么?‟” ②问女何所思?(《木兰辞》) 译文:“问女儿在思考什么?”

③王见之曰:“牛何之?” (《晏子使楚》)译文:“大王看见了问道:„把牛牵到哪里?‟” ④何伤乎? (《齐桓晋文之事》) 译文:“妨碍什么呢(有什么妨碍呢)?”

⑤王曰:“缚者曷为者也?”(《晏子使楚》)译文:“大王问:„绑着的人是干什么的?‟” ⑥吾谁敢怨?(《捕蛇者说》) 译文:“我敢埋怨谁呢?”

⑦且焉置土石?(《愚公移山》) 译文:“况且把土石放置在哪里?”




①不然,籍何以至此?(《鸿门宴》) 译文:“不这样,我(项羽)凭什么到这个地步呢?” ②谁为哀者?(《五人墓碑记》) 译文:“(你们在)替谁哀哭呢?”

③长安君何以自托于赵?(《蟹龙说赵太后》)译文:“长安君凭什么在赵国站住脚呢?” ④国胡以相恤?(《论积贮疏》) 译文:“国家用什么来救济老百性呢?”

⑤臆!微斯人吾谁与归?《岳阳楼记》译文:“哦!除了这样的人,我能同谁在一起呢?” ⑥虽生,何面目以归汉?(《苏武传》)译文:“即使活着,(我)凭什么脸面回汉朝去呢?”



①钩以写龙,凿以写龙(《叶公好龙》) 译文:“用钩子来画龙,用凿子来雕刻龙” ②余是以记之 (《游褒禅山记》) 译文:“我因此记下了这件事”

③一言以蔽之 译文:用一句话来概括它

④楚战士无不一以当十(《勾践灭吴》) 译文:楚国的战士没有谁不用一个抵挡十个来拼命的作战的。




①夫晋,何罪之有? (《烛之武退秦师》) 译文:“晋国,有什么罪过呢?”

②唯弈秋之为听 (《弈秋》) 译文:“只听弈秋的教导”(“唯”译为“只”,下同) ③句读之不知,惑之不解(《师说》) 译文:“不了解句读,不能解答疑惑”

④唯陈言之务去 (《答李翊书》) 译文:“只是务必除去那些陈旧的话”

⑤父母唯其疾之忧 译文:“父母只忧虑他的疾病”

⑥唯马首是瞻 (《冯婉贞》) 译文:“只看我的马头行事”


还有如成语:唯利是图 (译:“只图有利的”)唯贤是用(译:“只任用有才的人”)




③儿童相见不相识,笑问客从何处来(《回乡偶书》)译文:“小孩子看见了我却不认识我” 现代汉语中也有保留,如:请你相信

【6】“见”字解释为“动作行为偏指一方”时,可解释为“我”,这时“见”是作宾语放在动词 谓语之前,翻译时放在动词谓语的后面。


①府吏见丁宁(《孔雀东南飞》) 译文:“(我回来时)府吏叮嘱我”




①亚父南向坐 (《鸿门宴》 译文:“亚父范增面向南坐着”




(1)格式:动十以十宾 ①饰以篆文山龟鸟兽之形(《张衡传》) 译文:“用篆文山龟鸟兽的形状来装饰” ②还矢先王,而告以成功(《伶官传序》) 译文:“把箭放回先王灵位之前,禀告大功告成” ③请其矢,盛以锦囊(《伶官传序》) 译文:“并请出那三枝箭,装进锦囊” ④方其系燕父子以组,(《伶官传序》) 译文:“当庄宗用绳索捆绑燕王父子” ⑤申之以孝悌之义 (《齐桓晋文之事》)译文:“把孝敬父母敬重兄弟的事向他们反复讲述”

①覆之以掌 (《促织》) 译文:“用手掌覆盖(蟋蟀)”

(2)格式:动十于(乎,相当“于”)十宾 ①使归就求救于孙将军(《赤壁之战》) 译文:“让他回去向孙将军求救” ②能谤讥于市朝 (《邹忌讽齐王纳谏》) 译文:“能够在集市上指出我的过错的人” ③且立石于其墓之门(《五人墓碑记》) 译文:“并且在他们的墓门前建立石碑” ④生乎吾前 (《师说》) 译文:“生在我的前面” ⑤风乎舞雩 (《四子侍坐》) 译文:“在舞雩台上吹风”

(3)格式:形十于十宾 ①长于臣(《鸿门宴》) 译文:“(他,指项伯)比我长(大)” ②虽才高于世,而无骄尚之情(《张衡传》)译文:“虽然才能比世人高,但却没有骄傲的情绪”



【1】格式:中心词十定语十者 ①求人可使报秦者。(《廉颇蔺相如列传》)译文:“寻找可以出使秦国回来复命的人” ②楚人有涉江者。(《刻舟求剑》) 译文:“楚国有个渡江的人”

5 ③荆州之民附操者。(《赤壁之战》) 译文:“荆州依附曹操的老百姓” ④四方之士来者。(《勾践灭吴》) 译文:“四方前来投奔吴国的士人” ⑤村中少年好事者。(《黔之驴》) 译文:“村中有个喜欢多事的年青人”

【2】格式:中心词+之+定语+者 ①马之千里者(《马说》) 译文:“千里马” ②僧之富者不能至 译文:“富有的和尚却不能到达” ③国之孺子之游者(《勾践灭吴》) 译文:“吴国出游的年青人” ④石之铿然有声者。(《石钟山记》 译文:“铿然有声的石头”

【3】格式:中心语+之+定语 ①蚓无爪牙之利,筋骨之强。(《劝学》) 译文:“蚯蚓没有尖利的爪牙和强健的筋骨” ②居庙堂之高则忧其民,处江湖之远则忧其君(《岳阳楼记》)译文:“在朝廷作官(或居在高高的庙堂),就要忧虑老百姓的疾苦,退隐江湖远离朝廷(或身处遥远的江湖),就要为国君担忧”

【4】格式:中心语+而+定语+者 缙绅而能不易其志者,四海之大,有几人与?(《五人墓碑记》)译文:“能够不改变自己志向的官员,普天之下,有几个人呢?”

【5】数量词做定语多放在中心词后面。格式:中心语十数量定语 ①比至陈,车六七百乘,骑千余,卒数万人。译文:“等到了陈这个地方,有六七百辆车,千多名骑兵,数万名士兵” ②一食或尽粟一石(《马说》) 译文:“吃东西有时能吃完一石粮食”

范文七:过秦论特殊句式 投稿:贾魔魕



1、此四君者,皆明智而忠信,宽厚而爱人,尊贤而重士 过秦论















陈涉之位,非尊于齐、楚、燕、赵、韩、魏、宋、卫、中山之君也; 锄耰棘矜,非銛于钩戟长铩也;

谪戍之 众,非抗于九国之师也














范文八:(10)特殊句式 投稿:刘覃覄

10 情态动词和特殊句式


1.It ______ (not)be the postman at the door.It's only six o'clock.

2.If you ______ go,at least wait until the storm is over.

3.They ______ have arrived at lunchtime but their flight was delayed.

4.—Why didn't you come to Simon's party last night?

—I wanted to,but my mom simply ______ not let me out so late at night.

5.—How's your new babysitter?

—We ______ (not)ask for a better one.All our kids love her so much.

6.I ______(not)go through that bitter period without your generous help.

7.—Will you read me a story,Mummy?

—OK.You ______ have one if you go to bed as soon as possible.

8.I ______(not)worry about my weekend—I always have my plans ready before it comes.

9.There ______(not)be any difficulty about passing the road test since you have practiced a lot in the driving school.

10.The World Wide Web is sometimes jokingly called the World Wide Wait because it ______ be very slow.

11.I ______ not stay for lunch.My brother is coming to see me.

12.If I ______ plan to do anything I wanted to,I'd like to go to Tibet and travel through as much of it as possible.

13.Tom,you ______ not leave all your clothes on the floor like this!

14.—I don't really like James.Why did you invite him?

—Don't worry.He ______ not come.He said he wasn't certain what his plans were.

15.—No one ______ be compared with Yao Ming in playing basketball.

—Oh,you are really his big fan.


1.—Where are the children?The dinner's going to be completely ruined.

—I wish they ______ (not be)always late.

2.Maybe if I ______ (study)science,and not literature then,I would be able to give you more help.

3.We ______ (put)John's name on the race list yesterday but for his recent injury.

4.If she ______(come)here tomorrow,she ______(tell)me that.We know she will fly to Beijing tomorrow.

5.If I ______(see)him tomorrow,I will give it to him.

6.I wish I ______(have)a room of my own when I was a boy.

7.I wish I ______(go)to university next year,so now I must study much harder.

8.I suggested that he ______(go)there at once.

9.He insisted he ______(send)to the city.

10.His expression suggested that he ______(pass)the test.

11.I was ill yesterday.Otherwise,I ______(take)part in the sports meeting.

12.If only I ______(see)the film.

13.You ______(come)to the conference yesterday.What was the reason for your absence?

14.I ______(work)out the problem,but I was too nervous.

15.They insisted that the boy ______(go)with them.


1. It was in 1969 ______ two Americans went to the moon by spaceship. A. when B. that C. at that time D. just then

2. we first heard of the man referred to as a computer specialist in software. w.w.w.k.s.5A. It was Hilary that B. That it was from Hilary

D. It was from Hilary that

C. It was from Hilary whom 3.He is a good student,and works very hard;.

A. so it is with her

A. that

A. as B. so was she C. so she is D. neither does she w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m4.Was it when you were talking with a friend under the tree ______ your bike was gone? B. where B. which C. which C. what D. that D. while 5. Is it the burning of more fossil fuels ______ is resulting in this increase in carbon dioxide ?

6. Only after I had known him for some time to appreciate his real worth.

A. do I begain B. did I begin C. I began D. had I begun

7.So quickly ____ popular that some people who think his style is vulgar(庸俗的)are worried.

A. has Xiao Shengyang become

C. had Xiao Shengyang become B. Xiao Shenyang has become D. Xiao Shenyang became

8. There ____ .

A. come they

--______, I think.

A. Because of his unique style

C. His unique style B. As a result of his unique style D. Because he invented his unique style B. they come C. they are come D. they will come 9.--What do you think makes the painter so well received?

10. The witness suggested that the cheat _________ in prison.

A. referred to be put B. refer to be put C. referred to put D. was referred to put

11.--How was the televised debate last night?

--Super! Rarely ______ so much media attention.

A. a debate attracted

C. a debate did attract B. did a debate attract D. attracted a debate

12.--Tomorrow is a holiday. Why are you doing your homework now?

--I am doing these exercises so that I won’t have

A. to B. it C. them D. for

13. It was too noisy outside. Not until _______ at the top of my voice _______ his head.

A. I shouted; had he turned

C. had I shouted; he turned

A. nor do I B. I do neither B. did I shout; did he turn D. I shouted; did he turn C. nor will I D. I will nor 14. If you don’t tell him the true story, _______________.

15.--What do you think made him so excited?

--_____in the English competition.

A. Winning the first prize

C. He won the first prize

--I guess, there are only few, . B. Won the first prize D. Because he won the first prize 16.--Are there any English story books for us students in the library?

A. if any

A. they heard B. if have B. they had heard C. if some C. did they hear D. if has D. had they heard 17. No sooner the news than they rushed out into the street.

18.________ that saw the rise of quite a number of famous women writers in China, such as Zhang Ailing, Xiao Hong and so on.

A. During the first half of the 20th century B. That it was in the first half of the 20th century

C. It was in the first half of the 20th century D. It was the first half of the 20th century

19.--I' m sorry; I shouldn't have been so rude to you.

--You___________ your temper but that's OK

A. did lose B. have lost C. had lost D. were losing

20. I have recently discovered that _____ is the people you surround yourself with that matters most in life. A. what B. it C. who D. that


Paul Lucas can often be seen to be walking around the city of San Francisco. Sometimes people are surprised to see him walking 1.________ any shoes or socks, 2.________ Lucas doesn't mind at all. 3.________ likes to walk barefoot, and so do 640 other members of Dirty Sole Society, the club that Lucas 4.________ (start) years ago. Lucas' idea for this is to encourage others to live 5.________ (free)—free of shoes.

According to Lucas, the barefoot life has many advantages. 6.________ most important is simply that it feels good. He also says 7.________ walking barefoot allows you to experience the world directly by touching it with your feet. 8.________ addition, the feet do not smell as much because they stay dry, making it hard for bacteria to grow. And, of course, 9.________ (walk) barefoot keeps your feet in good shape, so it's actually 10.________ (healthy) than wearing shoes.


Alice, a shark that lives at the National Sea Life Centre in England, did not start out life as a vegetarian. When she1.________ (bring) in from Florida in 2009, she was happily eating any seafood.

2.________, that changed in a few months, and she suddenly stopped eating completely. Deeply

3.________ (concern), the centre officials took her in for an X-ray, 4.________ showed that a fishing hook was hiding deep inside her mouth. So they took her to see a doctor who realized the only way to save the shark was performing 5.________ rather risky operation. 6.________ (fortune), things went really well.But just when everybody was happy about the shark's recovery, the history-making shark began changing her eating habit, instead, 7.________ (prefer) to use her sharp teeth to eat vegetables! Although this may sound good, it is not really good 8.________ Alice's health because vegetables cannot provide enough protein that she needs to survive. Shark experts all over the world are confused at Alice's 9.________and they guess that 10.________ may have something to do with the wound the hook caused. But unless she speaks up, nobody is really going to know the real reason.

范文九:特殊句式.(A级) 投稿:孔嬃嬄

特殊句式(A)课前热身关于祈使句的一个小笑话: 老师:请把马儿跑了这句话转换成疑问句。 小伊万:马儿会跑吗? 老师:正确!很好!现在把它转换成祈使句。 小伊万:驾!其实祈使句在平时生活中到处可见,当对别人发出命令、请求甚至在训斥时都会用到祈使句。 下面这个也是: 作文题目:请以“爱情”为题写一篇作文 要求:1.言简意赅,主题突出 2.该故事必须以悲剧结尾 3.字数不限 正文如下:——嫁给我好吗? ——滚! 哈哈,虽然只是个笑话,但是大家可见,祈使句真是无处不在呀。本讲要求内容 感叹句 祈使句 2. 掌握祈使句的基本句型和反义疑问句 基本要求 1. 掌握感叹句和祈使句的概念及用法知识讲解祈使句一、 定义:用于表达命令、请求、劝告、警告、禁止等的句子叫做祈使句,祈使句最常用于表达命令, 因此在学校文法中也常称为命令句。 祈使句因对象(即主语)是第二人称,所以通常都省略。祈使句的动词都为一般现在时,句末则使 用句号来表示结束。例: Go and wash your hands. (去洗你的手。——命令) Be kind to our sister. (对姊妹要和善。——劝告) Look out! Danger! (小心!危险!——强烈警告,已如感叹句) No parking. (禁止停车。——禁止)二、特征 祈使句无主语, 主语 you 常省去; 动词原形谓语当,句首加 don’t 否定变; 朗读应当用降调,句末常标感叹号。三、表现形式 ● 肯定结构: 1. Do 型(即:动词原形(+宾语)+其它成分)。如:Please have a seat here. 请这边坐。 有的祈使句在意思明确的情况下,动词可省略。 如:This way, please. = Go this way, please. 请这边走。 2. Be 型(即:Be + 表语(名词或形容词)+其它成分)。如:Be a good boy! 要做一个好孩子! 3. Let 型(即:Let + 宾语 + 动词原形 + 其它成分)。如:Let me help you. 让我来帮你。● 否定结构: 1. Do 型和 Be 型的否定式都是在句首加 don’t 构成。如:Don’t forget me! 不要忘记我! Don’t be late for school! 上学不要迟到! 2. Let 型的否定式有两种: “Don’t + let + 宾语 + 动词原形 + 其它成分”和“Let + 宾语 + not + 动词原形 + 其它成分”。如:Don’t let him go. / Let him not go. 别让他走。 3. 有些可用 no 开头,用来表示禁止性的祈使句。如:No smoking! 禁止吸烟!No fishing! 禁止钓鱼!四、“let”带头的祈使句 1. 主要用法 1)表示“建议”。 这个句型里的 “let”后头紧跟着一个第一人称的代词宾语,如: Let me try. Let’s ... 2)表示“间接命令”或“愿望”。 这句型里的动词宾语是第三人称名词或代词, 如:Let Robert take charge of the marketing department. 2. 用 “let”的祈使句时,必须注意下列几点: 1) “Let”后头除了是不带 “to”的不定式动词之外,还可以是某些适当的副词,如 out, in, down, alone 等: 如: Let the puppy out. Open the windows and let the fresh air in.2)用 “Let’s”时,把谈话者的对象包括在内,如:Let’s try it, shall we? ;用 “Let us”时,并不包括对方, 如: Let us do it by ourselves, will you? 翻译下列各句: 1.咱们一起玩吧!2.请不要迟到.3.回答这个问题.4.我来打开窗户好吗?5.你和我们一起去好吗?感叹句A. 以 what 开头的感叹句 What 在感叹句中修饰名词,以它开头的感叹句主要有以下几种结构类型: 1.“What a(n) + 形容词+单形可数名词(+主语+谓语)”。如:What an important job it is! 那是多么重要 的工作呀! 2.“What + 形容词+不可数名词(+主语+谓语)”。如:What sweet music it is! 多么美妙的音乐啊! 3.“What +形容词+复形可数名词(+主语+谓语)”。如:What delicious moon cakes (they are)! 多么好吃 的月饼啊! B. 以 how 开头的感叹句 以 how 开头的感叹句有以下几种常见结构类型: 1.“How +形容词 (或副词) (+主语+谓语) 例如: ”。 How blue the sky is! 天空多蓝啊! How quickly you walk! 你走得多快呀! 2. “How +形容词+a(n) +单形可数名词(+主语+谓语)”。例如:How good a student he is! 他是多好的一 个学生啊! C.一些特殊句式 1.在陈述句、祈使句或疑问句句尾加感叹号变成感叹句。如: He runs so fast! 他跑的真快呀! Do read it carefully! 2.用一个词或词组表达强烈感情的句子也是感叹句。 Wonderful ! 棒极了 Look out 当心! Great! 太棒了! 3.以 there、here 等副词开头的感叹句。如: There she is! 她在那! There goes the bell!铃响了!感叹句记忆口诀感叹句,并不难,what与how应在前。 形容词、副词跟着how,what后面名词连。 名词若是可数单,前带冠词a或an。 主语、谓语放后面,省略它们也常见。巧变感叹句在把陈述句变感叹句时,可以根据以下这种方法——一断二加三换位。 “一断” 即在谓语后面断开,使句子分成两部分。如: He works hard. → He works / hard. He is a good worker. → He is / a good worker. “二加” 即在第二部分前加上how(强调形容词、副词)或what(强调名词)。如: He works(how)hard. He is(what)a good worker. “三换位” 即把第一部分和第二部分互换位置,句号换感叹号。如: How hard he works! What a good worker he is!【练习】一 :用What或How来补全以下的感叹句。 1. ______ a pretty girl she is! 3. ______ kind teachers they are! 2. ________ quickly the boy is running! 4. ________ clever the baby is!二 :从所给的四个选项中选出正确的填空。 What What a What an How 2. ________ sad child he is! 4. ________ hard they study!1. ______ happy I am! 3. ______ hot water it is! 5. ______ good young man he is!三 :按要求对下列句子进行句型转换。 1. He listened to his teacher carefully. (该为感叹句) _______ ________ he listened to his teacher! 2. What a clever monkey it is! (该为同义句)_______ ________ a monkey it is! 3.The food is very nice. (该为感叹句) _______ ________ food it is! 4. How sadly they are crying! (该为陈述句)They ________ ________ ________. 5. The Christmas tree is beautiful. (该为感叹句)_______ _______ the Christmas tree is!重难点祈使句的反义疑问句 1. 基本原则 若陈述部分为祈使句,反意疑问句通常用will you, won’t you, would you等: Mail the letter today, will you? 今天就把信发掉,好吗? Try to be back by two, won’t you? 设法两点之前回来,好吗? If you want help, let me know, would you? 如果你需要帮助,告诉我,好吗? 【注】若陈述部分为否定式,则反意疑问句部分只用will you: Don’t forget to post the letter, will you? 请别忘了寄信。 有时根据语境的需要,反意疑问句也可以用can you, can’t you 等: Give me some cigarettes, can you? 给我些香烟,可以吗? Walk faster, can’t you? 走快点,不行吗? 一般说来,用will you, won’t you, would you 等构成的反意疑问句语气较委婉。比较: Be quiet, will you? 请安静,好吗? Be quiet, can’t you? 你不能安静点吗? 2. 当祈使句为Let’s…时 反意疑问句总是用 shall we: Let’s phone her now, shall we? 我们现在就给她打电话,好吗? Let’s go to the cinema tonight, shall we? 今晚咱们去看电影,好吗? 3. 当祈使句为Let us…时 若表示请求,反意疑问句用will you,若表示建议,反意疑问句用 shall we: Let us know your address, will you? 请把你的地址告诉我们,好吗? Let us go swimming together, shall we? 我们一起去游泳好吗? 【注】let’s…只表示建议,所以其后反意疑问句总是用shall we。而let us…既可表示建议请求,也可表示建 议(较正式),其后的反意疑问句要根据这两种不同情况分别使用will you和shall we。 4. 当祈使句带有主语时 有时祈使句带有自己的主语,此时不要将其误认为是陈述句: Jim, you go there to help him, will you? 吉姆,你去那儿帮他,好吗? You girls stand in the front row, will you? 你们女孩子站在前排,好吗? 【注】不要将这类祈使句误认为是陈述句,而误用don’t you这样的反意疑问句.【练习】 :用括号内所给动词的适当形式填空。 1. It’s an important meeting. __________ (not, be )late. 2. ____________ (not, make) any noise! Your mother is sleeping. 3. ____________ (not, speak) with your mouth full of food and ____________ (be) polite. 4. ____________ ( not, talk) and ____________ (read) aloud. 5. ____________ (not, leave) your homework for tomorrow, Larry. 6. ____________ (look) out! A car is coming. 7. ____________ (give) us ten years and just see what our country will be like. 8. ____________ (not, let) the baby cry. 9. Wear more clothes or you ____________ (catch) a cold. 10. Let’s ____________ (not, say) anything about it.例题精讲一、单项选择 1. - Here is a ticket to the magic show, Jason. - Wow! ________ gift it is! It’s my favorite. A. What a delicious C. How nice B. What a nice D. How delicious2. - Listen! Our music teacher is playing the music of Two Butterflies. - ________! A. What a sweet music C. How a sweet music 3. ________ beautiful flowers they are! A. How B. What C. What a D. How a B. How sweet music D. What sweet music4. Mary got good grades in school. ________ excited she is! A. What B. What a C. How D. How an5.Her doctor said: “________ work so hard” A Stop B Don’t C Can’t D No6.. Sindy, ________ to be here at 8 o’clock A is sure B is sure that C will be sure D be sure7..________ when you cross the road. A Do care B Care C Do be careful D To be careful8. ________him the secret, will you? A Don’t tellB Not to tellC Not tellingD No telling9. ________ in bed. It’s bad for your eyes. A Not to read B Don’t read C Don’t to read D Not read10. ________ your child. We’ll look after him. A Not to worry about C Not worry for B Don’t worry about D Don’t worry with11. They are very tired. Why ________ have a rest? A not they B do not they C don’t they D not to12 --You look rather tired. ________ stopping to have a rest? -- All right. A Why not 13 ______ tell a lie. A Hardly B Not C No D Never B How about C Why not to D why don’t14.Please ________ look outside. Look at the blackboard. A not B don’t C aren’t D can’t课堂检测一.将下列句子翻译成英语. 1.这件毛衣真好看!2.那些钢笔太贵了!3.多好的一本书啊!4.这张相片多么有趣啊!5.他是位多么善良的人啊! 6.春天多么暖和啊!7.这是一部多么激动人心的电影啊!8.这些问题真难!9.多可爱的礼物啊!10.那个老太太走路真慢!总结复习1. 感叹句中 what 和 how 的功能分别是什么? 2. 感叹句常见的句型有哪些? 3. 祈使句常见的类型有哪些?分别造个句子吧。课后作业 结复习 一 、将下列句子改为感叹句.1.He cooks very delicious food.2.They had a good time last Sunday.3.The girl comes to school so early.4.He told me important news.5.We have a very happy family. 6.Mrs. Li found her handbag luckily.7.The plane flies quite quickly.8.She is a very careful student.9.This is an easy problem.10.Your mother looks very young.11.The music sounds nice.12.That is hard work.13.Her son is very naughty.14.He has a useful dictionary.15.Li Ping jumps very high.二. 用 What , What a , What an , How 填空. 1._____________ hot the weather is ! 2._____________hard her father works ! 3._____________long way it is from Guangdong to Paris ! 4._____________fine day it was yesterday ! 5._____________beautiful your voice is ! 6._____________interesting picture-books ! 7._____________lovely baby ! 8._____________strong wind ! 9._____________ sad new he told us ! 10._____________happy she was last weekend ! 11._____________good weather ! Why not go out for a walk ! 12._____________nice the garden is ! 13._____________difficult work he did ! 14._____________broken the house looks ! 15._____________ happy life we have !

范文十:特殊句式之判断句 投稿:王筰筱

1、 判断句


(1) 主谓之间不用判断词,只靠主谓语先








如:马之千里者,一食或尽粟一石。 “。。。,。。。也”


“。。。,。。。者也”——表示加强肯定语气 如:城北徐公,齐国之美丽者也。

(3) 用动词“是”“为”表示判断。 如:问今是何世

(4) 用副词“乃”“即”“则”“必”“诚”

“皆”等 来表示判断


(5) 用否定副词“非”等表示否定判断如:城非不高也