范文一:签证邀请函模板 投稿:贺饵饶


October 24, 2016

This is to acknowledge that we cordially invite our valuable client:

Name: ***

Passport No.: ***

Birth: **

to visit 城市, PR China around 时间段for business discussion.

This visit will provide an opportunity for business cooperation and development.

This invitation letter is used for applying the VISA of PR China. We will appreciate it

very much if the required multiple entry visas during two years for Mr. ***被邀

请人could be issued.

Our Company registration and related documents attached.

Very Truly Yours,

Authorized Signature

范文二:出国商务签证邀请函英文模板 投稿:钱莜莝

Invitation Letter

DATE: May 14 , 2014 th

Dear Sir or Madam, We are pleased to invite Mr (Name), (position) of (company name), to visit ( inviter company name). His visit schedule and purpose are as following:

Period 1: (time)(purpose)

Period 2:(time)(purpose)

Period 3:(time)(purpose)

And detailed information about Mr (Name) is as following:




Passport #:

Date of issue:

Date of expiry:

Date of Birth:





Hereby we guarantee that he will obey the local laws and return back to China on schedule and still work in our company. All the expenses will be covered by (company name). Please kindly grant Mr(name) the necessary ONE YEAR VISA to enable him to proceed with these trips.

If you need any further information, please feel free to contact the under signed. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

(Please sign and stamp here)


范文三:商务签证邀请函 投稿:夏澖澗



Executive Director, Product Development & Training

School Improvement Solutions

BBB Learning

7th September 2012


Dear Sir/Madam,

We hereby officially invite the following delegation of BBBLearning to visit our school in China, for further business discussion and business cooperation.

Delegation Member:

Full name: AAA

Gender: Male DOB: May 30, 1972

Expiry Date: 19 Dec 2021 Passport number: XXXXXXX

Visiting Time: 23rd September 2012 to 22nd September 2013

All expenses arose by him in China (accommodation fee, air/land transpiration ticket fee, life insurance fee, etc.) are to be borne by himself.

As business cooperation needs frequent talks and visits, we are so much appreciated if your esteemed embassy could issue the one year multi-entry visa to the above mentioned person at sight of this letter.

Yours faithfully,


Director of Programme

范文四:英文邀请函模板签证 投稿:段嗛嗜



Phone: Fax:


Invitation Letter


We hereby invite below mentioned gentleman to China on

20th/Apr.2012 till July of 2012 to discuss the various points related to our sampling, bulk orders / Production and also future developments of our leather and fur business venture.

Kindly treat this letter as the Invitation letter, pls issue a multi entry visa and do the necessary soonest. Thanks.

Name: TOM

Date of Birth:07-April-1977

Passport Number: ******

With best regards


范文五:美国签证邀请函模板 投稿:邹谞谟



Invitation Letter

May 25, 2014(填写日期)

To whom it may concern:

I am writing this letter to invite my friendMr/Mrs. XXX (Passport No.XXX) to visit me in Austrialia from XXX.XX to XXX.XX(探访时间,例如July 10to July 30 2014).

The purpose of the visit is social as well as tourism withinXXX(国家). During his/her visiting, he/she will stay with me at the address listed below. My friendMr/Mrs. xxx will cover all his/her expenses by himself/herself. These include the round trip air fare to XXX(国家), food, transportation, medical insurance, and all other expenses.

My friend Mr/Mrs. XXXand I will make sure that he/her will leave Austrialia before the expiration of his/her authorized stay.

Your favorable consideration regarding his/her visa application will be highly appreciated. Should you have any questions regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact me as below.


Cell phone: (邀请方电话)


Address: (邀请方住址)

范文六:商务签证邀请函意大利 投稿:卢犧犨

Checklist for Business Application- Business persons


Documenti richiesti per AFFARI

operatore economico-commerciale PTC


when at customs.

在申根地区停留期间的资金证明将在到达海关时被要求出示。 Proof of economic means during the period of stay in Schengen area will be required

La prova dei mezzi di sostentamento nel corso del periodo di permanenza nel territorio Schengen potra’ essere richiesta all’arrivo in dogana.

Inquiry Officer to choose as appropriate/资料审核员根据适用情况选择/L’operatore annota:

1. The applicant has confirmed that s/he has no other documents to submit


Il richiedente ha confermato che non ha altri documenti da sottoporre

2. The applicant has submitted the supporting documents above. I have advised him / her that

failure to submit all necessary

documents may result in the application being refused, but s/he has chosen to proceed with the application.


Il richiedente ha presentato i documenti di cui sopra, e’ stato informato che l'omissione nel presentare tutti i documenti necessari può causare il rifiuto della richiesta, e ha scelto di procedere comunque alla richiesta.

----------------------------------------- ----------

Name & Signature of Inquiry Officer Date/日期/Data

(资料审核员签名/ Firma dell’operatore)


Applicant’s Signature(申请人签名/ Firma del richiedente

范文七:签证英文商务邀请函 投稿:钱魰魱

签证英文商务邀请函兹邀请由您领导的北京 4 人代表团来***(国家)参加***(展览)。该展览将于***(日 期)在***(地点)举行。请您安排来***(国家)的必要事宜。展会期间您们将在此逗留 ***日,所有的费用,包括国际机票、当地交通、食宿、医疗保险和其他相关费用由贵公司 承担。我们期待您的访问。 此致敬礼 (Salutation) I would hereby invite the members of Beijing delegation totally 4 persons (listed attachment) led by you, to come over to ***(country) for *** (exposition), which is to be held at *** (place)during *** (date). Please make the necessary arrangements for your delegation to arrive in *** (country). During the exposition, you will stay here for *** days. All your expenses including international air tickets, local transportation, accommodations, medical insurances and all other related expenses during your stay here will be paid by yourselves. We are looking forward to greeting you in *** (country) very soon. Yours sincerely, (Signature) 商务邀请函是正式公函,请用单位带英文抬头、地址、电话 的信纸打印,结尾加盖公章。

范文八:美国商务签证邀请函样本 投稿:洪艴艵














范文九:英语签证商务邀请函 投稿:陈潘潙


Source: Onion 2009-05-22 我要投稿 恒星英语学习论坛 Favorite




I would hereby invite the members of Beijing delegation totally 4 persons (listed attachment) led by you, to come over to ***(country) for *** (exposition), which is to be held at *** (place)during *** (date). Please make the necessary arrangements for your delegation to arrive in *** (country). During the exposition, you will stay here for *** days. All your expenses including international air tickets, local transportation, accommodations, medical insurances and all other related expenses during your stay here will be paid by yourselves. We are looking forward to greeting you in *** (country) very soon.

Yours sincerely, (Signature) 商务邀请函是正式公函,请用单位带英文抬头、地址、电话的信纸打印,结尾加盖公章。


Source: Onion 2009-09-14 我要投稿 恒星英语学习论坛 Favorite

不管你身居要职还是一员小兵,不管你身处哪个行业,在工作中,你都不可避免地接触到taking notes和writing business letters。Informal language is often used when taking messages, because most of them are short notes for our convenience.所以taking notes相对来说还是比较简单的。However, when writing business letters, faxes or memos, we not only require more formal language, but also right forms and appropriate techniques.接下来,我们就列举一些商务信函的写作技巧:

1 Use the writing paper with the name and address of the company on it to help the reader know at once where the letter comes from.


2 Put each separate idea in a separate paragraph and number each paragraph to help the reader understand better.保证行文段落清晰。

3 Try to be concise since most business people are rather busy and do not want to spend much time on reading letters. 尽量保证文字简洁。

4 Always try to be courteous even if the letter is sent to a much smaller firm.文字要谦逊有礼。

5 Don’t forget to check the grammar, punctuation and spelling before you send the letter.发信之前认真检查是否有错。

6 Please also remember to sign (or ask the person-in-charge to sign) at the end of the letter.记得在文末署名。

需要注意的是,some changes have taken place in recent years in the style of business letters in English。The style that is now current is much less formal and old-fashioned than the style used in many other la本文来源:恒星英语网nguages: the words tend to be less formal and the sentences tend to be shorter, and some commonly

used abbreviations have also been accepted in writing business letters. 时下商务信函的流行趋势是行文不必过于正式,但务须简洁,也可以使用一些约定俗成的英文缩写。 提到英文缩写,我们再说一下英美的一点差异。Co. , Ltd. are short for Company or Limited for a British firm. If you read Plc, Bros. after a British firm, you know they stand for Public Limited Company, Brothers. If you read Corp. or Inc. after an American firm’s name, you know they stand for Corporation or Incorporated.

英美对于一些job titles的称呼也有差异性。These are the rough equivalents:

American :President

British : Chairman

American : Chief Executive Officer

British : Managing Director

American :Vice-president

British : Director

American :Financial Controller

British : Ac本文来源:恒星英语网countant

不过,Many British firms now also use titles like

differences. Speakers of American English will generally understand the British terms and speakers of British English will usually recognize the American terms.

BEC商务英语 关于公司迁址

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Steve: Good morning Mike. Mike: Good morning to you Steve. You seem like you are in a good mood today. Steve: I sure am. I will be out of the office all day today. Mike: Why? Where are you going? Steve: A real estate agent is going to show me around some new office space. Mike: That sounds cool. At least you won't be stuck in this cramped office all day. Steve: And neither will you for much longer Mike. The company is relocating. Mike: That's the best news I have heard for weeks my goombah! NEW WORDS 生词 1) Good mood: happy, smiling 好心情:高兴,微笑着 Some people are always in a good mood while others never seem to smile. 有些人永远都有好心情,而有些人从来不笑。 2) Real estate agent: a person who sells or leases property 房地产代理:一个卖或出租房产的人 A good real estate agent knows what's happening in the local property market. 一个好的房地产代理知道当地房地产市场上的动向。 3) Cramped: having too little room to be comfortable 狭窄的:空间太小而很不舒服。

I have to share my office with three other people so we are very cramped for room. 我必须和另外三个人公用我的办公室,所以我们的空间很狭窄。

4) Goombah: a buddy, trusted friend


This is my goombah - you could trust him with your life.


BEC商务英语 关于公司的财务部

Source: Onion 2009-08-10 我要投稿 恒星英语学习论坛 Favorite

Steve: Mike, do you have any accounting skills?

Mike: Well, I can count from one to 10 if that's what you mean.

Steve: Mike, why are you always such a gonzo?

Mike : Well, I answered your question, didn't I?

Steve: I want to know if you can help with the company accounts.

Mike : Oh sorry Steve, auditing is just not my skill.

Steve: Do you know anyone who can help me?

Mike : Follow me and I will take you to the Finance Department, they will be able to assist you with the income and expenses.






迈克: 噢,对不起史蒂夫,我不懂查帐。



2009年上半年BEC成绩查询 [初级] [中级] [高级]


1) Accounting: keeping the financial records of a person, company or organization 记帐:保持个人、公司或机构的财政记录

If I need some accounting advice I always go to a professional accountant. 如果需要会计方面的建议的话,我会去找专业会计。

2) Gonzo: a silly of foolish person


My boyfriend is a real gonzo but I love him anyway.


3) Auditing: checking the accounting records


All of the accountants panic when the auditing staff come in to check their work! 审计人员来检查工作的时候所有的会计都很慌张。

4) Income: the total amount of money coming in


My income is just not enough for my lifestyle!


5) Expenses: the total amount of money going out


If I could control my expenses, I could save some money for the future.



Most companies have a Finance Department whose job is to keep track of all of the income and expenses and prepare the company profit and loss statement and balance sheet.

The Finance Department will have clerks to do the simple paperwork, accountants to prepare the formal reports and auditors who will check what the accountants do. Sometimes you will have to go to the Finance Department to get approval for a purchase for the company. Be prepared to answer many questions as the accountant must be sure that it's OK to spend the money.

The Finance Department are also responsible for your salary. If you have questions about your salary or the amount of tax you pay, the Finance Department can usually assist you.

If you want to work in the Finance Department, you should have good numerical skills, a close attention to detail, the ability to prepare reports well and be able to work with money without being tempted to take some for yourself!


财务部的办事员做简单的书面工作,会计准备正式的报告,而审计人员检查会计的工作。 有的时候你为公司采购必须先到财务部获得批准。要做好回答很多问题的准备,因为会计必须确定这些钱是值得花的。

财务部还负责你的薪水。如果你对工资或应缴税有疑问的话,财务部一般会帮你解答。 如果想要到财务部工作,你必须擅长计算,在细节方面观察力很强、有能力做好报告,而且能够跟钱打交道又不受诱惑而将公款据为己有。

Beth: Sally, have you noticed that the people in our Finance Department are always so friendly?

Sally: I have noticed that. Why do you think they are so friendly?

Beth: Maybe it's because they are surrounded by money all day!

Sally: That's possible! I wish I could join the Finance Department in our company. Beth: Why can't you?

Sally: My numerical skills are just too bad. I failed mathematics at school, you know. Sally: Well, if you are no good at mathematics maybe you shouldn't work in the Finance Department. You could accidentally loose a lot of money.

Beth: You are always so wise Sally. I'm glad to have you as a friend.

Sally: We're a good team Beth and we should always look out for each other. 贝斯:莎莉,你注意到没有,我们财务部的人都很友好?




贝斯:你为什么不能呢? 莎莉:我在计算方面的技能太差了。要知道我在学校数学不及格。 贝斯:如果你数学不好就不应该在财务部工作。你可能会无意中弄丢一大比钱。 贝斯:你总是那么明智莎莉。我真高兴有你这样的朋友。 莎莉:我们是好的合作伙伴贝斯,应该永远互相关照。

范文十:美国商务签证邀请函 投稿:赵煐煑





2美国商务邀请函(中型企业,行业协会) 发函效力高,时间快。

3美国商务邀请函 (大型展会)发函效力高,时间快。

4 美国旅行社邀请函(普通)

5 美国行业协会邀请函(建材 五金 玩具 律师 高新技术)















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