范文一:五年级下册英语 投稿:冯汏汐


五下Unit 1

1.why 为什么 2.because 因为 3. clothes 衣服 4. let 让 5. try on 试穿 6. put on 穿上 7. take off脱下 8. have to 不得不,必须 9. what 什么 短语

1. at the prince’s house 在王子家 2. cannot go 不能去 3. help me 帮助我

4. my gloves 我的手套 5. so sad 如此悲伤 6. go to the party 去参加晚会

7. have some nice clothes and shoes有一些漂亮的衣服和鞋子 8. put on the new clothes and shoes 穿上新的衣服和鞋子9. come back before 12 o’clock 在12点之前回来10. have a good time 玩得很开心 11. at the party 在晚会上 12. have to go 不得不去 13. many girls 许多女孩 14. try on 试穿

15. visit every house 拜访每一户人家 16. try it on 试穿它 17. have a drink 喝饮料 18. like reading fairy tales 喜欢读童话故事 19. the Monkey King and Nezha 美猴王和哪吒 20. in the forest 在森林里 21. have some snacks 吃一些零食 22. find some mushrooms 找到一些蘑菇 23. hurry up 快一点 24. be bad for… 对……有害 25. pick a big red mushroom 捡了一个大的红色的蘑菇 26. fit well 非常合适 27. leave a shoe behind 留下一只鞋 Unit 2

1.by 乘(汽车、火车等) 2. bus 公共汽车 3. metro 地铁 4. taxi 出租车 5. bike 自行车 6. plane 飞机 7. train 火车 8. on foot 步行 9. moon 月亮 10. street 街道 11. near school在学校附近 12. city 城市 短语

1. your new home 你的新家 2. very big非常大3. far from远离 4. live on Moon Street 住在月亮街 5.come to school 来学校 6. live near school 住在学校附近 7.on foot 步行 8. live in Sunshine Town 住在阳光小镇9. by metro 乘地铁 10.by taxi 打的

11. a taxi driver 一个公交车司机 12.on/in the street 在大街上 13.have a new bike 有一辆新自行车 14.show his bike to Sam=show Sam his bike 展示自行车给Sam 看 15.like riding it喜欢骑它 16.want to 想要 17.too young太年幼 18.young(反义词)old 19. think so 认为如此 20. sit in the basket 坐在篮子里 21. visit her 拜访她

22.go there 去那儿 23. get there 到达那儿 24. many cities 许多城市 Unit 3

1.hospital 医院 2. shop 商店 3. zoo 动物园 4. stop 车站 5. station 车站6. take 搭乘 7. walk 步行

8. get on 上车 9. get off 下车 10. turn left 向左转 12. turn right 向右转 13. film 电影 14. next to 在......旁边


1. 有关病症的短语:have a fever 发烧 have a high fever 发高烧 have a cough 咳嗽 have a cold 感冒 have a bad cold 得了重感冒 have a flu 得了流行性感冒

have a headache 头疼 have a toothache 牙疼 have an earache 耳朵疼 2. 有关去看病的短语 go to see a doctor去看病 have a rest休息

have a good rest好好休息 have a lot of rest 多休息take some medicine 服药 drink some water喝水 drink a lot of

warm water 喝大量的热水

3. feel cold 觉得冷 feel后面跟形容词:feel hot / warm / cool / hungry / thirsty / happy / sad / tired / ill / wet / easy/ angry / …

4. brush one’s teeth 刷牙 brush my / your / his / her teeth ( wash one’s face 洗脸) 5. go to see the dentist 看牙医 6. eat something吃东西

7. can’t eat anything 不能吃任何东西 8. too many sweets 太多糖果 9. before bedtime 睡前 10. a long neck长脖子

11. point at …指着… 12. sit on a bench 坐在板凳上 13. like Chinese food喜欢中国食物 14. go to China in March 在三月去中国 15. help in the hospital 在医院帮忙 16. should clean the bedroom应该打扫卧室 17. shouldn’t watch TV a lot 不应该太久时间看电视

18. be happy to help sb. 很高兴帮助某人(We are happy to help those young children Unit 5

1.parent 父或母 2. clean 擦,洗 3. busy 忙,忙碌 4. garden 花园 5. sweet 甜的,糖果 短语

1. help our parents 帮助我们的父母 2. Saturday morning星期六上午 3. clean the car洗车 4. help him帮助他 5. cook breakfast做早饭 6. in the kitchen 在厨房 7. in the living room在客厅 8. sweep the floor 扫地 9. in his bedroom在他的卧室里 10. in the afternoon 在下午 11. my cousin 我的表弟、表妹 12.be busy忙碌的 13. cook dinner 做晚饭 14. help her 帮助她 15.wash the dishes洗碗 16. clean the table擦桌子 17. eat fruit吃水果

18. watch TV看电视 19. make the bed整理床铺 20.wash clothes洗衣服 21.in the morning 在早上 22.listen to 听…… 23.grow grapes种葡萄

24. in his garden在他的花园里 25.big and sweet 又大又甜 26.on the grapes在葡萄上 27. so sweet 那么甜

28. go away走了,离开 29.watch the flowers growing看花朵生长 30.listen to the wind blowing 听风吹过的声音 31.put the kettle on 烧壶水 32.they’ve all gone away 他们都离开了 Unit 6

1. vegetable(vegetables) 蔬菜 2. tomato(tomatoes) 西红柿 3. potato(potatoes) 土豆 4.bread 面包 5. love 喜爱 6. look for 寻找 7. find 找到 短语

1.in the kitchen 在厨房里 2 six o’clock in the evening 晚上6点

3.at six o’clock 在6点 4.come home from a football game 从一场足球赛回家来

5.cook dinner in the kitchen 在厨房里做晚饭 6.That smells nice. 那闻起来很香。

7.want to do(动词原形)=would like to do 想要干某事 8.cook some tomoto soup 煮些西红柿汤 9.cook meat with potatoes 土豆炖肉 10.I can’t wait. 我等不及了。 11.look for 寻找 12 some juice in the fridge 冰箱里的一些果汁(倒过来翻译)

13.How’s the meat? 肉(味道)怎么样? 14.It’s yummy. 真好吃;真美味。 15.tomato-tomatoes 单数-复数 16.potato-potatoes 单数-复数

17.You win. 你赢了 18.come to help Bobby 来帮Bobby 19.Here are 有 20.be very angry 很生气

21.can’t help me 不能帮我 22.have seven spots 有七个斑点

23.catch-catches 抓住(三单+es) 24.catch a ladybird from the grapes 从葡萄上抓住一只瓢虫 25 he bad ladybirds 坏瓢虫 26.my friends 我的朋友们 Unit 7

1. January(Jan.) 一月 2. February (Feb.)二月 3. March (Mar.) 三月 4. April (Apr.) 四月 5. May (May)五月 6. June (Jun.) 六月 7. July (Jul.) 七月 8. August (Aug.) 八月

9. September(Sep.)九月 10. October (Oct.) 十月 11. November (Nov.)十一月 12. December (Dec.) 十二月 13. call 称作 14. spring 春 15. summer 夏 16. autumn 秋 17 winter 冬 短语

1. in January/February在一月/二月 2.at this festival 在这个节日 3. get together with their family和他们的家人在一起 4. eat dumplings吃饺子

5.watch dragon boat races看龙舟赛 6.eat moon cakes and fruit吃月饼和水果

7. in some places在一些地方 8. look at the moon at night在夜晚看月亮 9. a festival for old people老人们的一个节日 10. climb mountains爬山

11. eat rice cakes 吃重阳糕 12. a day for mothers 母亲们的一天 13. like all festivals喜欢所有的节日 14.on Mother’s Day在母亲节

15. give their mothers presents给他们的母亲礼物 16. on the second Sunday of May在五月的第二个星期日 17.talk about the presents for mum谈论给妈妈的礼物 18.a good idea一个好主意

19.Happy Father’s Day 父亲节快乐 20.my favourite festival我最喜爱的节日 21.sing songs to me唱歌给我听 22.on 31st October在十月31号 23.dress up装扮 24.knock on people’s doors敲人们的门 25.Trick or treat?不招待就使坏。 Unit 8

1. birthday 生日 2. game 游戏 3. play 戏剧 4. answer 答案5. the first of May(5.1) 6. on the eighth of April(在四月八日) 短语

1.on the eleventh of May在5月11日 2.Su Yang’s birthday苏阳的生日 9. on her birthday在她的生日那天 4.eat (some)noodles吃面条 5.have a big dinner with our parents ans grandparents和我们的父母和祖父母吃大餐 6.a birthday cake一块生日蛋糕 7.have a party 开派对

8.play(some) games 玩游戏 9.play with Kitty the cat 和凯蒂这只猫玩 10. have a great time 玩得愉快 11.a lot of fun许多乐趣 12.in a play在一场戏剧中 13.be good at Maths擅长数学 14.the fourth number第四个数字 15.start fighting开始打架 16.come out from a room从一个房间里出来 17.run away逃跑 18. What a play!怎样的一场戏剧啊!




1、 What is our granddaughter doing? She__________ (listen) to music. 2、 It’s 5 o’clock now .We_______(have)supper now. 3、 I can’t__________(skate), but Ican________(ski) 4、 ______Helen __________(wash) clothes? Yes, she is. 5、 See you_______(late),Mike

6、 I like______(jog). I can_______(jog). I am ________(jog) in the street now. 7、 Let’s ________(do) our homework now. 8、 Listen! She can ________(sing). 9. Look! He can ____(dance).

10、He’d like __________(show) me how _______ (cook) the fish. 11、Let Gao Shan _____(clean) the blackboard now.

12、Jimis a __________ Enjlish singer(歌手).HE sings ________(good). 13、My sister’s _________(hobby) are singing and growing flowers.

14、I usually go _______(swim) on Sunday afternoon. But Jim _________(go) ________(jog). 15、It’s twelve o’clook now. David, it’s time __________(have) lunch. 16、__________(not talk) to the classmate in class. 17、___________(class) begin at half past seven.

18、Do you want ________(catch) this _________(butterfly)? 19、There are many ________(ship) stamps on the desk. 20、Look at that girl’s _________(tooth), they’re very white. 21、On Saturdays, Su Yang usually _________(study) at home, sometimes she ______(catch) fire in the park.

21、My father ________(like) __________(read) books, but my mother ________(not). 23、Everyone in Class Two _________(be) very happy. 24、Seven ___________(farm) are working on the farm. 25. Everything_______(go) well. 二、句型转换练习

(对画线部分提问) ____ ____ cooking ___in the kitchen?

对画线部分提问) _______________________________________ 3.Su Hai has fun at her birthday party.(写出同义句)

Su Hai _____ ______ _____ ______ at her birthday party.

4.Jane doesn’t have any pens .Jane doesn’t have any rulers.(合并为一句话) Jane ______ _______ _______ pens ______rulers. 对画线部分提问) _______ ________to help her?

6.I come to school by bike.(用Nancy代替) Nancy ______ _______ school by bike.

对画线部分提问) _______ _______ _______ come to school? 8.He is a good child(变为复数)

_________ _________ good__________. 对画线部分提问)

__________ ___________ __________ ________now?

对画线部分提问) _______ does she often _________on Sundays?

11.The girl are doing her homework now.(用on Sunday morning 替换now,并改为否定句) The girls _______ ________ her homework on Sunday morning. 对画线部分提问) ___________ __________ speaking?

对画线部分提问) What ________ _________ father _________?

对画线部分提问) __________ _______in the fridge?

对画线部分提问) ________ _________ ________ __________ in the garden? 对画线部分提问) ______________________________?

对画线部分提问) ______________________________________________?

18.Nancy is watching TV in the sitting-room.(改为一般疑问句) ___________Nancy_____________in the sitting-room? 19. She does her homework before dinner. (改为否定句) She ___________ ___________ her homework before dinner. 20. What’s wrong with your mother? (同义句转换) What’s _______ _______ with your mother ?


见词会写 为什么 因为 衣服 让 穿上 脱掉 不得不 月亮街 城市 附近 坐飞机 乘公交车 步行 地铁 火车

骑自行车 走,步行 动物园 上车 下车 医院 商店

公交站台 电影 牙疼 感觉 应该 休息

_____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ 1._____________ 2. _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ ______________

_____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ 1._____________ 2. _____________

在五月或六月 _____________ 在九月 _____________ 十月 _____________ 十一月 _____________ 生日 _____________ 四月 _____________ 游戏 _____________ 三月 _____________ 在七月或八月 _____________ 在十二月 _____________ 答案 _____________ 戏,戏剧

_____________ 任何东西 甜的 擦,洗 烧、煮 忙碌 花园 一些蔬菜 一些面包 土豆 西红柿 寻找 喜爱 在一月 二月 称作 乘出租车


一、 英汉互译。

1. 做衣服__________________ 2. dress up_________________ 3. 骑自行车________________ 4. as soon as…______________ 5. 在八月__________________ 6. go away__________________ 7. 感到高兴________________ 8. smell bad_________________ 9. 扫地____________________ 10. start checking______________ 二、根据中文或首字母提示填空。

1. There are lots of flowers in the __________ (花园). 2. I’d like some __________ (西红柿) for lunch. 三、用所给词的适当形式填空。

1. I usually __________ (visit) old people on Sundays.

2. ------ Does Tim __________ (brush) his teeth before bedtime? ------ Yes, he does.

3. Please ________ (pick) it up for me.

4. There are many big __________ (city) in the world. 5. Don’t eat any __________ (meat).

6. My parents are ____________ (clean) the bedroom now. 7. I’m ill. I have to take some _________ (medicine). 8. These festivals are _________ (China) festivals.

9. ------ Are there any bus __________ (stop) near your house? ------ Yes, there are six.

10. Mr Green likes __________ (walk) in the park. 四、单项选择。

( ) 1. ------ ________ is Lucy sad? ------ Because she’s ill at home. A. What B. Why C. Where ( ) 2. It’s very hot outside. Please _________ your coat. A. try on B. put on C. take off ( ) 3. ------ How can I __________ Mark’s home? ------ You can _______ there by bus.

A. get; get B. get to; get C. get; get to ( ) 4. ------ What’s Mike doing?

------ He’s _______ his toy ship _______ his classmates. A. show; for B. showing; to C. showing; for ( ) 5. ------ Do you usually ask the policeman __________ help? ------ Yes, I do.

A. to B. for C. with ( ) 6. I want to see a film. So I should go to _______.

A. the cinema B. the shop C. the zoo

( ) 7. ------- Does the giraffe _________ a long neck? ------- Yes, it does. A. has B. have C. is

( ) 8. Tom is _________ a number _________ Helen on a book.

A. looking; from B. looking for; with C. looking for; and ( ) 9. ------- When’s your mother’s birthday?

------- It’s _________ the third of October. A. at B. on C. in

( ) 10. ------- When can we go swimming? -------_______ July or August. A. Of B. On C. In 五、根据上下文完成对话。

A: Do you like the _________ Festival, Yang Ling? B: Yes, I _________. A: _________?

B: Because I like _________ moon cakes.

A: Oh, I see. What _________ your family do _________ this festival? B: We _________ a bid dinner and _________ _________ the moon together. A: _________ the moon bright and beautiful? B: Yes.

范文二:五年级英语下册 投稿:傅囬园

授课人:张 娟 审核人:











) )

( ) )

( ) )


( )

( )


(礼物) 商店)

ryone(每个人) 兄,弟)



Who today?


The Great Wall is here.

3.----几点了? ----2:30.

---- is it?2:30.


She buys a mother.

自我评价 小组评价 教师评价

授课人:张 娟 审核人:



at, in, to, for, on

1.Danny looks many shops.

2.Look my arm.It hurts.

3.There are oranges the tree.

4.There are three birds the tree.

5. Let’s walk the movie theatre.

6.I want to buy a football my brother.


1.He (want) to buy a gift for me.

2.My nose (hurt).

3.Danny’s tail (hurt), but he (love) shopping.

4.He (look) in fifteen shops.

5.Jenny and Danny (sit) down.


1.Everyone wants to go shopping.(改为一般疑问句)

2. It’对划线部分提问)

3. You don’t have a tail.(改为肯定句)

4.I want to buy a picture for ma sister.(同义句转换)


自我评价 小组评价 教师评价

范文三:五年级下册英语 投稿:贺沉沊


驾 驶 驾 驶 演奏者 办公室 捕 鱼

( )( )( )( )( )


1、她以前是一名司机。 2、他在办公室工作。


1、我的奶奶以前是一名司机。 2、她驾驶什么?

3、她驾驶公共汽车。 4、我的爷爷以前是一名笛子手。

5、他演奏什么音乐? 6、他演奏中国音乐。 Module 2


香 肠 三 明 治 炸鱼加炸薯条 传统的 食品 美味的 ( )( )( )( )( )( )

鸡 肉

( )


1、她中午吃什么? 2、午饭通常在十二点半。


1、她早饭吃什么吗? 2、她吃鸡蛋和香肠。

3、她晚餐吃什么? 4、她吃炸鱼和炸薯条。 Module3


数字化视频光盘 图书馆管理员 给(某人)看 借 入

( ) ( ) ( )( )


1、你有哈利波特的DVD吗? 2、你可以使用电脑。


1、你有哈利波特的DVD吗? 2、对不起,我们没有DVD。但我们有书。

3、在这儿你有许多哈利波特的书 4、是的,我们有。 Module4


寄 美国的 阅读 有趣的 季节 雪

( )( ) ( )( )( )( )

1、你读他们了吗? 2、我最喜欢的季节是春天。


1、我寄给你的数学游戏你收到了吗? 2、是的,奶奶。谢谢。

3、并且我寄给你的英语书你读他们了吗? 4、是的,奶奶。我读他们了。他们是有趣的。 Module5


...多少钱? 轻的 售货员 提;抱;背 英镑 ( )( )( )( )( ) 背部 在......的上方 肩膀

( ) ( ) ( )


1、你的包是坏的。 2、我的是粉色的。


1、这个黑色的包是新的,它是大的。 2、看绿色这个。它是轻的。 Module6


建造 地方 (数字)一千 圆,圆形 答案 希 望 如此 ( )( )( )( )( )( )( ) 到达(某地) 小时 令人吃惊的 搭乘 短暂的 直升机

( )( )( )( )( )( )


1、在那我们将要看什么? 2、我们将要看许多大的石头。


1、我的奶奶以前是一名司机。 2、她驾驶什么?

3、我们怎样去那? 4、乘小轿车。它将花费三个小时。

范文四:五年级下册英语3 投稿:赵芀芁

五年级下册英语3—4单元测试卷 姓名:


1. a shopping center 2.post office 3. then 4. outside

5. on the road 6.at the corner 7.hand in 8.on Saturday

9.come from 10.yesterday 11.today 12 sick

13.weekdays 14.railway station 15.finish 16.street

17.near 18.anyone 19.tired 20.sick


( ) 1、There a dog in the house. A is B has C have

( ) 2、Is there an old woman at the corner? A Yes,it is B Yes, she is C Yes, there is

( ) 3、Is there near the post office ? A someone B anyone C no one

( ) 4、Where you on Saturday? A were B was C is

( ) 5、I was at home . A in the bed B in bed C on bed

( ) 6、My uncle from Beijing yesterday. A come B came C comes

( ) 7、Finish your work and give it me. A to B in C at

( ) 8、 were you on Saturday? I was at the library. A Where B What C Who

三、 连词成句

1、 is There near post office a 2、 There a on road the is bus

3、 were Where yesterday

4、 Beijing came my uncle

四、 写出下列词的过去式。

1/ is 2/ 3/ come 7/ 8/ have

五 连线

( ) 1. Is there anyone near the post office? A I was at the library.

( ) 2. Where were you yesterday? B It’s on the fifth of April.

( ) 3.How did Tim feel? C I was at home.

( ) 4. When is your birthday? D Peter ‘s

( ) 5. Whose drawing is this? E He felt very tired.

六、用there is 或there are 填空。

1/ There a cat outside the kennel. 2/ There two dogs under the tree.

3/ There some people in front of the shop. 4/ There a woman near the post office.


a shopping center post office yesterday today weekdays

Where were you,Mingming? There’s a car at the corner.

范文五:英语五年级下册 投稿:夏碒碓


班级 姓名 成绩

第一部分 听力(50%)

一. 听音,在相应的图片下方标上序号。( 20%)

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

二.听音,选词。( 20% )

1. ( ) A. bigger B. smaller 2. ( ) A. singer B. dancer

3. ( ) A. playing chess B. playing football

4. ( ) A. do long jump B. run 100 meters

5. ( ) A. paint the eggs B. look for the eggs

6. ( ) A. proud B. happy 7. ( ) A. first B. second

8. ( ) A. longer B.shorter 9. ( ) A. doctor B. nurse

10. ( ) A. moon B. sun

三.听音,连线。( 10%)

1. I want to be listening to music.

2. I like a teacher.

3. I’m going to hiding the eggs.

4. She is tired.

5. She is very do long jump.

第二部分 笔试 (50%)


( )1. A. high jump B. long jump C. angry

( )2. A. worker B. chess C. farmer

( )3. A. stamp B. sun C. earth

( )4. A. tenth B.sixth C. elephant

( )5. A. happy B. singer C. sad


A栏 B栏

( )1. What do you want to be? A. I like playing chess. ( )2. What’s your hobby? B. I want to be a doctor. ( )3. What is Sally doing? C. My birthday is May 1st. ( )4.When is your birthday? D. My favorite sport is running. ( )5. What’s your favorite sport? E. Sally is doing high jump.


American 巧克力 elephant 高的 chocolate 美国的 tall 山 policeman 照相机 mountain 大象 hobby 警察 nurse 祝你好运! camera 爱好 Good luck ! 护士


( ) 1. The sun is bigger than the moon. A. 我想成为一名飞行员。

( ) 2. I like collecting stamps. B. 太阳比月亮大。

( ) 3. I want to be a pilot. C. 我的爱好是集邮。

( ) 4. We are going for a spring outing. D. 电脑室在第六层楼。

( ) 5. The computer room is on the sixth floor. E. 我们打算去春游。

范文六:五年级下册英语(2) 投稿:韩秼秽

Module 1

Unit1 She was a driver before.

Preparation (预习)

一.听读课文 (3遍)。



1. player



1. _____________ 2.

4. _______________ 5. _______________


1、play(过去式)___________ 2、he(形容词性物主代词)___________

3、could(原型)____________ 4、now(反义词)____________

5、driver(动词)__________ 6、is(过去式)______________

Review (复习)


1、She______ ___ _________ __________.(以前是司机)。

2、________ __________(什么音乐)did he play?

3、She was young _____ ______ _________. (在这张照片里)。

4、_______ _______ she _________( 驾驶什么)?

5、I can_______ _____ ________ _______,________.(也吹笛子)


( )1、What music _____he play? He played Chinese music.

A、did B、do C、does D、didn't

( )2、Can she play the drums? No,______.

A、he can B、she can't C、I can't D、he can't

( )3、Who's this? _____my grandpa.

A、She's B、His C、He's D、It's

( )4、This is my grandma. She___ young in this picture.

A、was B、is C、were D、are

( )5、What does he ___? He____ PE.

A、learn,learn B、learn,learns C、learn,learnes D、learns,learns

三.根据要求改写句子。 划线提问)

____________________________________________________ (根据答语写问句)


3. It’s my对划线部分提问)


Unit2 He worked in an office.

Preparation (预习)

一. 听读课文 (3遍)。




例:hospital 医院

1. 2. 3. 4.

5. ____________ 6.

Review (复习)

一. 写出下列词语的单三形式和过去式。

例:do- does- did

1. work- ______- _______ 2.study-________-_______

3. drive-______-________ 4.play -_______- _______


A:__________did your grandpa work?

B:_____ ________in _____office.

A:Where did your grandma________?

B:______worked ____ a factory.

A:Where ______ your parents(父母) work?

B:My mother works _____ ____ shop.

My father _______ in a hospital.


例:We’re in the office.1. He’s got a fish. ____________________.

2. He’s got a train. ____________________.

3. Who’s this? ____________________

4. You can’t. _____________________.

5. Lingling’s father is a doctor._____________________

Summary (语法与知识点小结)

1、一般过去时的特殊疑问句构成=特殊疑问词+一般过去时的一般疑问句did+主 语+动词原形)

2、before和now 的区别:before是以前的意思,一一般过去时的标志;now的 词义是现在,是一般现在时或现在进行时的标志。

3、was 和 were的区别:was是is 的过去式,were是are的过去式。

4、There be 句型的过去式:There were/There was .

5、一般过去时和一般现在时的区别:一般过去时用来描述过去发生的事,而一 般现在时是指现在经常或习惯性发生的动作或状态,一般过去时中动词要用 过去式,而一般现在时中如果主语是单三人称,动词也要用单三形式。

6.询问职业或工作地点 Where does he/she work?

Where do you/they work?

7.表示在某一场所内常用表达 in a/an office/ hospital/ school...


1、What_______(was/ is/were) her mother before? She was a nurse.

2、His father_______(drive/drives/drove) a train before.

3、What _____(do/does/did) she teach? She teaches English.

4、What_____(is/be/was) he now? He's a driver.

5、He______ (/played/plays/play) the flute before.

6、What______(is/are/were) you doing now?

I_____(/is/am/was) reading a book.

7、They______(are/did/were) in England for 2 years.

Module 2

Unit1 What did she have for lunch?

Preparation (预习)

一.听读课文 (3遍)。







传统的 ________________________


例: rice米饭

_________________ ________________ ____________________




Review (复习)


1. Who has got an e-mail from Lingling?


2.What does the e-mail say?


3.What did Lingling have for lunch yesterday?


4.Did Lingling have a traditional American dinner?



1. 一封电子邮件_____________ 2. 传统英式菜肴____________

3. 一间办公室 ____________ 4. 吃午餐 _________________

5. 鸡蛋和香肠_________________ 6.鱼和薯片 _____________


1、family----____________ 2、fish-----_______________

3、potato-----___________ 4、man------_______________

5、sausage-----_____________ 6、sandwich------_______________

Unit2 Lunch is usually at half past twelve.

Preparation (预习)

一.听读课文 (3遍)。





at half past...


1. In England, school often finishes at 4 o’clock.

2. We usually start school at half past 8.

3. Daming usually has meat , vegetables and rice for dinner.

Review (复习)


1. 在每个星期五 ____________ 2. 在六点半________________

3.吃早餐 __________________ 4.一起吃午饭_______________

5. 在英国_____________ 6. 星期天很特别_________________ 三.选词填空。

what , like , for , had , does , delicious , traditional A:________did you have_______dinner yesterday?

B:I_______fish and chips. I________them very much.

A:Are they _______English food?

B:Yes,they are.

A:________your mum like them?

B:Yes,she does.She says they are_________.


1、People usually have breakfast at seven o’clock. (改为否定句)


2、It's a traditional Chinese dinner.(改为一般疑问句)


3、Many people eat fish. (改为否定句)




Summary ( 小结)

一、交际用语:1、A:What did you have for breakfast? B:She had eggs .

2、What did sb.do?

3、Dinner is usually at....

二、常用短语:1、have lunch 2、have dinner 3、have supper 4、have got

5、at half past 11 6、a quarter(一刻钟) 7、on Fridays



(1)规则动词后加ed play-played

(2)以e结尾单词加d dance-danced

(3)辅音字母加y结为的变y 为i再加ed tidy-tidied

(4) 重读闭音节要双写末尾字母再加ed hop-hopped

(5)不规则变化要特殊记。 run-ran


A、一般规则在名词后加S。 table-tables

B、以s,x ch,sh 结尾的名词加es。 box-boxes

C、以辅音字母加y结尾的名词,变y加i加es. family-families

D、以f/fe结尾的名词变f/fe为ves. knife-knives

E、以o结尾的名词特殊记忆. tomato-tomatoes photo-photos kangaroo-kangaroos F` 单复述同形 fish-fish


A. 用所给名词的正确形式填空。

1. Look at those _______. (child)

2. I can see a __________ standing near the door. (policeman)

3. Do you want some ________ for dinner? (potato)

4. In autumn, you can see a lot of _______ on the playground.(leaf)

5. He has two _______.One is blue , the other is yellow.( box)

6. Two ________ live in this building .( family )

B. 选择正确的词形

1. How many (radioes, radios) can you see?

2. There are 36 (boys, boies) in my class.

3. Look at those (sheeps, sheep).

4. I don’t want (a, an) old cup.

5. Give me that (box, boxes), please.

Module 3

Unit1 Have you got the Harry Potter DVDs?

Preparation (预习)

一.听读课文 (3遍)。



1. present

2. excuse


1. It’s a present for you, please take a look.

2. Excuse me. Have you get the Harry Potter DVDs?

3. Children in China like the Harry Potter, too.

4.Please give the books back in two weeks.

Review (复习)


1.Excuse me. _____________ 2. look on____________

3.lots of ________ ____ 4.children in China _________

5.library card ______________ 6.two weeks _____________

6. our favourite ______________


1. What do Amy and Lingling look for in the library?


2. Are there lots of Harry Potter books in the library?


3. Do the children in China like Harry Potter?


4. When should they return the books?



Student B: Have you books about Chinese


Librarian: Yes, we’ve got many Chinese history books.

Student B: Can I this one?

Librarian: Yes, your card, please.

Unit2 You can use the computers.

Preparation (预习)

一.听读课文 (3遍)。




editor borrow


1. What can you do in the library?

2.What can’t you do in the library?

3. What can you do in the classroom?

4.What can’t you do in the classroom?

Review (复习)


1. 在图书馆 ____________ 2. 使用电脑________________

4. 做你的作业 __________________

5. 和你的朋友聊天∕说话_______________


二. 读句子,选单词。

1. You 2. You borrow CDs in the libraries.

3. You do your homework in the classroom.

4. You feed the peacock in the zoo.


1、You can borrow books. (改为否定句)


3、I can have some sweets..(改为一般疑问句)




Summary ( 小结)

情态动词有can (could), may (might), must, have to, shall (should, , dare (dared), need (needed), ought to等。 情态动词无人称和数的变化;不能单独使用,必须与其后的动词原形构成谓语。


1.Lucy should her homework now.

A. Finishes B. finish C. finishing

2.Could you me a hand?

A. give B. gives C. giving

3.Should I now?

A. started B. starting C. start

4.Can you speak English? No, I .

A. shouldn’t B. can’t C. couldn’t

5.You A. should B. could C. can


1.________________________(an, aeroplane, hear,Lucy,can )

2.____________________________? (you,can ,see,what )

3.____________________________(can ,see ,not ,we ,you)

4._____________________________? (you,can ,do,what)

5._____________________________? (you ,can ,hear me)

范文七:五年级下册英语第五单元(8) 投稿:金攅攆

A. Let's try Let's talk Let's play


What is the monkey doing? What is the monkey doing?

It is jumping. It is jumping.

What is the bear doing? What is the bear doing?

It is running. It is running.

What is the pig doing? What is the pig doing?

It is walking. It is walking.


( )1.The panda is walking.

( )2.The tiger is running.

( )3.The duck is swimming.

( )4.The bird is flying.

( )5.The monkey is flying.

( )6.The elephant is walking.


( )1.我看见了大象宝宝。

A. I can see an elephant. B. I see the baby elephant.

C. I see the mother elephant.

( )2.她正在做什么?

A. What is he doing? B. What is she doing?

C. What can she do?

( )3.熊猫妈妈怎么样?

A. What about the baby panda?

B. What about the panda?

C. What about the mother panda?

( )4.对不起,鸭子不会飞。

A. Sorry. Ducks can’t fly.

B. Excuse me. Ducks can’t fly.

C. Ducks aren’t flying.


( )1

( )2

A. is swimming in the river. B. is flying in the sky.

( )3

C. is jumping on the grass.



二、1.× 2.× 3.√ 4.√ 5.× 6.×

三、1.B 2.B 3.C 4.A 四、1.B 2.C 3.A

范文八:五年级英语下册第五单元 投稿:尹揪揫


(第 五 单元)

命题人:长征源小学 王金媚



( )1、A、run B、running C、swimming

( )2、A、kangaroo B、monkey C、lion

( )3、A、sleeping B、flying C、fly

( )4、A、fighting B、walking C、reading a book

( )5、A、drinking water B、climbing trees C、jumping


Wu Yifan Mike Chen Jie Bai Ling Miss White ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) A




( )1.A.spring. B. It’s running. C. Ok.

( )2.A.Thank you!. B. Me too. C. No,they can’t.

( )3.A.It is a rabbit. B.They are climbing trees.C.Sure. ( )4.A.Yes,itis. B.Yes,they can.C. No, it isn’t. ( )5.A.She is sleeping.B.sure,here you are.C.winter.



1、F j b W t


1( )st___dy(A u B i ) 2( )f_ _ht (A eg B ig)

3.( )j__mp(A a B u) 4.( )cl__mb (A i B a)

5.( )r__n (A u B o) 6、( )kangar_ _(A ou Boo)

7.( )sw_m (A e B i) 8.( )dr__nk(A i B e)

9.( )sl_ _p(A ur B ee) 10.( )w_ _k(A oa B al)

( ) ( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )

2、d i Y P Q


( ) 1. ------- What are you doing?


A.Yes,I do. B . I’m walking . C . No, I can’t.

( ) 2.-------________________________?

-------They’re climbing trees.

A.What’s this?B.Who are they?C.What are they doing?

( ) 3.-------_________________________?

-------No,they can’t.

A.Can you help me? B.Can tigers swim ?C.Who are they?

( ) 4.-------What is it doing ?


A.It is a duck.B.It’s drinking water.C.No,it isn’t.

( )5. -------What are they doing ?

------they are _________.

A.swim B.swimming C.walk

( )6.-------_______________________?

------It’s running.

A.Is this a duck? B.Why? C.What is the tiger doing?

( ) 7.------Can they fly in the sky(天空)?

------- _________________________.

A.Sure.Here you are.B.Yes,they are.C.No,they can’t.

( )8. --------_______________________?

------Yes, they can.

A.Can the rabbits jump?B.Who are they?C.What’s this?

( ) 9.--------________________________?

-------She is drinking water.

A.What’s she doing? B.Who’s she? C.Is she a nurse?

( ) 10.-------What is Amy doing?


A.She is walking.B.No,she isn’t.C.She is a nurse.

七、阅读理解。(10 分)

Today is Children's Day.There is a show in the zoo.Many children are in the zoo.Look at the animals.They are so cute.The birds are flying and singing in the sky.The tigers are running.The pandas are climbing trees. The kangaroos are jumping.Look at the mother elephant and the baby elephant.The mother elephant is eating bananas and the baby elephant is drinking water with its trunk.Look,what are those? They are two lions.They are playing with a ball.

1.What’s the date today? ( )

A. It’s National Day.

B. It’s Children’s Day.

C. It’s Women’s Day.

2.Where are the children? ( )

A. They’re in the school.

B. They’re in the playground.

C. They’re in the zoo.

3.What are the tigers doing? ( )

A. They’re walking.

B. They’re drinking water.

C. They’re running.

4.What is the mother elephant doing? ( )

A. She is eating bananas.

B. She is drinking water.

C. She is swimming.

5.How many lions are there? ( )

A. 3

B. 2

C. 1


(第 五 单元)



1.That is my friend, and she is running.

2.I like kangaroo very much.

3.My sister is sleeping at home now.

4.She is reading a book in the classroom.

5.Look! The monkeys are climbing trees.


1.M:Wu Yifan,The panda is climbing trees.

2. M: Hi,Mike!What can you see?

W: I can see the birds are flying in the sky.

3. W: What are they doing? ChenJie.

M: They are drinking water.

4. M: I’m Bailing ,My duck is swimming.

5. W: Hello everyone!I’m Miss White,What’s that? M: That’s a kangaroo, and it’s jumping so high.


1. W: What’s the dog doing?

M: It’s running.

2. W: Can rabbits climb trees?

M: No, they can’t.

3.W: What are the monkey doing? M: They are climbing trees.

4.W: Can tigers running?

M: Yes, they can.

5.W: What’s Chenjie doing? M: She is sleeping.

参考答案: 听力部分(共20分)



第三大题: BCBBA


第四大题:f J B w T , D I y p q

第五大题:ABBAA.BBABB,5,7,10,9,1,3,4,8,6,2 第六大题:BCBBB.CCAAA


范文九:五年级下册英语第五单元(6) 投稿:范蚚蚛

Unit 5

Look at the Monkeys


1 你能听、说、读、写下面的的单词鹏?

fly飞 jump跳 walk走 run跑 swim游泳 kangaroo袋鼠 sleep睡觉 climb爬 fight打架 swing荡秋千 drink water喝水

2 下面的单词和短语要听、说的: trunk象鼻 climber攀登者

3 这些难词、难句你都会使用了吗?

一Look at the tiger.看这只老虎。

一I see them other elephant.我看见了大象妈妈。

Look & see的区别:look强调“看”这个动作,后面要跟at搭配; see则强调看到的结果。还要注意的是:

mother elephant:象妈妈,不能说成:elephant mother baby kangaroo:袋鼠宝宝,不能说成:kangaroo baby —What is it doing?它在干什么? 它的回答是:It's+动词的ing形式。这是主语是第三人称单数的现在进行时。例如:It's eating bananas.它在吃香蕉。

一Do you see any elephants?你看见一些大象吗? 一I love elephants.我爱大象。

--That elephant is drinking water with is trunk.那只大象用它的象鼻喝水。With:和„„一起,用。在这里是“用”的意思。

一What are the elephants doing?大象们在干什么? 一They are drinking.它们在喝水。以上两句是主语是复数的现在进行时。例如:What are they doing? They are sleeping.

一What do you see? I see two elephants.你看见了什么?我看见了两只大象。 还要注意:What can you see?它的回答是:I can see two elephants. 一What a big nature park!多大的自然公园啊!感叹句。 一Here come two big tigers.来了两只老虎。 Here comes a bear.来了一只熊。

一They are good climbers.它们是攀登能手。



1. swing swimming spring

( ) ( ) ( ) 2. June Jan July ( ) ( ) ( ) 3. when which what ( ) ( ) ( ) 4. fly fight funny ( ) ( ) ( )


( ) ( ) ( )


( ) ( ) ( ) 7.The mother kangaroo is sleeping under the tree.( ) The baby kangaroo is sleeping in the bag.( ) 8.They are good at climbing( ) They are good climbers.( ) 9.The little panda is eating( ) The little pandas are sleeping.( ) 10.What are the lion doing over there?( ) What are the tigers doing over there?( )



1.Answer__________ 2.Speak___________ 3.1isten_________ 4.Jump____________ 5.Swing_____________ 6.Run_____________ 7.climb___________ 8.Sleep______________ 9.Drink____________ 10.Eat____________ 11.Fly_________________ 12.Fight__________ 13.use____________ 14.Close________________ 15.Read______________ 四、你能选出最正确的答案吗?

( )1.Can you see the monkeys?__________

A.Yes,I do B.Yes,I am C.No,[can't ( )2.What do you see? I________ two elephants A.see B.seeing C.am seeing

( )3.That elephant is drinking water ________it trunk. A.in B.at C.with

( )4.The elephants often ______water with_______ trunks. A.drinking it's B.drinking their C.drink their ( )5.What is the rabbit doing? It's____________ A.running B.climbing C..swimming ( )6.Can pandas________? No,they can't. A.flying B.fly C.are flying

( )7.What are the monkeys doing? _________swinging. A.It is B.They are C.They is

( )8.Many boys are___________ in the sea now. A.swim B.swiming C.swimming ( )9.The birds can't________.

A.fly B.sing C.swim

( )10.Look! The big tiger_________ now.

A.is running B. are run C.are running



1. What is the elephant doing?

2. They are swimming.

3. What is the boy doing?

4. It's swinging.

5.What are the birds doing?


The Lion and the Goose

his a hot day. A lion is walking along(沿着)a lake.He is looking for something to eat.He is very hungry. A goose is swimming in the water.The lion very happy to see him. “There is my lunch.”The lion says to himself(他自己).“Hello,Mr.Goose“Go away,you bad lion!”says the goose.“I have good news for you.”“What is it?”asks the goose.“I don't want other animals to hear(听到)it.P1ease come here.”says the lion.The poor(可怜的)goose gets out of the water and runs to the lion. The lion eats him up. 1.What's the weather like?( )

A.It’s co1d. B.It’s warm. C. It’s hot. 2.The lion_________a1ong the 1ake. A. is looking for something to eat B.is playing C.is running

3.The lion wants to_______________ A.be the gooses friend. B.eat the goose

C.tell the goose good news

4.The lion and the goose are friend. ( ) A. Yes. B.No.

5.The goose dose not like the lion.( ) A. Yes. B.No.

6.The goose runs away.( ) A.Yes. B.No. 小小博士:

Let’s try Animals are our friends. Many people like them.Do you know Who are they?猜猜看,相信你一定能猜出它们的名字。

1. Which animal eats grass but gives us milk?_____________ 2. Which animal is afraid of cat?_______________ 3.Which animal walks with no 1egs?_____________

3. Which animal has got white“hair”on the body?________________

4. Which animal lives in water and is cat's favourite food?____________ 5. Which animal is our best friend?______________ 7.Which animal always hops with a baby?_________ 8.Which animal like to eat banana?__________


1.Game time(又到了游戏时间,先来考考你的IQ.)

Are you ready?

1) What animal has a head like a cat, feet like a cat,a tail like a cat,but isn't a cat.( )

A.A cat. B.A tiger. C.A fox. D.A mouse.

2) In has four legs in the morning and two 1egs at noon and three 1egs in the Evening. What is it?( )

A.A dog B.A bear. C.A man. D.A kangaroo. 3) Which animal is the biggest?( )

A.Bird. B.Elephant. C.Rat. D.Panda.

2.1et’make a funny book Of animals.

What's your favourtite animal? Can you Draw a book of it? What is it doing?

这个单元,小小书架栏日里又为你准备了丰富而有趣的课外知识,读读 看!





写信(1etter)之国——英国。英国(UK)有写信王国之称,国民十分喜欢write letter。尤其在

圣诞节(Christmas Day)期间,60%的人忙于给亲友写信。 冰火之国——冰岛。冰岛(1celand)是个冰川广布、气候寒冷的国家,又是一个火山多、温泉(hot sping)遍布、到处热气腾腾的火山岛。


Unit 5 Look at the Monkeys

1.swing 2.Jan. 3.which 4.fight 5.They are eating bananas. 6.They are climbing trees.

7.The baby kangaroo is sleeping in the,bag. 8. They are good climbers.

9.The litter pandas are sleeping.

10.What are the tigers doing over there? 二、你来判断描述得是否正确吧!

1.The ducks are drinking water. 2.The bee is eating the honey. 3.The ant is jumping.

4.The mother elephant and the baby elephant are sleeping now 5.The boy is playing basketball. 6.The man is drawing pictures now. 7.He’s playing the piano.

8.They are having English class. 9.The lions are walking




—、1.swing 2.Jan. 3.which 4.fight

5. 6

7.The baby kangaroo is sleeping in the bag. 8.They are good climbers.

9.The little pandas are sleeping.

10.What are the tigers doing over there?

二、1.X 2.X 3.X 4.√ 5.X 6.√ 7.X 8.√ 9.X 三、1.answering 2.speaking 3.1istening 4.jumping 5.swinging 6.runnning 7.climbing 8.sleeping 9.drinking 10.eating 11.flying 12.fighting 13.using 14.c1osing 15.reading

四、 1.C 2.A 3.C 4. C 5. A 6. B 7. B 8.C 9.C 10. A 五、1.It’s walking 2.What are they doing? 3.He’s running. 4.What is it doing? 5.They are flying.

六、 1.C 2.A 3.B 4.B 5.A 6.B


1.cow 2.mouse 3.snake 4.sheep 5.fish 6.dog 7.Kangaroo 8.monkey 活动园地

1.B 2.C 3. B

范文十:五年级下册英语第五单元(5) 投稿:莫达辿

B. Let’s learn Let’s play


1.walk → walking 2.fight →

3.sleep → 4.swing →

5.climb → 6.drink →


(cibml eetrs)

(drnki wtera)





A. The elephant is drinking water.

B. The lion is sleeping.

C. The bears are fighting.

D. The monkeys are swinging.

E. The birds are flying.

F. The monkey is climbing a tree.




一、1.walking 2.fighting 3.sleeping 4.swinging 5.climbing 6.drinking 二、1.climb trees 2.drink water 3.sleep 4.swing 5.fight

三、1.F 2.E 3.B 4.D 5.A 6.C